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2 years ago

UFC Targets Two Big Fights For The Fall


Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos SantosWe aren’t even into summer yet and the UFC is moving ahead with some big fall plans. According to several reports, two big championship fights are heading your way and the UFC has tentative dates for both headline fights.

The first big and I do mean big fight will head to Toronto, Canada on September 22. The UFC have targeted UFC 152 to hold the highly anticipated Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez UFC heavyweight championship rematch. The fight will be supported underneath in the co-main event with BJ Penn returning to the octagon to fight Canadian Rory MacDonald.

The second big championship fight will touch down on November 3 at UFC 154 also in Canada, specifically Montreal. Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre will return after a lengthy hiatus here to read more , , , , , , , , , , ,

2 years ago

Nick Diaz Fined & Suspended For One Year


The Nick Diaz-Nevada State Athletic Commission saga has finally come to an end. After legal maneuverings from Diaz, he finally had his day in court with the NSAC and while he gave a valiant effort, Diaz will be put on ice for one year.

This was some scene today as Diaz pleaded his case to the NSAC for what seemed like hours. I tried watching the proceedings but it just didn’t end. Diaz to his credit told his story and answered all questions from the NSAC. Yet the end of the story concluded the way most MMA experts predicted with Diaz on the losing side of the legal battle.

The hearing today came as a result of Diaz testing positive for Marijuana metabolites after his UFC 143 fight with Carlos Condit. Diaz was suspended with a hearing pending Diaz producing a medical exemption card. Diaz sued claiming that the NSAC failed to here to read more , , ,

2 years ago

Time For UFC To End The Interim Title Fights


Dana WhiteDominick Cruz will miss his UFC 148 fight with Urijah Faber and could miss up to a year with a torn ACL. Dana White has announced that the UFC will create another interim title while Cruz is gone, once again wasting our time with a phantom title which in the end will render meaningless anyway.

Once I heard that Urijah Faber will fight an unnamed opponent at UFC 148 for this interim title my blood pressure started boiling. If there is one thing that is starting to become a pet peeve of mine it would be these meaningless UFC interim titles. Once again the UFC will try and pass this farce off as a real championship match when in the end, this title means as much as the fake belt that Chael Sonnen has been walking around with here to read more , , , , ,

2 years ago

Nick Diaz Sues The NSAC, Wants To Fight Carlos Condit Immediately


Nick DiazNick Diaz is not going down easy. The former Strikeforce welterweight champion has been idle since February and under suspension by the NSAC. The layoff has been long enough for Diaz and he is willing to sue his way back into the UFC octagon.

Diaz filed suit yesterday against the Nevada State Athletic Commission in what could turn out to be a ground breaking legal decision if the law finds in Diaz’s favor. If Diaz is victorious in his conquest, it could alter the authority the NSAC has over temporarily suspending fighters and how quickly they are due their day in court. has all of the details. I am not a fan of a lot of copying an pasting so I’ll summarize, yet encourage you to go read their piece for a more detailed explanation of the Diaz here to read more , , ,

2 years ago

Gold Rush: The UFC Championship Calendar


Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson SilvaThis piece will undoubtedly curse at least one of the fighters mentioned in it. To anyone who is injured over the course of the next few months and is rendered unable to fight for (or defend) the UFC title in his respective weight class?

Consider this a preemptive apology. You are a professional mixed martial artist, however, so you probably know the risks involved. Therefore, my conscience is free and clear! From Rashad Evans pulling out of UFC 128 with Shogun to Brock Lesnar’s ongoing diverticulitis to GSP’s torn ACL in late December, it is safe to say that 2011 was a year of Madden Curse-like series of unfortunate events.

Given this injury-laden 2011, I am happy to say, with as much exuberance as I can from my computer, that “It’s title season!” for the UFC. here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

3 years ago

Nick Diaz Tests Positive For Marijuana Following UFC 143 Fight


Nick DiazThe UFC 143 rematch between  Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit was on and off within 24 hours without much explanation. Well a new report by the NSAC fills us in and reveals that Nick Diaz failed a drug test before the fight for marijuana and will now face a likely one-year suspension.

What was speculated for the last 24 hours has finally been confirmed. The Nevada State Athletic Commission reports that Nick Diaz has tested positive for marijuana metabolites following his UFC 143 fight against Carlos Condit. Diaz will now face disciplinary action which will likely be a one-year suspension from professional fighting.

