Chael Sonnen Interviews Anderson Silva On UFC Tonight

July 06, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts, Videos

My how things have changed in one year. One year ago Chael Sonnen wanted to beat up Anderson Silva, come over his house, and ask him to make a steak dinner. Today the two are sharing laughs on UFC Tonight.

Chael Sonnen has done a terrific job of transitioning to a host on UFC Tonight. It is fun to see Chael interview his peers. It could get a little uncomfortable on the other hand when Chael is tasked with interviewing one of the many fighters he has talked trash on and there is nobody in the world he has talked more trash on than Anderson Silva.

Chael had Silva on the show to promote his UFC 162 fight against Chris Weidman. Given the animosity between the two over the last few years I was surprised how comfortable they were with the segment. If you had no idea about their past you’d probably presume that they were friends. Believe it or not they even share a laugh together when Chael asks Anderson about Georges St-Pierre’s prediction that he will lose.

The best part of the interview may be when Chael asks Anderson if he is a better fighter than Steven Segal is an actor.

Check out this fun interview and who knows? Maybe a year from now Nick Diaz will be sitting down to interview GSP on a UFC broadcast. I doubt it but after seeing this I believe anything really is possible in the UFC.

Chael Sonnen Says He and Henderson Set Up Jon Jones

June 14, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts

UFC 151 is the story that just won’t seem to go away. The infamous show fell through when Jon Jones refused to fight Chael Sonnen on short notice. Most criticized Jones but a new revelation by the American Gangster may change some opinions.

The beauty of Chael getting a weekly slot on UFC Tonight is that you just never know what he is going to say. Likely by design, Chael has been kind enough to offer up a juicy quote at least once a week on the Fuel TV UFC magazine show. His newest though is likely to open up some old wounds.

Jon Jones is still having a hard time winning fans months after refusing to defend the UFC light heavyweight title with short notice against Sonnen. Critics, including UFC president Dana White felt that Jones would have been had a massive advantage over Sonnen since Sonnen had not even been in camp. Jones’ team felt otherwise and accused Sonnen and Henderson of a conspiracy. Greg Jackson felt that Sonen had indeed been in camp and had been working with Hendo secretly to prepare for the fight well before Henderson officially withdrew. A new revelation from Sonnen supports that theory.

You know, it really got put together through Little Nog’s cowardice,” Sonnen said. “I’ve been training for Shogun for a while. I knew this was going to happen. This kind of reminds me of the time me and Dan Henderson set up Jon Jones on eight days’ notice.

Sonnen then turned to the camera and said, “he finally admitted it.

The one thing you have to always keep in mind with Chael is whether he is toying around with the media or if he is really telling the truth. If he is telling the truth, that would make his manager Mike Roberts a liar. Roberts was adamant back in September that Chael had not been in camp and would be coming into the fight with only one-week of training.

Everybody’s saying that Chael knew about Dan being hurt, that’s why he was talking about Jon (Jones). No, Chael was talking about Jon because Jon is the 205-pound champion and that is where Chael is shooting for; that’s who he wants to fight.”

Does it make you feel any different about Jones refusing the fight? I am going to guess that it does nothing to change the opinion of Dana White. I have always felt that Jones was getting much more blame about the show falling apart than he deserved. Knowing that he was being set up is just more reason to leave it alone and bury the incident once and for all.

If and this is a big if Chael is telling the truth, it is disappointing that nobody in the media ever picked up on this story. The same media that were brutalizing Jones for refusing the fight either didn’t do enough investigative work or were sworn to secrecy by Sonnen’s camp. Either way I wonder what the questions at that infamous conference call would have sounded like if someone in the media were able to corroborate the accusations from Jones’ camp.

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UFC Announces Two New Main-Events

June 05, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts

August is heating up for the UFC as the fight promotion has announced two new headlining summer fights. UFC 164 and the first UFC on FS1 now have main-events and fans will be able to see one of the more intriguing 2013 fights for free.

Chael Sonnen announced his next fight on the UFC Tonight program and while the fight wasn’t a surprise, the location may have been a bit of a stunner. Most MMA fans and media expected earlier in the week that Sonnen vs. Mauricio Shogun Rua would take place in less than two weeks. Instead it will take place live on FS1 on August 17.

