Top 40 Chael Sonnen Quotes

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UFC fighter Chael Sonnen has turned into arguably the greatest sound byte in all of sports.Today we celebrate Sonnen’s wit by looking back at his top 40 quotes. Why 40? Because anything less wouldn’t be enough!

Sonnen is an equal opportunity offender but appears to take more pleasure out of insulting his foreign peers. The bulk of his material has been directed to Anderson Silva yet Sonnen has had plenty of insults to toss the way of Michael Bisping, Wanderlei Silva, Mirko Cro Cop, Cyborg Santos, Georges St-Pierre, and Lyoto Machida. In addition to the insults, Sonnen’s high opinion of Chael Sonnen also makes for fun fodder. Thanks to the wonderful archives of Twitter and You Tube, here is a look back at Chael’s greatest hits.

“I think everyone up here is grateful to be on Fox. They would probably say ‘Fox thanks’. Everybody but me. I would say ‘Fox, you’re welcome.’ You’ve been telling everybody for years you’ve got the American Idol, and now you finally do.”

“Greetings from Sao Paulo! I’m learning the language: breakdancing in the Special Olympics is called Capoiera and cocaine is called brunch.”

“(Anderson Silva’s) got a black belt under the Nogueiras. I think a black belt under the Nogueiras is saying, like, I got a free toy in my Happy Meal. I don’t really understand what the big deal is. One of em’s a punching bag, and the other one I just ignore; he’s really irrelevant.”

“My phone rings, they call me up and say, ‘Chael, your testosterone level is too high.’ I say, ‘Well, how high was it?’ They say, ‘0.7.’ I said, ‘What’s normal?’ They say, ‘0.6.’; I said, ‘One-tenth? You’re telling me I’m one-tenth higher than the average man? Re-test that – you must have caught me on a low day.'”

“Take Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong did a number of things and he gave himself cancer. He cheated, he did drugs, and he gave himself cancer. Well, instead of saying ‘Hey listen, I cheated and gave myself cancer, don’t be like me.’ He actually made himself the victim and then went out and profited something like $15 million dollars from this ‘Hey, poor me, let’s find a cure for cancer’ campaign instead of just coming clean and saying, ‘Look, here’s what I did, I screwed myself up, and I hope people learn from my mistakes.’ You just watch these guys and can’t help but think, God, what a fraud. You got the whole Michael Phelps being a pothead thing too. I’m just glad I’m in the business I’m in so I can get them in the cage and kick the crap out of them.”

“If Brock Lesnar was here right now, I’d take my boot off and throw it at him, and he’d better polish it up before he brings it back to me. Talking about he’s the baddest guy in the UFC? Brock, quit eating so many raw eggs and doing push-ups because it’s affecting your realm of reality. Are you kidding me? I’d slap you in your face, and you wouldn’t do anything. ‘I’m Brock Lesnar. I’ve got this $5 haircut and a knife tattooed on my chest.’ I’ll shove it up your face if you get in Chael Sonnen’s way.”

“Listen Wanderlei, I will do a home invasion on you. I will cut the power to your house and the next thing you’ll hear is me climbing up your stairs in a pair of night vision goggles I bought in the back of Soldier of Fortune magazine. I’ll pick the lock to the master room door, take a picture of you in bed with the Nogueira brothers working on your ‘jiu-jitsu.’ I’ll take said quote unquote photograph, post it at, password – not required, username – not required. That, Wanderlei, is how you threaten someone. Dummy.”

“Anderson Silva is as fake as Mike Tyson was. They called him the hardest, ‘the baddest man in the world’ but he wasn’t even the toughest guy in America and we had to sit through and listen to that over and over again as he fought lots of tomato cans. Anderson Silva has no interested (sic) in the fight with me and I don’t know what his deal is …”

“You’re looking at the reflection of perfection. You’re looking at the man who gets all your attention. You’re looking at the man with the biggest arm. At the man, with the greatest charm, the man in Chicago who will do harm to the guy three doors down.Whatcha gonna do, when you know who? Howya gonna deal, with the man of steel? How ya gonna react to Sonnen’s attack? Tune in on the 28th! 8 p.m. Eastern Time! You’ll find out who the real champion is.”

