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3 months ago

Top 40 Chael Sonnen Quotes


UFC fighter Chael Sonnen has turned into arguably the greatest sound byte in all of sports.Today we celebrate Sonnen’s wit by looking back at his top 40 quotes. Why 40? Because anything less wouldn’t be enough!

Sonnen is an equal opportunity offender but appears to take more pleasure out of insulting his foreign peers. The bulk of his material has been directed to Anderson Silva yet Sonnen has had plenty of insults to toss the way of Michael Bisping, Wanderlei Silva, Mirko Cro Cop, Cyborg Santos, Georges St-Pierre, and Lyoto Machida. In addition to the insults, Sonnen’s high opinion of Chael Sonnen also makes for fun fodder. Thanks to the wonderful archives of Twitter and You Tube, here is a look back at Chael’s greatest hits.

“I think everyone up here is grateful to be on Fox. They would probably say ‘Fox thanks’. Everybody but me. I would say ‘Fox, you’re welcome.’ here to read more , , , , , ,

3 months ago

Chael Sonnen Announces His Retirement


The best promo in the history of MMA has called it quits. A day after revealing he failed he drug test, Chael Sonnen has announced his retirement. Sonnen ends a six-year run in the UFC and leaves another big void for Dana White to fill.

The news comes a day after it was revealed that Sonnen failed a surprise drug test prior to his scheduled UFC 175 bout against Vitor Belfort. The news appeared embarrassing on the surface after Sonnen spent the last two weeks ridiculing Wanderlei Silva for skipping out on his drug test. However, a more objective look at the story offers a much more polarizing view.

“There is a huge distinction between illegal versus banned. These are perfectly legal substances. These are not performance-enhancing drugs. These are not anabolics. These are not steroids of any kind. Look, they [the here to read more

4 months ago

Wanderlei Silva Out, Vitor Belfort In vs. Chael Sonnen at UFC 175


The UFC has lost its biggest grudge fight of the year. Wanderlei Silva vs. Chael Sonnen is off but fear not Brazilians. A new Brazilian hero has stepped up to fight Sonnen and his name is Vitor Belfort.

News broke early Wednesday evening that Wanderlei Silva had not shown up to get licensed to fight Sonnen on July 5. According to a report, Silva no-showed the procedure and left the Nevada State Athletic Commission hanging. It didn’t take long for the UFC to step into action and sign a new fight.

The UFC released the following statement to the media. “Due to issues related to Wanderlei Silva’s licensing in the state of Nevada, the UFC was forced to seek a replacement opponent to face Chael Sonnen at UFC 175 on Saturday, July 5 in Las Vegas. Former UFC champion Vitor Belfort has here to read more , ,

1 year ago

Chael Sonnen Interviews Anderson Silva On UFC Tonight


My how things have changed in one year. One year ago Chael Sonnen wanted to beat up Anderson Silva, come over his house, and ask him to make a steak dinner. Today the two are sharing laughs on UFC Tonight.

Chael Sonnen has done a terrific job of transitioning to a host on UFC Tonight. It is fun to see Chael interview his peers. It could get a little uncomfortable on the other hand when Chael is tasked with interviewing one of the many fighters he has talked trash on and there is nobody in the world he has talked more trash on than Anderson Silva.

Chael had Silva on the show to promote his UFC 162 fight against Chris Weidman. Given the animosity between the two over the last few years I was surprised how comfortable they were with the segment. If you had no idea about their past you’d here to read more ,

1 year ago

Chael Sonnen Says He and Henderson Set Up Jon Jones


UFC 151 is the story that just won’t seem to go away. The infamous show fell through when Jon Jones refused to fight Chael Sonnen on short notice. Most criticized Jones but a new revelation by the American Gangster may change some opinions.

The beauty of Chael getting a weekly slot on UFC Tonight is that you just never know what he is going to say. Likely by design, Chael has been kind enough to offer up a juicy quote at least once a week on the Fuel TV UFC magazine show. His newest though is likely to open up some old wounds.

Jon Jones is still having a hard time winning fans months after refusing to defend the UFC light heavyweight title with short notice against Sonnen. Critics, including UFC president Dana White felt that Jones would have been had a massive advantage over Sonnen since Sonnen had not even been here to read more , , ,

1 year ago

UFC Announces Two New Main-Events


August is heating up for the UFC as the fight promotion has announced two new headlining summer fights. UFC 164 and the first UFC on FS1 now have main-events and fans will be able to see one of the more intriguing 2013 fights for free.

Chael Sonnen announced his next fight on the UFC Tonight program and while the fight wasn’t a surprise, the location may have been a bit of a stunner. Most MMA fans and media expected earlier in the week that Sonnen vs. Mauricio Shogun Rua would take place in less than two weeks. Instead it will take place live on FS1 on August 17.

“Shogun and I are going to be the main event on FOX Sports 1 on August 17. We were going to fight in Winnipeg, and they pulled it.”

