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5 days ago

Brock Lesnar’s Opponents: Dean Ambrose


It’s gonna happen people.

On August 17th, Brock Lesnar will more than likely beat John Cena and become WWE World Heavyweight Champion again. I know most people are groaning about the prospect of it, but I’m looking forward to it. It’s an interest booking challenge with the limited dates for Lesnar to work, plus you have some interesting opponents for Lesnar to face. In what I’m hoping is a possible new series, I’m going to look at the possible opponents for Lesnar. The one thing that I hope with Lesnar being the champion is that not only do faces want to face him, but heels too.

Heyman’s promos thus far about Lesnar aren’t just putting down faces, but heels too. Heyman just isn’t targeting the Daniel Bryan’s when he talks up the accomplishments of Lesnar, he’s going after the Orton’s of the world when he talks about everything Lesnar has accomplished. When here to read more ,

6 days ago

Dean Ambrose Is The WWE Star We Will Be Talking About


First they were talking about Ambrose. Then they were talking about Reigns. Then Rollins happened. Now Reigns is in the works. But somehow when will be said and done, we would be talking about Ambrose (i.e, if we haven’t already!)

WWE is pushing Reigns hard. And the fans are loving it. But is it really Reigns that they are excited about? Or is it merely a new face that they are reacting to?

Reigns hasn’t done anything to really earn the momentum he is enjoying right now. WWE is pushing him and so he is in the mix of things. Otherwise he’s a new age Big Daddy Cool Diesel – bodyguard material.

A lot of people lamented about Reigns not walking away with the gold from Battleground PPV. I think Reigns’s fans should be happy that he just saved his career by not winning the gold.

Reigns is not a guy who can hold here to read more

3 weeks ago

WWE’s Ten Best Matches Of The First Half Of 2014


Through questionable booking, a stock market crash, fan discontent, and the unfortunate loss of JTG, WWE has provided audiences with, if nothing else, a lot of great in-ring action. Here are my personal picks for the ten best bouts so far in 2014.

10. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena vs. Cesaro vs. Christian vs. Sheamus (WWE Elimination Chamber, February 23)

As long as the performers cut a watchable pace in the epic-length Chamber matches, and there’s some creative mayhem taking place between the chain-link walls, it generally adds up to a great match. This was no exception, and it even came with some added drama: would Bryan avenge his exclusion from the Royal Rumble match and become WWE Champion? A spurned Twitterverse, led by a bat-wielding Mick Foley, glued their eyes to the action.

Bryan, of course, didn’t win here, succumbing to Corporate Kane (RepubliKane?) in a screwy finish. Cena here to read more , , , , , , , , ,

4 weeks ago

WWE Half-Year Predictions For 2014


There is still plenty of time to go in 2014 as we cross the halfway mark. Thus far it has been one of the least predictable years in recent memory. What other shockers and/or surprises await the WWE Universe? Let’s dust off the crystal ball and see if the rest of 2014 will be full of just as unpredictable.

If you were to make predictions at the start of 2014, I would have missed out on some of the bigger stories of the year. Would you have predicted that Daniel Bryan would ascend at WrestleMania only to lose the title due to a legitimate injury? Would you have predicted that Seth Rollins would be the one to turn on the Shield and unite with Triple H? Would you have predicted that the Shield going over Evolution twice? Would anyone have predicted that CM Punk would walk out and retire within the here to read more , , ,

4 weeks ago

Ambrose, Rollins and other WWE Money in the Bank Thoughts


Judging by the comments made by friends and others on social media, the decision to give the Money in the Bank contract briefcase to Seth Rollins wasn’t as disappointing as it was to see Kane get involved and “guarantee” that the newest member of the Authority would walk out of Boston with the case in his hand. I’m not as disappointed at the ending as one might think and in the scheme of things, it was the right thing to do at this moment. For the future, I am not so sure about that.

The idea of both Rollins and Dean Ambrose in the briefcase match could only mean a 5-star performance, which both competitors gave us in and out of the ring. It reminds me that this is the hot summer months and there is generally a need for a “hot” feud to continue and thrive leading to SummerSlam and here to read more , ,

1 month ago

Dean Ambrose Talks Shield Breakup and More


Dean Ambrose is at a crossroads in his WWE career. Now that he is on his own, there are only two ways his career can go and according to a confident Ambrose, his trajectory is moving upwards.

I recently questioned the booking of Ambrose in a blog here on the CCB. I was concerned after the first few weeks that Ambrose may be the odd man out. Within a week he has been added to a Money in the Bank match, a match some are predicting he could win. Whether it is the start of the ascension or a missed opportunity is something we won’t know until Sunday.