“I am going to knock the teeth out of this snot-nosed Brit who calls himself royalty, who calls himself a Count,” Sonnen wasted no time in declaring. “I am MMA royalty and America will tune into the Chael Sonnen show next Saturday on Fox.”

“I should be the reigning champion. I punch a guy 300 times, he punches me a couple and they call him the champion? In what parallel universe does that make you the winner? I am the champion. I’ve been the champion. Anderson’s ribs have the exact same problem that his hands and his feet have, they’re attached to a cowardly person. For Anderson to say that he wasn’t 100-percent, I completely believe him. Who cares? But yeah, do I think his ribs where hurt? Sure. Why would I think they weren’t? He’s the only one who could tell if they were hurt.”

“How do you, with a straight face, pretend that those ‘fights’ … and I’m of course holding up quotation signs … in Japan were real?”

“I’d suggest to him being a little careful about spitting on any of MY cornermen, since any one of them can beat him up as badly as I can. Thanks ever so much.”

“You tell Anderson Silva I’m coming over. I’m kicking in his back door and I’m pattin’ his old lady on the ass and I’m telling her to make me a steak, medium rare just how I like it.”

“Cyborg? I thought he was a middleweight.”

“Brock Lesnar actually is telling people that he wrote a book, when to the contrary there’s no evidence that he’s actually literate.”

“Hey Vitor, take my name out of your mouth until you show up for half as many fights as you pullout of.”

“Me taking on a mop and a garbage can would be a more interesting fight than those two (GSP and Anderson Silva).”

“You know, these guys are out there making man-love all the time, giving high-fives and huggin’ one another. You deserve to be knocked out if you’re trying to hug a man in the middle of a fistfight.”

“News flash, Lyoto: the spotlight is part and parcel for the gig. Go join a monastery if you want to pretend that fighting is about honor or integrity. And who are you to talk about being a big man? I don’t see you changing diapers on flipper babies in Chernoybl.”

“If I could read three books by Warren Buffett or one by Dana White , I’d read Dana’s.”

“Pipe down Mirko and let us just use you for oil like the rest of the dinosaurs.”

“When I was young they used to call me ‘The Foreman,’ not because I was in charge but because I did the work of four men.”

“Bisping, you make good points about deserving a title shot. After all you did beat, umm, well ahh … Hum and then there was … Ah … Wait, what!?”

“Okami is ready to go get that belt. Once he returns from Rio, we can truly say ‘he went to Hell and back’ to get it.”

“What are we even doing here, guys? This is insanity. He sits over here pretending he doesn’t speak English? Come on! That’s like pretending you’re the World Champion.”

“Anderson Silva, their big national hero, just put 2 million dollars down on a mansion in LOS ANGELES. Los Angeles is in America, for those of you that aren’t good at geography, it’s not in Brazil.”

“I’m a partner of the UFC and Anderson’s an employee. There’s a big difference. That’s why all the questions keep coming to me, because I give a coherent and clear answer that somebody wants to hear and he sits on a speakerphone on a car somewhere and says yes and no.”

“Machida is a gentleman. MMA is very cutthroat, and it’s sweet that Lyoto promised to never fight his girlfriend Anderson. That’s devotion.”

“…when I was a little kid, I’d go outside with my friends and we’d talk about the latest technology, in medicine, gaming, and American ingenuity, and Anderson and the Brazilian kids are sitting outside playing in the mud.”

“A black belt under the Nogueiras is like saying I got a free toy in my Happy Meal.”

“Anderson, think it through. There’s still a couple months left before they lock that cage behind me and you. Last time, they raised your hand, but it was plain to see. I took a lot more outta you than you took outta me. I broke the mirror and I blew away the smoke. It was me who tapped, but it was you who broke. So, Anderson … my friend, think it through. Who ya gonna send? Frankenstein Nogueira or your lap dog Ed Soares with a couple of rusty pistols and a beat up Ford Taurus? If they shoot like you fight, all they’re gonna do is bore us with your overrated standup and your takedown defense that’s porous. Karate boy Machida, will he show up with some fresh warm peepee in a Starbucks cup? Wanderlei, Vitor, Babalu himself, I’ll give ’em all beatings and put ’em back on the shelf. Come on trains, planes, or bikes, but here’s a little advice don’t send no one you like, cause you come to my home running your mouth you’re gonna be shakin’ hands with Jesus or the man further South. So get in the gym and work on your sprawl. I just talked to Uncle Dana and it’s winner take all. I’m gonna leave you with some string and a whole buncha welts. You’re gonna need it keep your pants up, Anderson, cause I’m taking your belt!”