“Shogun and I are going to be the main event on FOX Sports 1 on August 17. We were going to fight in Winnipeg, and they pulled it.”

It is kind of interesting how this fight came about. Rua was scheduled to fight Lil’ Nog at UFC 161 while most expected Sonnen to be fighting Wanderlei Silva next. Nog got hurt and Sonnen immediately volunteered for the spot. For whatever reason and the holdup according to rumors was getting Sonnen into the country on such short notice, the fight didn’t happen. I presume that the UFC liked the initial buzz of the fight so much that they decided to shift gears and sign it.

“I like Shogun. I admire him a lot. I wanted to fight Wanderlei. He’s the worst fighter in the UFC. I couldn’t get him. I figured I’d get the guy who destroyed Wanderlei in the practice room for all these years.”

I like this fight a lot. You get one of if not the best talkers in MMA promoting the first UFC on FS1 event. You also have a light heavyweight fight between two star fighters that won’t have any real impact in the division in losing or winning. You always have a storyline anytime Chael is fighting a Brazilian which comes with a bigger Brazilian audience than usual. The UFC gets its star fight without compromising any big future plans. At the same time you are signing a fight that wouldn’t sell as a main-event on pay per view yet could do some real business as a free attraction.

I love Chael going into this fight with a full training camp. As I have said before, give me the guy who just went toe-to-toe with the two best fighters in MMA over the guy who struggled against Brandon Vera. A lot of the predictions in the MMA social media world are for a Shogun route. I don’t see it. It’s a shame I don’t get to Vegas until October or I’d be all over Chael on this one.

Benson Henderson will be returning to pay per view after a lengthy layoff with a UFC lightweight title defense against TJ Grant at UFC 164. The championship fight will be supported by heavyweights Frank Mir vs. Josh Barnett underneath. I am a big Henderson fan and I’m sure this fight will be good, but a pay per view main-event? I don’t know about that. They better have a stacked card here.

I really think that the UFC missed the boat on a Gilbert Melendez vs. Henderson rematch. I know you don’t want to promote too many rematches but you are talking about a fight that millions of people watched on free television. Why not capitalize on the fight that casual fans are already invested in?

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Chael Sonnen Reportedly Set To Fight Shogun Rua – UPDATED

June 03, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts

Seven weeks after being thrashed in the first round against Jon Jones, Chael Sonnen appears to be jumping right back into the octagon. A new report indicates that Sonnen will step in for injured Antonio Rogerio Nogueira on just two weeks notice to battle Shogun Rua at UFC 161.

UFC 161 has turned into something of a cursed card. The original headliner was scrapped just a few weeks ago when UFC interim bantamweight champion Renan Barao suffered an injury. Now with just two weeks to go another key fight has bit the dust. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira has pulled out of his fight with Mauricio Shogun Rua. But not all is lost as Uncle Chael has volunteered to come to the UFC’s rescue.

This is certainly turning into an interesting year for Sonnen and we are only at the halfway mark. Sonnen talked his way into a UFC light heavyweight championship match with Jon Jones in April. Sonnen was brutalized but was only a few seconds away from being declared champion after Jones injured his toe. Sonnen then issued a challenge to Wanderlei Silva but wound up withdrawing it after Wanderlei failed to meet his deadline. Instead it would appear that Sonnen will wind up fighting another Brazilian, Mauricio Rua.

Sonnen immediately volunteered himself for the fight when news broke of Nogueira’s injury. There was a delay in officially announcing the fight although Globo did report the fight as signed on Monday afternoon. It does now appear that the fight is ready to go and will serve as part of the main-card at UFC 161.

Twitter went crazy with all kinds of predictions in favor of Rua. Most believe that Sonnen won’t be able to hang with Rua after a long layoff with little training. I disagree. I think that some MMA fans are still in denial about Mauricio Rua’s decline in recent years. Don’t get me wrong, Rua was an animal back in the Pride days but those days are over. I’ll take Sonnen on two months or two weeks training over Rua any day of the week.

