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4 years ago

Phixing The Phillies? What The Phillies Could And Should Do This Off-season


Should the Phillies bring back Cliff Lee?I have always known that being born and raised a Philadelphia sports fan would be the ultimate love/hate relationship. I bleed the team colors, and watch at the edge of my seat through every pitch, every pass, every jump-shot, and every slap-shot. For years I have heard how this city could never win the big one, and that my teams would always break my heart.

Yes I have had heart break, but yes I have also had some glorious moments. One I am so very fond of was the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies winning the World Series, however since then 2 other teams have won it, and now it is time for the Phillies to get to work this off-season here to read more , , , , , , , , ,

4 years ago

MLB Free Agent Frenzy 2011


Derek Jeter New York YankeesAs we look upon the World Series, we wonder where our teams will be as they head into next season. What did the Phillies lack to get back to the Series? Is there someone the Yankees could have used to be just a little bit better, and get passed Texas?

Well this is the list of some of the top players available in the upcoming free agent period. These are the guys you will be hearing plenty about in the winter time. Need pitching? we have some of that. Need power? There is some power. All kinds of players are here. I will give you the top 10 overall, then we will look at the rest by position, here to read more , , , , , , , , , , ,

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