“He thinks he’s gonna break my face? Tell him I’ve got two words for him: ‘medium rare’” Sonnen countered.

“I don’t like this guy,” and “I want to beat him up,” but it goes much further than that. Sonnen says that while he grew up talking about technology, medicine, and American ingenuity, Silva was outside in Brazil playing in the mud.”

“Spent months training to fight Munoz and now I have to fight a guy who sounds like Pip from South Park.”

“Brazil isn’t a bowing country. You bow in Brazil they’ll hit you over the head and take your wallet out of your pocket.”

“I am attempting to pick a FIGHT with some Brazilian fighters. Not fighters that care about you, Brazil. Fighters that have abandoned you. Fighters that claim they’re from Brazil, like Wanderlei Silva, but he lives in a gated community in Las Vegas. He drives an Aston Martin. Do you guys even know what that is? That’s what James Bond drove! It costs 200 grand. Wanderlei could have bought a fully-loaded Lexus, drove around in style for forty-one thousand, sent a hundred and fifty-nine grand back to your country, built two schools … but he didn’t.”

“I don’t do training camps. I don’t sleep in tents and I don’t roast marshmallows. Camps are for kids.”

“I want an easy fight. Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva. Either of the Silvas. Bigfoot Silva. They all suck. Gimme a Silva.”

“He (Wanderlei) has got the worst record in the history of the UFC and I can’t imagine how I could be demoted down to need to compete with him. And I don’t even say that to be a jerk. Those are the numbers.”

Originally published July 6, 2012

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Chael Sonnen Announces His Retirement

June 11, 2014 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts, Videos

The best promo in the history of MMA has called it quits. A day after revealing he failed he drug test, Chael Sonnen has announced his retirement. Sonnen ends a six-year run in the UFC and leaves another big void for Dana White to fill.

The news comes a day after it was revealed that Sonnen failed a surprise drug test prior to his scheduled UFC 175 bout against Vitor Belfort. The news appeared embarrassing on the surface after Sonnen spent the last two weeks ridiculing Wanderlei Silva for skipping out on his drug test. However, a more objective look at the story offers a much more polarizing view.

There is a huge distinction between illegal versus banned. These are perfectly legal substances. These are not performance-enhancing drugs. These are not anabolics. These are not steroids of any kind. Look, they [the Nevada State Athletic Commission] changed the rules and I’ve got to comply with the rules. However, there is a transition period and I couldn’t have been more open or more transparent. Whether it was UFC TONIGHT, whether it was different interviews, anybody that I could tell or talk to about this, I did. And these are the medications that you have to go on to lead a healthy life. If they’re asking me to choose between my health and my sport, that’s not a choice I can make. I’ve got to choose health.

The basic gist of the story is that Sonnen claims he was taking drugs to get his body back to normal after the Nevada State Athletic Commission banned TRT exemptions. The drugs in question are reportedly used for this purpose, yet for some reason Sonnen reportedly never told the commission. The fact that Sonnen never revealed to the commission prior to testing that he was using these drugs is what got him into trouble.

This wasn’t a clear case of a guy cheating to get ahead. My takeaway is that the NSAC needed a better plan when declaring TRT exemptions off limits. They should have either grandfathered in the guys like Sonnen who were exempt or shown some leeway when it came to medications used to get their bodies back to normal.

Now my first thought is that Sonnen should have just waited a few more months to get his body back to normal before signing to fight. However, it suddenly occurred to me that Sonnen’s fight was originally scheduled for Brazil. Who knows what kind of testing Brazil would have done? Sonnen never signed for a fight in Vegas, circumstances just happened to dictate that.

Sonnen is arguably the second biggest star in the UFC after Ronda Rousey. There is nobody better at talking people into the seats than Sonnen. This leaves a tremendous void in a company that is losing stars faster than they can make them. In just the last few years they have lost Georges St-Pierre, Sonnen, Brock Lesnar, and while Anderson Silva hasn’t retired, he is at least out until next year. A guy like Sonnen is going to be almost impossible to replace.