It is easy to dismiss Sonnen as a blow-hard after being brutalized in his last two fights. The record says one thing but a look at the big picture says something else. Sonnen was fighting the two best fighters in all of MMA, maybe the two best ever! He won one round against Anderson Silva and went toe-to-toe with Jones, almost winning on a fluke. 99% of the fighters in the UFC would have the same results if they fought Silva and Jones back to back. I’m not exactly ready to call a guy’s career over after being beaten by the two best in the sport.

Rua on the other hand has been a shell of his old self in recent fights. Rua is 3-3 in his last six, 1-2 in his last three. Rua struggled with Brandon Vera and lost his last fight to Alexander Gustfaffson. In addition to his sluggish recent performance, he has had numerous knee surgeries in recent years. I’ll take the Sonnen who won a round against Anderson Silva over the guy who struggled against Brandon Vera any day of the week.

This is one of those rare cases where I think the UFC gets a boost from the substitute fight. Sonnen and Rua had a ready-to-go rivalry coming off of Sonnen’s anti-Brazilian rants in recent years during the Anderson Silva feud. The fight certainly brings a little bit of life to a show that really hasn’t had much buzz at all.

Rashad Evans and Dan Henderson should give Chael a cut because they were looking at a pathetic buyrate before Sonnen stepped up.

UPDATE: The fight has been cancelled & will likely move to the UFC on FS1 card.

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Wanderlei Silva Wants To Suck On Chael Sonnen’s Blood

May 15, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts, Videos

I know Wanderlei Silva has been hit in the head a lot over the last 20 years but this may be one of the strangest fighter-to-fighter threats I have ever heard. The Axe Murderer has a taste for Chael Sonnen’s blood and he wants to savor it.

As a pro wrestling fan I love a great war of words in the UFC. It doesn’t happen enough for my tastes. That is why I have come to enjoy Chael Sonnen’s verbal assaults over the last few years. Chael is a wrestling fan and he gets it. Sometimes what is even better is when Chael’s opponent plays along and it appears that he and Wanderlei are ready to do some serious business.

Just days after being obliterated at the end of the first round and ironically seconds away from winning the UFC light heavyweight title (Jones’ toe would have stopped the fight between rounds), Chael was back at it again and starting to lay the ground work for his next fight. Sonnen not only put the 205 pound division on notice but he singled out one longtime foe, Wanderlei Silva. Sonnen laid out the challenge to Silva who until now remained quiet. The Axe Murderer has finally broken his silence.

Silva officially responded to Sonnen’s challenge on Fuel TV’s UFC Tonight via an interview with Ariel Helwani. Silva not only wants the fight, but he also wants to take a little piece of Chael home with him.

Wanderlei said that no one’s offered him a fight. But he did want to say that ‘Jon Jones and Anderson Silva have been too nice to Chael. I want to suck his blood. I want to smell it. Not just fight – I want to hurt him. Chael is a joke, man. He’s going to be second forever. He’s never going to be first.’

Wow! Even better is Sonnen’s response to Wanderlei’s desire to suck Chael’s blood.

I think the real breaking news there is that Wanderlei Silva put together a coherent sentence that somebody understood. But I can assure you, Wanderlei, I will not be signing a contract for you to suck on any part of me. I suggest you go to a bath and find yourself.

This is going to be a fun buildup! The heat between these two guys seems pretty real as they have been talking trash on each other now since UFC 117. As a matter of a fact there was a real interesting video that made its way on YouTube a couple of years ago that had Wanderlei and Chael traveling together in the same car to an event. Wanderlei started chastising Chael for the things he said about Brazil in the buildup to his first Anderson Silva fight. Chael looked a little taken back but it was an interesting video as Chael just sat in the backseat and listened to Wanderlei preach to Chael about Brazil and the negative things that were said by Sonnen.

I am ready for this fight! No contract has been signed but this has potential to be one of the biggest fights of the year. I can’t imagine the UFC headlining a pay per view event on this fight. My hunch is that this winds up headlining a television event, maybe the first UFC on FS1 show? I have to think that the UFC won’t waste much time capitalizing on this and signing the fight. I expect some kind of announcement in the next week.

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UFC 159 Jones Vs. Sonnen Buyrate Estimates Are In

May 09, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts

Early estimates for the UFC 159 Jones vs. Sonnen buyrate are in and whether it is a success or not depends on your criteria. The good news is that the pay per view was the second biggest of the year. The bad news is that it should have done more.

