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5 months ago

Looking At The Premiere Pro Wrestling Podcasts


I had a busy couple weeks and I truly realized it when I looked at my phone and realized how far behind I was on my wrestling podcasts.

I first heard about podcasting back in 2007, when my college offered a 1-hour podcasting mini-course. I was unsure as to how this would become something relevant and thus I dismissed it. With hindsight having perfect vision, I now realize that I really missed out on an awesome opportunity, especially as I started my own podcast last fall.

I learned of Colt Cabana around the same time I knew of all the “indie stars” of the early aughts. I knew about Bryan Danielson, Low Ki, Spanky, etc in 2001 after hearing about their success in the ECWA Super 8. Then 2003 was when I discovered the next set through Ring of Honor, people like Paul London, CM Punk, and the aforementioned Cabana.

I became aware here to read more , , ,

2 years ago

Top 5 Former WWE stars that need to be re-signed – Inside The Wheelhouse


MVPEver since the WWE brought back Albert/A-Train who is now known to WWE fans as Lord Tensai, I figured it would be fun to look at the current state of the wrestling world and wonder what other former WWE stars should be re-signed by the company for a 2nd chance/run with the WWE.

Let’s face it; no matter how well A-Train did in Japan as “The Great Bernard” I don’t think many fans thought that the WWE would eventually bring him back. It’s just not in the DNA of the WWE to give a former talent a second chance with that amount of years between their last WWE run and the present time.

Lord Tensai/A-Train appears to be the exception and thank god for that because for a big ma he is a tremendous worker & has greatly improved since his last WWE run. here to read more , , , , ,

3 years ago

ROH Isn’t Your Grandfathers Indy Promotion Anymore – Inside The Wheelhouse


The American WolvesIt’s been over six month since Ring of Honor was purchased by the Sinclair Broadcasting group from Cary Silkin and the landscape & image of ROH has changed in the eyes of the wrestling fans over that short period of time. Many wondered if ROH would change with the ownership move and it clearly has as it molded itself into a wrestling company like the WWE or TNA & not a company like an ECW. Is that a good thing for ROH? Yes it most certainly is but it is no longer your “grandfather’s indy promotion” anymore either.

Whether you are a sports fan, music fan or in our case, a wrestling fan, you love to be the first to know something here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

3 years ago

How social media in wrestling will backfire in 2012 – Inside The Wheelhouse


Zack RyderWhen we look back at 2011 one of the things that stands out the most in wrestling has to be the use of social media. Wrestlers were using it to elevate themselves (i.e. Zack Ryder) and pro wrestling companies were using it elevate their own status in social landscapes (i.e. the WWE).

In a way it was revolutionizing the industry as it was giving fans a different way to interact with wrestling companies and their wrestlers, it was something never seen before. While there were positives and strides in 2011 I believe that will all change in 2012.

If you were like me then you were starting to get a little bit annoyed with the way social media was being introduced and developed in wrestling in 2011. Now here to read more , , , , , , ,

3 years ago

Steve Corino is our generation’s Terry Funk – Inside The Wheelhouse


Steve CorinoLike in life, in wrestling the legacy of a wrestler is deemed to be the most important thing in one’s career. What you leave behind and the impact you cemented is what makes you unforgettable, great, an icon or a hall-of-famer. That legacy for one particular wrestler was cemented on December 23rd, 2011 in the Hammerstein Ballroom at ROH’s end of the year iPPV “Final Battle 2011.”

At the Hammerstein Ballroom, a venue that he main evented several times for Extreme Championship Wrestling, he stood across the ring from one of the best talents in wrestling today, Kevin Steen. It was at this point whether it was personally for you at the start, middle or end of the match that you realized the importance Steve Corino has had on wrestling; an importance that I can only compare to a great like here to read more , , , , , , , , ,

3 years ago

The Voice of Hardcore Pro Wrestling Fans Isn’t Too Loud These Days


Triple H & CM Punk RAWI don’t know what percentage of pro wrestling fans make up the Internet wrestling community. Five percent? Maybe less?