Say what you will about Sonnen but he had arguably the greatest fight in UFC history against Anderson Silva. He may not have an impressive record (1-3 in his last four), but he understood the art of selling a fight better than anyone ever has or probably ever will. His numbers back it up against Anderson Silva and even his fight last year against Jon Jones.

I will miss him. As much as I found him to be a bigger hypocrite than most at times, he made the UFC fun. There isn’t a whole lot of fun in the UFC these days. Without Sonnen, there probably won’t be much fun in the UFC for a long time.

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Wanderlei Silva Out, Vitor Belfort In vs. Chael Sonnen at UFC 175

May 28, 2014 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts

The UFC has lost its biggest grudge fight of the year. Wanderlei Silva vs. Chael Sonnen is off but fear not Brazilians. A new Brazilian hero has stepped up to fight Sonnen and his name is Vitor Belfort.

News broke early Wednesday evening that Wanderlei Silva had not shown up to get licensed to fight Sonnen on July 5. According to a report, Silva no-showed the procedure and left the Nevada State Athletic Commission hanging. It didn’t take long for the UFC to step into action and sign a new fight.

The UFC released the following statement to the media. “Due to issues related to Wanderlei Silva’s licensing in the state of Nevada, the UFC was forced to seek a replacement opponent to face Chael Sonnen at UFC 175 on Saturday, July 5 in Las Vegas. Former UFC champion Vitor Belfort has accepted the fight with Sonnen, subject to Belfort receiving a license to compete from the Nevada Athletic Commission.”

Chael Sonnen told the media that Silva refused to take a drug test on Saturday. According to Sonnen, he ran from his own gym when the commission showed up to take a sample. One report cites NSAC executive director Robert Bennett commenting that Silva had “ample time” to apply for a license.

To some this was a huge shocker, yet others weren’t as surprised. MMA journalist Dave Meltzer has joked constantly on his podcasts about Silva vs. Sonnen not happening. Silva was late to sign the bout agreement, which quite honestly has been cursed from the start. It was rescheduled and now the fight is off. Even as news broke on Twitter, some in the media commented that they never believed the fight would happen in the first place.

One theory I have seen talked about online is that Wanderlei felt he couldn’t hang with Sonnen after Sonnen took him down so easily in their scuffle on The Ultimate Fighter Brazil. It’s hard to wrap my head around that one because if there is one thing you could always say about Wanderlei, it is that he is as gutsy a fighter you’ll get…until now.

Vitor Belfort’s name came out of nowhere here. Belfort is in the midst of a career resurgence with a 3-0 win streak, all KO/TKO wins. Belfort was signed to challenge Chris Weidman for the UFC middleweight title when it was ruled that no fighter could use TRT exemptions any more. Belfort withdrew from the fight and went M.I.A. Even UFC president Dana White recently commented that he was unsure of Belfort’s future when asked about the Phenom.

What makes this so incredibly odd is that Belfort was probably going to get his title shot at Weidman on the July 5 card. Weidman was subsequently booked to fight Lyoto Machida once Belfort pulled out. Now after handing over his title shot, Belfort will presumably fight on the card anyway. Instead of fighting for the title, he is now fighting Sonnen who is 1-3 in his last four fights.

I questioned putting Sonnen vs. Silva on an already stacked card with Ronda Rousey and Chris Weidman fighting at UFC 175. Now it makes a lot of sense. While nobody will probably admit it, I have to think that the UFC purposely put this on a stacked card knowing that there was a good chance Silva would pull out. It would have been an enormous risk to put this on as a headliner knowing the questions surrounding Silva’s interest in the fight.

Unfortunately for Sonnen he just went from an easy win to an annihilation.

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Chael Sonnen Interviews Anderson Silva On UFC Tonight

July 06, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts, Videos

My how things have changed in one year. One year ago Chael Sonnen wanted to beat up Anderson Silva, come over his house, and ask him to make a steak dinner. Today the two are sharing laughs on UFC Tonight.

Chael Sonnen has done a terrific job of transitioning to a host on UFC Tonight. It is fun to see Chael interview his peers. It could get a little uncomfortable on the other hand when Chael is tasked with interviewing one of the many fighters he has talked trash on and there is nobody in the world he has talked more trash on than Anderson Silva.