Dave Meltzer at did his usual investigative work and reported on early estimates for the event. Dave’s numbers are not official, yet he is generally considered an authority on the subject. According to Meltzer, the pay per view is coming in at between 500-520,000 buys for the Jones vs. Sonnen event.

Those numbers put the event in line behind UFC 158 Diaz vs. GSP as the second highest buyrate of the year thus far for the UFC. The number blows the show past Ronda Rousey’s debut and will probably hold up as one of the top 3-5 events of 2013 looking at the tentative schedule.

The pay per view is a bit of a rebound for Jones who is coming off 410,000 buys for his previous fight against Vitor Belfort. Meltzer reports that Jones averages just below 500,000 buys so this would certainly be a win for Jones in the eyes of many.

It isn’t all good news if you ask me. The number is a bit of a disappointment if you take a look at the big picture. By all accounts this fight should have done 750,000 buys. Consider all of the resources that went into this fight and the personalities involved and I think 500-520 k is a disappointment.

The UFC spent an entire season of The Ultimate Fighter to build up this fight. The season averaged 1.2 million people from week to week to listen to Jones and Sonnen build up their show. Those are a lot of eyes watching this build up week to week and a lot of those people didn’t think it was worthwhile to buy. The sacrifice here was keeping Jones on the shelf until April when he probably could have fought sooner. In the long run that could have cost them one more fight in 2013 with one of their biggest stars.

Then there is the star power here that I don’t think necessarily delivered. Jones is arguably the best fighter in the UFC, top three at minimum. A guy like Jon Jones should be a superstar but superstars deliver better buys than Jones. The fact that Jones is not drawing on par with Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre has to be cause for concern, especially since he is the face of the future once those guys retire.

Chael Sonnen did his best but even his promos and gimmicked quotes couldn’t pull in the casual fans that generally get caught up in Chael’s hype. Chael is coming off a monster buyrate against Anderson Silva and while the circumstances are different, he is still one of the top draws in the company. The top drawing heel against the superstar champion should have done better. It’s just that simple.

Why did it only do 520 k which again isn’t bad, but not great? This was supposed to be an easy sell, so much that a lot of sacrifices were made. The timing was just awful. Nobody bought Chael as a serious challenger. For whatever reason the casual masses still aren’t connecting to Jon Jones. A guy like him should be bringing in more casual fans and he’s not.

Most importantly I think that Sonnen and Jones blew it. They had something when the fight was first made. However, the two slowly did everything they could to convince fans that there was no beef between them and that they actually liked each other. That Thanksgiving picture probably cost them a few hundred thousand buys alone. I don’t know what the motivation was between these two guys but they certainly exposed the “wolf ticket” theory that Nick Diaz exposed leading into his fight with GSP.

If I were the UFC I’d probably be disappointed today. If these two couldn’t do more than 500k with a successful season of TUF and the personalities involved, they have big problems moving ahead. The number was nice and it certainly wasn’t a failure, but it should have been much bigger.

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Chael Sonnen Wants To Buy The WWE

May 05, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts, WWE | Pro Wrestling

Chael Sonnen is winding down his UFC career and most expect that he will transition full time to broadcasting when he retires. Not so fast! Chael has bigger plans and they involve the WWE. Not only does he want to go to the WWE, he wants to buy it!

The UFC light heavyweight made headlines over the weekend when he told the gossip website that he has aspirations to buy the WWE after he finishes his fighting career. Sonnen can’t do it himself but he hopes to assemble a team of investors and make Vince McMahon a deal he can’t refuse.

“It is 100% Chael’s intent to buy the WWE.” In fact, the rep says Chael is already meeting with bigwig friends in the investment world to enact his takeover.” was quick to squash Chael’s investment plans. A rep from the WWE told the website that the company is not for sale. As a publicly traded company the rep told TMZ that Chael is free to purchase shares just like anyone else.

Quite honestly I am really surprised at how big of a story this became over the weekend. The first thing I thought of when I saw this story was that it was pure nonsense and Chael was just screwing around with the media. If it came from anyone else maybe, but the media should know who they are dealing with when he makes an outlandish statement like that.