Internet wrestling fans – you know, those of us who go onto websites to read spoilers, argue about booking directions, and debate about why so-and-so is getting a push – know what they enjoy and are vocal about it. They like good matches. They want to see talented wrestlers rewarded. They plead for veterans to pass the torch in meaningful ways to up-and-coming stars.

So it was no surprise that the WWE’s hardcore fans rallied around C.M. Punk over the summer after he gave “the worked shoot promo,” during which he used wrestlers’ real names, made references to the McMahon family’s business practices, and said hello to friend Colt Cabana on live TV.

Hardcore fans have here to read more , , , , , , , ,

3 years ago

WWE Money In The Bank 2011 DVD Review


WWE Money in the Bank DVDFor this recap, I will be taking a look at the recent WWE DVD release for this year’s WWE Money In The Bank 2011 PPV. Now, don’t expect a whole lot here, for the simple reason that this event has been covered to death (that, and I already watched it the day it aired), both here on Camel Clutch Blog and elsewhere. This year’s event saw what we thought was the culmination of the hottest feud of the year between CM Punk and John Cena with the WWE Championship at stake. For those of you that didn’t see it, you missed what many consider (including myself) to be the best PPV that the WWE has put on in years. And for those here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

3 years ago

Five Takeaways From The CM Punk Vs. John Cena Angle


C M Punk wins the WWE title at Money in the BankThe pro wrestling summer of 2011 will be remembered for CM Punk. Punks’ fans and supporters got excited, proclaiming Punk as the newest WWE elite superstar. Yet I don’t think any of us expected to be watching a CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash feud eight weeks later.

Eight weeks ago when Punk sat down on the RAW ramp cutting arguably the most memorable wrestling promo of the decade, he became the talk of the pro wrestling world. Fans that had not watched wrestling in years were all talking about CM Punk and his threats of taking the WWE title here to read more , , , , , , , , ,

3 years ago

The Best Pro Wrestling Podcasts – Downtown with Darsie


The Still Real To Us ShowWith free time being one of my acquaintances while looking for a job (a recent undergraduate), I bike around the lovely town I live in, looking for applications, I enjoy listening to my iPod.

Not having a job to be able to pay for cable, I subscribe to several podcasts, around a half of them being professional wrestling podcasts. So, you may be thinking: Is this really a blog about podcasts? YES, this is a blog about WRESTLING PODCASTS, but the better ones I’ve found. The first one is a paid subscription, but the rest are for free, if you’re in a bind like me, you may want to check out the following podcasts, if you want some wrestling news in your ear buds.

Wrestling Observer/ here to read more ,

3 years ago

Chikara: An Education in International Wrestling


Chikarasaurus Rex: King of SequelThis past weekend, Chikara held two shows under the banner of Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Sequel. In addition to the homegrown natives who appeared on the card – standout wrestlers like Mike Quackenbush, Eddie Kingston, Jigsaw, UltraMantis Black, Sara del Rey, Green Ant and 3.0 to name a few – there were several choice guest stars as well.

In addition to the American standouts like Colt Cabana and El Generico, Chikara Pro Wrestling managed to bring here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

3 years ago

WWE Champion CM Punk Appears At AAW Indy Show – Video


CM Punk, Gregory Iron, Colt Cabana, AAWWhile everyone expected WWE champion CM Punk to pop up on an independent pro wrestling event after winning the title at Money in the Bank, I don’t think anyone predicted that moment would come at an AAW show in Berwyn, IL.

Most independent pro wrestling fans following this angle expected CM Punk to pop up on the indys. However, I think it is fair to say that all of the betting money was on Ring of Honor. Heck, Punk even said it himself here to read more , , , , , , , , ,

3 years ago

How “worked” was CM Punk’s “shoot” promo now? – Inside the Wheelhouse


The CM Punk Shoot Promo VideoLets me preface this blog by saying I loved and will always love the CM Punk “shoot promo” from the June 27th, 2011 edition of Monday Night RAW. It is one of the most memorable and historical promos in the history of wrestling.

But as we approach nearly a full month later from the promo taking place, I think it’s safe to say that now, looking back at it, the promo may have been all from the mouth & mind with CM Punk but there were definitely some bullet points the creative team wanted him here to read more , , , , , , , , , ,

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