Chael had Silva on the show to promote his UFC 162 fight against Chris Weidman. Given the animosity between the two over the last few years I was surprised how comfortable they were with the segment. If you had no idea about their past you’d probably presume that they were friends. Believe it or not they even share a laugh together when Chael asks Anderson about Georges St-Pierre’s prediction that he will lose.

The best part of the interview may be when Chael asks Anderson if he is a better fighter than Steven Segal is an actor.

Check out this fun interview and who knows? Maybe a year from now Nick Diaz will be sitting down to interview GSP on a UFC broadcast. I doubt it but after seeing this I believe anything really is possible in the UFC.

Chael Sonnen Says He and Henderson Set Up Jon Jones

June 14, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts

UFC 151 is the story that just won’t seem to go away. The infamous show fell through when Jon Jones refused to fight Chael Sonnen on short notice. Most criticized Jones but a new revelation by the American Gangster may change some opinions.

The beauty of Chael getting a weekly slot on UFC Tonight is that you just never know what he is going to say. Likely by design, Chael has been kind enough to offer up a juicy quote at least once a week on the Fuel TV UFC magazine show. His newest though is likely to open up some old wounds.

Jon Jones is still having a hard time winning fans months after refusing to defend the UFC light heavyweight title with short notice against Sonnen. Critics, including UFC president Dana White felt that Jones would have been had a massive advantage over Sonnen since Sonnen had not even been in camp. Jones’ team felt otherwise and accused Sonnen and Henderson of a conspiracy. Greg Jackson felt that Sonen had indeed been in camp and had been working with Hendo secretly to prepare for the fight well before Henderson officially withdrew. A new revelation from Sonnen supports that theory.

You know, it really got put together through Little Nog’s cowardice,” Sonnen said. “I’ve been training for Shogun for a while. I knew this was going to happen. This kind of reminds me of the time me and Dan Henderson set up Jon Jones on eight days’ notice.

Sonnen then turned to the camera and said, “he finally admitted it.

The one thing you have to always keep in mind with Chael is whether he is toying around with the media or if he is really telling the truth. If he is telling the truth, that would make his manager Mike Roberts a liar. Roberts was adamant back in September that Chael had not been in camp and would be coming into the fight with only one-week of training.

Everybody’s saying that Chael knew about Dan being hurt, that’s why he was talking about Jon (Jones). No, Chael was talking about Jon because Jon is the 205-pound champion and that is where Chael is shooting for; that’s who he wants to fight.”

Does it make you feel any different about Jones refusing the fight? I am going to guess that it does nothing to change the opinion of Dana White. I have always felt that Jones was getting much more blame about the show falling apart than he deserved. Knowing that he was being set up is just more reason to leave it alone and bury the incident once and for all.

If and this is a big if Chael is telling the truth, it is disappointing that nobody in the media ever picked up on this story. The same media that were brutalizing Jones for refusing the fight either didn’t do enough investigative work or were sworn to secrecy by Sonnen’s camp. Either way I wonder what the questions at that infamous conference call would have sounded like if someone in the media were able to corroborate the accusations from Jones’ camp.

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UFC Announces Two New Main-Events

June 05, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts

August is heating up for the UFC as the fight promotion has announced two new headlining summer fights. UFC 164 and the first UFC on FS1 now have main-events and fans will be able to see one of the more intriguing 2013 fights for free.

Chael Sonnen announced his next fight on the UFC Tonight program and while the fight wasn’t a surprise, the location may have been a bit of a stunner. Most MMA fans and media expected earlier in the week that Sonnen vs. Mauricio Shogun Rua would take place in less than two weeks. Instead it will take place live on FS1 on August 17.

“Shogun and I are going to be the main event on FOX Sports 1 on August 17. We were going to fight in Winnipeg, and they pulled it.”

It is kind of interesting how this fight came about. Rua was scheduled to fight Lil’ Nog at UFC 161 while most expected Sonnen to be fighting Wanderlei Silva next. Nog got hurt and Sonnen immediately volunteered for the spot. For whatever reason and the holdup according to rumors was getting Sonnen into the country on such short notice, the fight didn’t happen. I presume that the UFC liked the initial buzz of the fight so much that they decided to shift gears and sign it.

“I like Shogun. I admire him a lot. I wanted to fight Wanderlei. He’s the worst fighter in the UFC. I couldn’t get him. I figured I’d get the guy who destroyed Wanderlei in the practice room for all these years.”