That said, Chael is a big pro wrestling fan. In the buildup to his last fight against Jon Jones Chael quoted former professional wrestler Len Denton in his promos. Chael has credited The Grappler, Roddy Piper, and Steve Austin for inspiration. As a matter of a fact Chael recently revealed on Steve Austin’s podcast that he went to Steve on advice on how to cut a promo on Brian Stann. Not only that, Chael even once tried out for WCW.

Could he really buy the WWE? I would not be surprised if Chael is on the top ten list of top earners in UFC history. His two fights with Anderson Silva did monster business and early projects are very good on his fight with Jon Jones. Anything is possible but even with those big payoffs, he’d need a lot more help to purchase a company that some have valued at over $600,000,000!

The WWE is a family owned business and I couldn’t ever envision a time where the McMahon family sold the company. I am sure they have been approached numerous times but I just don’t ever see it happening. I am a believer that where there is smoke there is fire…except when that smoke is coming from Chael Sonnen. Generally it’s nothing but hot air.

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Chael Sonnen Wants Wanderlei Silva Next

May 01, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts, Videos

The future of Chael Sonnen in the UFC has been in doubt since he was stopped in the first round against Jon Jones at UFC 159. Sonnen didn’t take long to put those retirement rumors to rest and even has an opponent in mind.

Not even a brutal beating can humble the mouth of Chael Sonnen. A few days after being embarrassed on pay per view Sonnen is already running his mouth. Sonnen is back at war again with the Brazilian fighters and has his eyes set on a fighting legend to break his 0-2 losing streak.

Sonnen wants Wanderlei Silva. Sonnen and Silva have had a beef on Twitter going back to when Sonnen was cutting promos on Brazilians in the UFC 117 build up. According to Sonnen, “I’m not going anywhere until me and Wanderlei straighten this thing out once and for all.

Wanderlei called me out before, but the fight never made sense. Now it does. I’m not going anywhere until me and Wanderlei straighten this thing out once and for all. Wanderlei pulled a dirt bag move on me one time. He said something to me that I couldn’t hear, and then put it on YouTube with subtitles because he knew I couldn’t understand it and called me out. If you’re a fighter, that doesn’t fly. You must respond to him, and I’m ready to respond to you Wanderlei.”

The other big question was whether Sonnen would stay at 205 or move back down to middleweight. I thought in the brief time Sonnen was in the octagon against Jones he looked great at 205. Sonnen has put the division on notice as he isn’t going anywhere.

I will definitely continue, and at 205 pounds,” Sonnen told UFC Tonight co-host Kenny Florian. “Unless they come up with a catchweight…I have a lot of goals I want to achieve still, and retirement won’t help me get them done.

As badly as Sonnen got beat at UFC 159 the twisted reality of the situation is that Sonnen was under a minute away from being winning the UFC light heavyweight title and shocking the world. Hypothetically if the fight went to the second round there are many that feel that the fight would have been stopped due to Jones’ toe and Sonnen would have been given the title.

Diplomatically you don’t ever want to win that way. The ones that hurt are the ones you’re supposed to win and then you blow it. But if it was given to me, I would have grabbed that belt, I would have held it up, grabbed the mic and told the crowd the golden rule is ‘he with the gold rules,’ and I would have walked out of the place and never looked back

I can’t say that I am not surprised in the least that Sonnen is sticking around. Sonnen is in the midst of his prime earning years as a UFC fighter. Since UFC 117, Sonnen has now cashed in on three big pay days if early estimates on UFC 159 buyrates are correct. Sonnen was stopped in round one but I never got the feeling that Sonnen was too old or shot as a fighter.

I don’t know what you do with Sonnen at this point. He is probably out of title shots for a long time, although you never know. Strange things happen, injuries occur, and it wouldn’t shock me at all to see Sonnen step up and fill in for a last minute scratch in a title fight. Sonnen is one of a very few UFC fighters who get it and understand the art of promoting. The second those buyrates start dropping is the second I’ll believe that Chael is truly done.

Even then I don’t know if I’ll necessarily ever believe he is truly done.