Ambrose is doing media to promote the event and was asked flat out in an interview with whether or not he is worried about being the odd man out. According to Ambrose, while it may be a rocky climb, he is here to read more ,

1 month ago

Dean Ambrose is a Ringer for Brian Pillman


The world of professional wrestling is full of imitations and comparisons. Past and present meet somewhere in the middle and what you get is John Cena – a multi-time champion, who like Ric Flair, continues to hold titles because the company knows what is best for business. He is also a marketing dynamo that the WWE has not been able to replace. At some point, that will have to change.

One of the things that continually amazes me – besides the fact that TNA is still using copycat-like material on Impact is the fact that fans and media alike continue to compare the greats of the past with the greats of the present. But when it comes to Dean Ambrose and his “lunatic fringe” act he displays each week (not sure what will happen to him now that The Shield is no longer a WWE “thing”), the one guy who resembles here to read more ,

1 month ago

WWE Is Botching The Shield Post-Breakup


I don’t think it’s too early to be concerned about the Shield. Thus far it would appear that the lessons the WWE creative team got right when the Shield were together have been forgotten now that they’re apart.

It’s easy to play fantasy booker without the responsibilities the WWE Creative Team carry but this one isn’t brain surgery. If there is one thing that this writing crew has gotten right in the last year and a half it is the booking of the Shield. Every mistake this team has made when introducing or elevating talent on the roster was avoided with Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose. That is why it is concerning to see that playbook thrown out now that the trio have been split apart.

Let’s go through the team individually and take a look at how their first couple of weeks apart as singles stars is going.

Seth Rollins here to read more , , ,

2 months ago

Seth Rollins Leaves The Shield: What’s Next for Reigns and Ambrose?


While the wrestling world wants to see what the next move for the Authority and Seth Rollins, did the WWE forget about the other two members of The Shield – Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose? What are the plans for the two superstars and will they still remain joined at the hip or part ways and seek singles success. As I watch the split – which made the WWE look like the WWF of old – I am reminded of what happened after the Four Horsemen finally disbanded and how the incarnations that were devised by WCW were never like the original or the four comprised of Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Barry Windham. Wresting was never the same once that era was perforated.

In September of 1988, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard left, to join the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). This forced them to drop the Tag Team here to read more , , , ,

2 months ago

The Shield’s 10 Best Six-Man WWE Tag Team Matches


Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns have had as impressive an 18 months in WWE as any three men, let alone most singular performers. Individually, they’ve stood above the fray as characters worth getting behind, unpoisoned by the company’s wont to bungle a good thing. As a group, they’re the company’s most prolific collective since DX’s first incarnation in 1998.

Their six-man tags have buoyed the most lacking of Raws and, even as heels, they’ve captured the crowd’s attention by simply standing out in a sea of half-baked commonality. Listed here are The Shield’s ten best matches in which all three have taken part.

10. The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family (April 8, 2014, Main Event)

Three disappointments were spawned from a great WrestleMania weekend, of varying emotional sting, obviously: The Undertaker’s streak ending, the death of The Ultimate Warrior (which still doesn’t feel real), and WWE Network not reaching the estimated here to read more , , ,

3 months ago

WWE Rumors – Dean Ambrose girlfriend revealed in this fan video?


Is the Shield star Dean Ambrose dating WWE announcer Renee Young?

Dean Ambrose has admitted on more than one occasion that he’s dating a woman within the WWE. Does this fan video reveal Dean Ambrose’s girlfriend is actually WWE interviewer Renee Young?

Ambrose is a rising star in the WWE. He’s not only a hot commodity in the squared circle but in the ranks of the most coveted wrestlers among female fans. If you don’t believe us, do a web search of Dean Ambrose and “Dean Ambrose girlfriend” is among the top searches.

In this video, posted by a fan after the March 11, 2014 edition of Raw, Ambrose is seen riding in a car with Renee Young.

Sure, wrestlers and talent ride together all the time, but this seems like an interesting pairing considering Dean Ambrose and Renee Young don’t really share screen time or a storyline.

Could Renee Young here to read more , ,

5 months ago

Dean Ambrose Should Take on the Austin/Punk WWE Role


One of the most profound things I have ever read about professional wrestling – especially since it came out of the mouth of Ric Flair is that WCW did themselves a great disservice in letting “Stunning” Steve Austin go to Stamford and become the icon in the business he is today.

While it isn’t shocking that Flair and others knew back then that Austin had a snap to his work and a charisma that was right for the business, the fact that Flair, a man who has had few peers in his career would single out Austin when he could have talked about Sting, Barry Windham, or his best friend Arn Anderson tells you how special a wrestler and performer Austin was back then and would become in time.

Austin was and still is rarity – a tough SOB with a shtick that made him one of the best “independent” wrestlers of here to read more , ,

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