I like this fight a lot. You get one of if not the best talkers in MMA promoting the first UFC on FS1 event. You also have a light heavyweight fight between two star fighters that won’t have any real impact in the division in losing or winning. You always have a storyline anytime Chael is fighting a Brazilian which comes with a bigger Brazilian audience than usual. The UFC gets its star fight without compromising any big future plans. At the same time you are signing a fight that wouldn’t sell as a main-event on pay per view yet could do some real business as a free attraction.

I love Chael going into this fight with a full training camp. As I have said before, give me the guy who just went toe-to-toe with the two best fighters in MMA over the guy who struggled against Brandon Vera. A lot of the predictions in the MMA social media world are for a Shogun route. I don’t see it. It’s a shame I don’t get to Vegas until October or I’d be all over Chael on this one.

Benson Henderson will be returning to pay per view after a lengthy layoff with a UFC lightweight title defense against TJ Grant at UFC 164. The championship fight will be supported by heavyweights Frank Mir vs. Josh Barnett underneath. I am a big Henderson fan and I’m sure this fight will be good, but a pay per view main-event? I don’t know about that. They better have a stacked card here.

I really think that the UFC missed the boat on a Gilbert Melendez vs. Henderson rematch. I know you don’t want to promote too many rematches but you are talking about a fight that millions of people watched on free television. Why not capitalize on the fight that casual fans are already invested in?

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Chael Sonnen Reportedly Set To Fight Shogun Rua – UPDATED

June 03, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts

Seven weeks after being thrashed in the first round against Jon Jones, Chael Sonnen appears to be jumping right back into the octagon. A new report indicates that Sonnen will step in for injured Antonio Rogerio Nogueira on just two weeks notice to battle Shogun Rua at UFC 161.

UFC 161 has turned into something of a cursed card. The original headliner was scrapped just a few weeks ago when UFC interim bantamweight champion Renan Barao suffered an injury. Now with just two weeks to go another key fight has bit the dust. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira has pulled out of his fight with Mauricio Shogun Rua. But not all is lost as Uncle Chael has volunteered to come to the UFC’s rescue.

This is certainly turning into an interesting year for Sonnen and we are only at the halfway mark. Sonnen talked his way into a UFC light heavyweight championship match with Jon Jones in April. Sonnen was brutalized but was only a few seconds away from being declared champion after Jones injured his toe. Sonnen then issued a challenge to Wanderlei Silva but wound up withdrawing it after Wanderlei failed to meet his deadline. Instead it would appear that Sonnen will wind up fighting another Brazilian, Mauricio Rua.

Sonnen immediately volunteered himself for the fight when news broke of Nogueira’s injury. There was a delay in officially announcing the fight although Globo did report the fight as signed on Monday afternoon. It does now appear that the fight is ready to go and will serve as part of the main-card at UFC 161.

Twitter went crazy with all kinds of predictions in favor of Rua. Most believe that Sonnen won’t be able to hang with Rua after a long layoff with little training. I disagree. I think that some MMA fans are still in denial about Mauricio Rua’s decline in recent years. Don’t get me wrong, Rua was an animal back in the Pride days but those days are over. I’ll take Sonnen on two months or two weeks training over Rua any day of the week.

It is easy to dismiss Sonnen as a blow-hard after being brutalized in his last two fights. The record says one thing but a look at the big picture says something else. Sonnen was fighting the two best fighters in all of MMA, maybe the two best ever! He won one round against Anderson Silva and went toe-to-toe with Jones, almost winning on a fluke. 99% of the fighters in the UFC would have the same results if they fought Silva and Jones back to back. I’m not exactly ready to call a guy’s career over after being beaten by the two best in the sport.

Rua on the other hand has been a shell of his old self in recent fights. Rua is 3-3 in his last six, 1-2 in his last three. Rua struggled with Brandon Vera and lost his last fight to Alexander Gustfaffson. In addition to his sluggish recent performance, he has had numerous knee surgeries in recent years. I’ll take the Sonnen who won a round against Anderson Silva over the guy who struggled against Brandon Vera any day of the week.