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UFC 159: Jones Vs. Sonnen Results and Wrap Up

April 29, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts

The fight has come and gone, and at the end of the day it appears as though the Light Heavyweight title fight between Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones was indeed the mismatch that so many people thought it would be. The rest of the card was a mixed bag, including some highly entertaining bouts, some thoroughly lackluster bouts and a few controversial stoppages mixed with borderline terrible officiating in some cases. Let’s take a look back at the card that was UFC 159 and see what’s next for the main card fighters involved.

Lightweight Bout: Pat Healy defeated Jim Miller via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:02 of Round Three

The opening round of this bout went almost exactly as most people (including the bookies) expected it to. Miller dominated much of the action both standing and on the ground, in fact he came close to stopping the fight at one point. Then in the second round, the tide began to turn. Healy continued to grind against Miller, not abandoning his wrestling for a second, using takedowns and top control to steal back a round and make it even heading into the third. In the final round, Healy continued to keep up the pressure while Miller began to fade slightly. Healy took advantage on the ground of a Miller mistake and was able to sink in a Rear Naked Choke and coax a tap with less than a minute remaining in the fight.

What’s next for Healy? He knocked off a top-ranked contender and the Strikeforce Lightweights are proving that they are every bit as talented as their UFC counterparts. There are a couple of big Lightweight contest coming up most notably Evan Dunham taking on Rafael dos Anjos, the winner of that fight would be a logical match up. As would recent Strikeforce import Josh Thomson who recently knocked off top Lightweight Nate Diaz.

What’s next for Miller? He’s doing nothing to shake his status as Lightweight gatekeeper. He’s a tough, well-rounded fighter but he struggled against Healy who seemed to dwarf him come fight time. This has some people speculating that a drop to Featherweight could be in Miller’s future. For now, we’ll assume he’s staying at Lightweight. He should take a fair step down in competition now that he’s lost 2 of his last 3. Brazilian Thiago Tavares could be a good match up for Miller when he’s done his suspension, or possibly former TUF winner Tony Ferguson.

Light Heavyweight Bout: Phil Davis defeated Vinny Magalhaes via Unanimous Decision after Three Rounds

Phil Davis continued to win in mostly unimpressive fashion this weekend. Despite the trash talk leading up to this fight, Davis never let it bother him and never showed a lot of emotion during the fight. In some ways, that has to be considered a good sign, but in other ways, one really wonders why Davis was so uninspired to go after a finish. Despite dominating the first two rounds and well on his way in the third, Davis never looked to get overly aggressive or search out a finish, instead he was content to cruise the final minutes of the fight and lock up a decision. While it is another win for Davis, many fans are left complaining about Davis and his fights, which isn’t going to earn him a shot against Jon Jones any faster.

What’s next for Davis? Even though he didn’t show us any killer instinct or finishing ability, he still showed that he’s a dominant wrestler who can absolutely smother anyone underneath him. He has one career loss and that was to top contender Rashad Evans, so Davis should be working his way back to the top of the Light Heavyweight pecking order. Ryan Bader is a wrestling standout with big power and has a top ten ranking, he’s the fighter that probably makes the most sense for Davis right now.

What’s next for Magalhaes? Back to the unaired preliminary card is my guess. He did his best to sell and hype this fight on social media by engaging in a war of words with Davis, but he wasn’t able to do much inside the octagon where it counts. If Ilir Latifi is getting another fight in the UFC for doing them a solid in Sweden, match him against Magalhaes and get rid of the loser. Put that fight in Europe or Brazil and it seems like a fine fit to me.

Heavyweight Bout: Roy Nelson defeated Cheick Kongo via KO (Punch) at 2:03 of Round One

Cheick Kongo had a massive reach advantage heading into this fight and that was what some people believed would be the difference. Instead, Nelson did what he does best. Relied on his iron chin to close the distance and crowd Kongo up on the inside. He landed a couple of big right hands on a referee break from against the cage and Kongo was down for the count.

What’s next for Nelson? He’s fought a lot of the top names in the Heavyweight division and seems to be quite good at separating the upper-tier fighters from the lower-level fighters. At the post-fight press conference Dana said he’d like to match Nelson up with Strikeforce import Daniel Cormier should he stay at Heavyweight. That fight makes a whole lot of sense. The other potential fighter for Nelson is Travis Browne.