The news is crushing for MMA fans hoping to see the Condit vs. Diaz fight and Diaz fans in general. Diaz is without a doubt one of the most polarizing fighters in the here to read more , , , ,

3 years ago

Update – Announced Nick Diaz Vs. Carlos Condit Rematch Off


Condit vs. Diaz rematchOnly days after one of the more controversial decisions in a long time for the UFC, Dana White will be signing a Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit rematch immediately. In other words, the Nick Diaz retirement lasted a grand total of four days.

One of the best MMA insiders on Twitter, @FrontRowBrian was the first to break the news. I have been critical about MMA reporters and their lack of ability to break big stories over the last year. Brian is not a reporter and probably breaks more stories in a day than they do in a month. He was right on the mark with this one.

“From industry sources: Malki Kawa and Cesar Gracie are both posturing. UFC has already approached both camps for a rematch this summer.” – @FrontRowBrian

UFC president Dana here to read more , , , ,

3 years ago

UFC 143: Diaz Vs. Condit Results – Condit Wins, Diaz Retires


UFC 143 winnerThe never ending saga of Nick Diaz has taken another strange twist following his loss to Carlos Condit at UFC 143. Nick Diaz told Joe Rogan after the fight that he is done with MMA after suffering his first loss in 12 fights, ending and an 11 year career.

Diaz’s announcement came after losing a unanimous decision to Carlos Condit. Diaz called Condit’s leg kicks “baby kicks” and mocked Condit for “running away from him” for five rounds. Diaz said he gets paid way too much for this and then ended his interview by telling Joe Rogan that he would continue to help out his teammates but that he was done “with this sh*t.”

I can certainly understand the frustrations of Diaz. Condit really did a phenomenal job of staying disciplined for the full five rounds and keeping Diaz at here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

3 years ago

UFC 143: Diaz Vs. Condit Predictions & Analysis


UFC 143: Diaz Vs. Condit Predictions & AnalysisThe UFC returns to the Pay Per View airwaves this weekend with their traditional Super Bowl Weekend card; UFC 143 live from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz will be looking to give Tom Brady and Eli Manning a tough act to follow.

With both of their fan friendly styles this main event has a ton of potential for fireworks. With GSP on the shelf until at least September these two will do battle over five rounds for the UFC’s interim Welterweight Championship. The two are backed by a number of bouts that show solid promise for entertainment value as the UFC hopes to rebound from what some people are calling a substandard performance last weekend on Fox.

In the here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

3 years ago

Georges St-Pierre Ahead Of Schedule, Could Fight By Summer


Georges St-PierreThe up and down roller coaster of the Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz fight finally has a big up. It appears that UFC fans may get their Super Fight sooner than expected as the UFC president reports that GSP is ahead of schedule in his recovery.

UFC fans were dealt some crushing news a few weeks back when it was not only announced that Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre pulled out of his UFC 143 fight against Nick Diaz, but that the champion would be out until at least 10 months due to injury. The GSP camp has been pretty quiet about his recovery yet Dana White revealed some interesting news on the UFC on FX post-game show.

White talked to the great MMA reporter Ariel Helwani about a number of topics, but it was the bombshell here to read more , , , ,

3 years ago

Georges St-Pierre Vs. Nick Diaz Off, GSP Out 10 Months


GSP injuredIt looks like MMA fans will have to wait…oh another 10 months before they get to see one of the biggest grudge matches in UFC history. The planned Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz UFC 143 championship fight is off as GSP will need surgery for a blown ACL, putting him out of action until next fall.

UFC president Dana White broke the bad news on Twitter Wednesday afternoon with the following tweet.

“GSP blown acl will be out for 10 mos.,” White tweeted. “Now Condit vs Diaz for the interim welterweight title on Feb 4th in Las Vegas!!”

So there you have it. The fight originally planned for UFC 137 will get its second delay, pushing the fight back until somewhere between September-November 2012, barring a miracle comeback from GSP. At 30 years old one has to question whether this here to read more , , , , , ,

3 years ago

UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz Results – Diaz Retires Penn, GSP vs. Diaz Back On!


What a crazy month this has been for the UFC, specifically the welterweight division. The once much anticipated Nick Diaz vs. Georges St-Pierre went from on, to off, and is now…back on thanks to a dominating win at UFC 137 by the new welterweight challenger.

Diaz vs. Penn was every bit as exciting as I had hoped it would be. The battle of former training partners started off with a great round for Penn. Penn got the takedown most thought he needed in the first round and kept Diaz on the ground. This was Penn’s best shot at winning so it was no surprise he avoided a stand up war with Diaz. Unfortunately that didn’t ground Diaz for long as once back on their feet it was that stand up battle Penn tried to avoid. Penn won the round but you could feel the tide turn by the end.

Diaz opened the here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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