This is one of those rare cases where I think the UFC gets a boost from the substitute fight. Sonnen and Rua had a ready-to-go rivalry coming off of Sonnen’s anti-Brazilian rants in recent years during the Anderson Silva feud. The fight certainly brings a little bit of life to a show that really hasn’t had much buzz at all.

Rashad Evans and Dan Henderson should give Chael a cut because they were looking at a pathetic buyrate before Sonnen stepped up.

UPDATE: The fight has been cancelled & will likely move to the UFC on FS1 card.

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Wanderlei Silva Wants To Suck On Chael Sonnen’s Blood

May 15, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts, Videos

I know Wanderlei Silva has been hit in the head a lot over the last 20 years but this may be one of the strangest fighter-to-fighter threats I have ever heard. The Axe Murderer has a taste for Chael Sonnen’s blood and he wants to savor it.

As a pro wrestling fan I love a great war of words in the UFC. It doesn’t happen enough for my tastes. That is why I have come to enjoy Chael Sonnen’s verbal assaults over the last few years. Chael is a wrestling fan and he gets it. Sometimes what is even better is when Chael’s opponent plays along and it appears that he and Wanderlei are ready to do some serious business.

Just days after being obliterated at the end of the first round and ironically seconds away from winning the UFC light heavyweight title (Jones’ toe would have stopped the fight between rounds), Chael was back at it again and starting to lay the ground work for his next fight. Sonnen not only put the 205 pound division on notice but he singled out one longtime foe, Wanderlei Silva. Sonnen laid out the challenge to Silva who until now remained quiet. The Axe Murderer has finally broken his silence.

Silva officially responded to Sonnen’s challenge on Fuel TV’s UFC Tonight via an interview with Ariel Helwani. Silva not only wants the fight, but he also wants to take a little piece of Chael home with him.

Wanderlei said that no one’s offered him a fight. But he did want to say that ‘Jon Jones and Anderson Silva have been too nice to Chael. I want to suck his blood. I want to smell it. Not just fight – I want to hurt him. Chael is a joke, man. He’s going to be second forever. He’s never going to be first.’

Wow! Even better is Sonnen’s response to Wanderlei’s desire to suck Chael’s blood.

I think the real breaking news there is that Wanderlei Silva put together a coherent sentence that somebody understood. But I can assure you, Wanderlei, I will not be signing a contract for you to suck on any part of me. I suggest you go to a bath and find yourself.

This is going to be a fun buildup! The heat between these two guys seems pretty real as they have been talking trash on each other now since UFC 117. As a matter of a fact there was a real interesting video that made its way on YouTube a couple of years ago that had Wanderlei and Chael traveling together in the same car to an event. Wanderlei started chastising Chael for the things he said about Brazil in the buildup to his first Anderson Silva fight. Chael looked a little taken back but it was an interesting video as Chael just sat in the backseat and listened to Wanderlei preach to Chael about Brazil and the negative things that were said by Sonnen.

I am ready for this fight! No contract has been signed but this has potential to be one of the biggest fights of the year. I can’t imagine the UFC headlining a pay per view event on this fight. My hunch is that this winds up headlining a television event, maybe the first UFC on FS1 show? I have to think that the UFC won’t waste much time capitalizing on this and signing the fight. I expect some kind of announcement in the next week.

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UFC 159 Jones Vs. Sonnen Buyrate Estimates Are In

May 09, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts

Early estimates for the UFC 159 Jones vs. Sonnen buyrate are in and whether it is a success or not depends on your criteria. The good news is that the pay per view was the second biggest of the year. The bad news is that it should have done more.

Dave Meltzer at did his usual investigative work and reported on early estimates for the event. Dave’s numbers are not official, yet he is generally considered an authority on the subject. According to Meltzer, the pay per view is coming in at between 500-520,000 buys for the Jones vs. Sonnen event.

Those numbers put the event in line behind UFC 158 Diaz vs. GSP as the second highest buyrate of the year thus far for the UFC. The number blows the show past Ronda Rousey’s debut and will probably hold up as one of the top 3-5 events of 2013 looking at the tentative schedule.

The pay per view is a bit of a rebound for Jones who is coming off 410,000 buys for his previous fight against Vitor Belfort. Meltzer reports that Jones averages just below 500,000 buys so this would certainly be a win for Jones in the eyes of many.