What’s next for Kongo? Kongo showed low fight IQ and despite his past as a professional kick boxer he often chooses to wrestle instead of striking, which makes for sometimes boring fights. I think the UFC could match him up with Stefan Struve. They’re both European, so a spot on the next International show makes sense and the match up will prove which one of them deserves to stay in the UFC and which the UFC could part with.

Middleweight Bout: Michael Bisping defeated Alan Belcher via Unanimous Technical Decision at 4:29 of Round Three

This bout was marred by a bit of an ugly ending as an accidental eye-poke from Bisping cut open Belcher’s eye lid and caused a stream of blood to come from the eye in the third round. Since it was ruled an accidental foul the bout went to the scorecards and Bisping won a Technical decision. With all of the trash talking these two men did leading up to their fight, many thought that they would come out guns blazing, but instead the opposite was true as neither man wanted to make a mistake in the opening minutes which led to an action light striking battle in the first round. In the second, Bisping became more aggressive and the Brit was landing in combinations. Belcher returned fire on several occasions, but often missed as Bisping did an excellent job of getting his shots off before shuffling away from the counter punches of Belcher. The third round featured more of the same, for the four minutes that it lasted as Bisping continued to land better combinations and get the better of Belcher in the striking.

What’s next for Bisping? Well, he’s still a top contender at Middleweight and seems incredibly popular with the fans, (who either despise him or really love him.) The UFC would love to have him work his way to a title shot, but he always seems to falter on the way. If the UFC wants to get him to a Middleweight title shot, they need to give him a couple of match ups that benefit him while gaining name recognition on his resume. The winner of the upcoming bout between Mark Munoz and Tim Boetsch would be a good candidate. Some fans are calling for a bout against Yushin Okami, but I think that’s a bad match up for Bisping and one the UFC will likely avoid, despite it making a lot of sense.

What’s next for Belcher? With his history of eye injuries (he was nearly blinded by a detached retina from an eye poke in a previous bout) one has to hope that this injury won’t be too damaging to his career. Still he proved that he’s at best a mid-tier fighter that can’t hang with the top fighters of the Middleweight division. Still he has exciting fights when they pair him against strikers so possible match ups include Nick Ring or Brian Stann.

Light Heavyweight Championship Bout: Jon Jones defeated Chael Sonnen via TKO (Elbows and Punches) at 4:33 of Round One

Jon Jones shocked several fans when he went right after Chael Sonnen. Many people predicted that he would use his huge reach and kick boxing ability to fight at a distance and pick Sonnen apart from relative safety. Nonsense said coach Greg Jackson and Jon Jones who likely surprised Sonnen when he rushed him from the opening bell. He clinched with Sonnen and battled in close quarters for most part of the opening round. It was close for the first minute or so, but Jones used his size and strength advantage and began to overpower Sonnen. From there he got a takedown and swarmed with ground and pound. Delivering some big elbows that opened a cut on Sonnen’s face and then following it up with more punches and elbows until the referee stopped the fight. Although some people felt the stoppage was a bit premature it was unlikely that Sonnen would survive another 30 seconds and despite looking initially upset with the referee, when interviewed by Joe Rogan, Chael said that he had no problem with the stoppage. After the fight it was revealed that Jones had suffered a nasty toe injury, a likely dislocation at some point and needed doctor’s assistance as he completed his post-fight interview with Rogan.

What’s next for Jones? Likely some time off after that toe injury. It’s hard to pin point where the injury occurred, but it’s scary to think that if he didn’t finish Sonnen in the first, he likely would have lost the belt in between rounds, since no referee would let him fight with that gruesome toe. So people who hated the match to begin with, must certainly be happy that they’re not getting a rematch with Sonnen as champion right away. After the fight Jones called for Alexander Gustafsson which makes sense since the Swede is at the top of the division. Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva is apparently also a possible contender as is former Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida.

What’s next for Sonnen? He seemed to tease retirement after the bout, but didn’t say much. If he does decide to hang it up, no one can blame him. He’s made a ton of money in his last few fights and surely has a job as a commentator on Fox for the foreseeable future. But if he does decide to fight and stay at Light Heavyweight, he should fight anyone who is Brazilian. Especially Wanderlei Silva or Lyoto Machida.

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