It is kind of interesting how this fight came about. Rua was scheduled to fight Lil’ Nog here to read more , , ,

1 year ago

Chael Sonnen Reportedly Set To Fight Shogun Rua – UPDATED


Seven weeks after being thrashed in the first round against Jon Jones, Chael Sonnen appears to be jumping right back into the octagon. A new report indicates that Sonnen will step in for injured Antonio Rogerio Nogueira on just two weeks notice to battle Shogun Rua at UFC 161.

UFC 161 has turned into something of a cursed card. The original headliner was scrapped just a few weeks ago when UFC interim bantamweight champion Renan Barao suffered an injury. Now with just two weeks to go another key fight has bit the dust. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira has pulled out of his fight with Mauricio Shogun Rua. But not all is lost as Uncle Chael has volunteered to come to the UFC’s rescue.

This is certainly turning into an interesting year for Sonnen and we are only at the halfway mark. Sonnen talked his way into a UFC light heavyweight championship match with here to read more , ,

1 year ago

Wanderlei Silva Wants To Suck On Chael Sonnen’s Blood


I know Wanderlei Silva has been hit in the head a lot over the last 20 years but this may be one of the strangest fighter-to-fighter threats I have ever heard. The Axe Murderer has a taste for Chael Sonnen’s blood and he wants to savor it.

As a pro wrestling fan I love a great war of words in the UFC. It doesn’t happen enough for my tastes. That is why I have come to enjoy Chael Sonnen’s verbal assaults over the last few years. Chael is a wrestling fan and he gets it. Sometimes what is even better is when Chael’s opponent plays along and it appears that he and Wanderlei are ready to do some serious business.

Just days after being obliterated at the end of the first round and ironically seconds away from winning the UFC light heavyweight title (Jones’ toe would have stopped the fight between rounds), here to read more ,

1 year ago

UFC 159 Jones Vs. Sonnen Buyrate Estimates Are In


Early estimates for the UFC 159 Jones vs. Sonnen buyrate are in and whether it is a success or not depends on your criteria. The good news is that the pay per view was the second biggest of the year. The bad news is that it should have done more.

Dave Meltzer at did his usual investigative work and reported on early estimates for the event. Dave’s numbers are not official, yet he is generally considered an authority on the subject. According to Meltzer, the pay per view is coming in at between 500-520,000 buys for the Jones vs. Sonnen event.

Those numbers put the event in line behind UFC 158 Diaz vs. GSP as the second highest buyrate of the year thus far for the UFC. The number blows the show past Ronda Rousey’s debut and will probably hold up as here to read more , ,

1 year ago

Chael Sonnen Wants To Buy The WWE


Chael Sonnen is winding down his UFC career and most expect that he will transition full time to broadcasting when he retires. Not so fast! Chael has bigger plans and they involve the WWE. Not only does he want to go to the WWE, he wants to buy it!

The UFC light heavyweight made headlines over the weekend when he told the gossip website that he has aspirations to buy the WWE after he finishes his fighting career. Sonnen can’t do it himself but he hopes to assemble a team of investors and make Vince McMahon a deal he can’t refuse.

“It is 100% Chael’s intent to buy the WWE.” In fact, the rep says Chael is already meeting with bigwig friends in the investment world to enact his takeover.” was quick to squash Chael’s investment plans. A rep from the WWE here to read more

1 year ago

Chael Sonnen Wants Wanderlei Silva Next


The future of Chael Sonnen in the UFC has been in doubt since he was stopped in the first round against Jon Jones at UFC 159. Sonnen didn’t take long to put those retirement rumors to rest and even has an opponent in mind.

Not even a brutal beating can humble the mouth of Chael Sonnen. A few days after being embarrassed on pay per view Sonnen is already running his mouth. Sonnen is back at war again with the Brazilian fighters and has his eyes set on a fighting legend to break his 0-2 losing streak.

Sonnen wants Wanderlei Silva. Sonnen and Silva have had a beef on Twitter going back to when Sonnen was cutting promos on Brazilians in the UFC 117 build up. According to Sonnen, “I’m not going anywhere until me and Wanderlei straighten this thing out once and for all.”

“Wanderlei called me out before, but the fight here to read more , , ,

1 year ago

UFC 159: Jones Vs. Sonnen Results and Wrap Up


The fight has come and gone, and at the end of the day it appears as though the Light Heavyweight title fight between Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones was indeed the mismatch that so many people thought it would be. The rest of the card was a mixed bag, including some highly entertaining bouts, some thoroughly lackluster bouts and a few controversial stoppages mixed with borderline terrible officiating in some cases. Let’s take a look back at the card that was UFC 159 and see what’s next for the main card fighters involved.

Lightweight Bout: Pat Healy defeated Jim Miller via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:02 of Round Three

The opening round of this bout went almost exactly as most people (including the bookies) expected it to. Miller dominated much of the action both standing and on the ground, in fact he came close to stopping the fight at one point. here to read more , , , , , , , , ,

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