It isn’t all good news if you ask me. The number is a bit of a disappointment if you take a look at the big picture. By all accounts this fight should have done 750,000 buys. Consider all of the resources that went into this fight and the personalities involved and I think 500-520 k is a disappointment.

The UFC spent an entire season of The Ultimate Fighter to build up this fight. The season averaged 1.2 million people from week to week to listen to Jones and Sonnen build up their show. Those are a lot of eyes watching this build up week to week and a lot of those people didn’t think it was worthwhile to buy. The sacrifice here was keeping Jones on the shelf until April when he probably could have fought sooner. In the long run that could have cost them one more fight in 2013 with one of their biggest stars.

Then there is the star power here that I don’t think necessarily delivered. Jones is arguably the best fighter in the UFC, top three at minimum. A guy like Jon Jones should be a superstar but superstars deliver better buys than Jones. The fact that Jones is not drawing on par with Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre has to be cause for concern, especially since he is the face of the future once those guys retire.

Chael Sonnen did his best but even his promos and gimmicked quotes couldn’t pull in the casual fans that generally get caught up in Chael’s hype. Chael is coming off a monster buyrate against Anderson Silva and while the circumstances are different, he is still one of the top draws in the company. The top drawing heel against the superstar champion should have done better. It’s just that simple.

Why did it only do 520 k which again isn’t bad, but not great? This was supposed to be an easy sell, so much that a lot of sacrifices were made. The timing was just awful. Nobody bought Chael as a serious challenger. For whatever reason the casual masses still aren’t connecting to Jon Jones. A guy like him should be bringing in more casual fans and he’s not.

Most importantly I think that Sonnen and Jones blew it. They had something when the fight was first made. However, the two slowly did everything they could to convince fans that there was no beef between them and that they actually liked each other. That Thanksgiving picture probably cost them a few hundred thousand buys alone. I don’t know what the motivation was between these two guys but they certainly exposed the “wolf ticket” theory that Nick Diaz exposed leading into his fight with GSP.

If I were the UFC I’d probably be disappointed today. If these two couldn’t do more than 500k with a successful season of TUF and the personalities involved, they have big problems moving ahead. The number was nice and it certainly wasn’t a failure, but it should have been much bigger.

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Chael Sonnen Wants To Buy The WWE

May 05, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts, WWE | Pro Wrestling

Chael Sonnen is winding down his UFC career and most expect that he will transition full time to broadcasting when he retires. Not so fast! Chael has bigger plans and they involve the WWE. Not only does he want to go to the WWE, he wants to buy it!

The UFC light heavyweight made headlines over the weekend when he told the gossip website that he has aspirations to buy the WWE after he finishes his fighting career. Sonnen can’t do it himself but he hopes to assemble a team of investors and make Vince McMahon a deal he can’t refuse.

“It is 100% Chael’s intent to buy the WWE.” In fact, the rep says Chael is already meeting with bigwig friends in the investment world to enact his takeover.” was quick to squash Chael’s investment plans. A rep from the WWE told the website that the company is not for sale. As a publicly traded company the rep told TMZ that Chael is free to purchase shares just like anyone else.

Quite honestly I am really surprised at how big of a story this became over the weekend. The first thing I thought of when I saw this story was that it was pure nonsense and Chael was just screwing around with the media. If it came from anyone else maybe, but the media should know who they are dealing with when he makes an outlandish statement like that.

That said, Chael is a big pro wrestling fan. In the buildup to his last fight against Jon Jones Chael quoted former professional wrestler Len Denton in his promos. Chael has credited The Grappler, Roddy Piper, and Steve Austin for inspiration. As a matter of a fact Chael recently revealed on Steve Austin’s podcast that he went to Steve on advice on how to cut a promo on Brian Stann. Not only that, Chael even once tried out for WCW.

Could he really buy the WWE? I would not be surprised if Chael is on the top ten list of top earners in UFC history. His two fights with Anderson Silva did monster business and early projects are very good on his fight with Jon Jones. Anything is possible but even with those big payoffs, he’d need a lot more help to purchase a company that some have valued at over $600,000,000!

The WWE is a family owned business and I couldn’t ever envision a time where the McMahon family sold the company. I am sure they have been approached numerous times but I just don’t ever see it happening. I am a believer that where there is smoke there is fire…except when that smoke is coming from Chael Sonnen. Generally it’s nothing but hot air.

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