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1 month ago

The WWE Must Sign AJ Styles


I will be the first to admit that I was wrong and I was wrong about AJ Styles. When he became a free agent a few months ago I didn’t see him as WWE material. A few months later and now it is the WWE that would be lucky to have him.

I have done a 180 on AJ Styles. He has always had a loyal fan base, especially on the Internet. I was not a part of that. I always felt that Styles was missing something, that final “it” factor preventing him from connecting with the audience. In the ring he had exciting matches but I never felt he had the tools to compete at an elite level in the WWE. I will be the first to tell you that I was dead wrong.

Styles looked like the odd man out when he left TNA Wrestling at the beginning of the here to read more

5 months ago

AJ Styles Says TNA Wrestling Is Horribly Mismanaged


AJ Styles is a guy who rarely has a bad word to say about anyone or anything. Yet even the man who was at one time the face of his former employer TNA Wrestling couldn’t help but speak the truth about his former employer in a recent interview.

AJ Styles was one of the first guys signed to TNA Wrestling. Styles was pushed from day one and was truly the one homegrown talent that could company could brag about. Sure Styles wrestled before TNA, even a brief run in WCW, but it was TNA that gave Styles the platform. That is why it was such a surprise that Styles and TNA parted ways earlier this year, ending a 12-year relationship.

Styles did some media recently promoting Ring of Honor and was naturally asked by the Baltimore Sun about TNA Wrestling. here to read more , ,

7 months ago

AJ Styles Moves On, The Darling Of All But Dixie


How very odd. Two hearts, out of body, simultaneously beating side by side.

To the right, a ring-worn Tommy Dreamer, hanging out rust-bucket-casual behind a gimmick table of ECW DVDs. To his left, all-too-recently TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles, seemingly incognito-intent with a Georgia Bulldogs ball cap and leather jacket, signing photos and selling DVDs at the table next door.

Dreamer remains the identifiable heart of Extreme Championship Wrestling, even thirteen years after the body flatlined in bankruptcy court. Wherever he travels, be it one night jaunts into a WWE or TNA ring, or a special appearance at an ambitious indy, “E-C-DUB” chants ring out as if the letters were his very initials. They may as well have been, given the weight of the Philly cart he voluntarily dragged to asunder lengths.

By that token, Styles qualifies as his TNA equivalent: not only a Green Beret in kickpads under a Dixie-land flag, here to read more , ,

9 months ago

Magnus Wins Title, AJ Styles Goes Indy, & Other Wrestling Thoughts


If there was anyone who did not see the swerve TNA was attempting to pull with Magnus winning the vacated World Title, then they must have been totally blind. I commend TNA for giving us subtle hints over the course of the last few months that at some point the Brit would be champion and the framework of the company would change.

This is actually a good move for TNA in bringing new blood to the title scene after it finally gave Bully Ray his shot at holding the title and slipped a title reign in for Chris Saban that as totally wrong for the company. Issues with AJ Styles aside, TNA could do worse with a good looking, under 30 champion that reminds me a bit of Barry Windham, Al Perez and Rick Rude all in one. Now, as the new year begins in 11 days, let’s see how TNA here to read more , ,

9 months ago

Curious Details About AJ Styles Post-TNA Wrestling Plans


TNA Wrestling is without AJ Styles for the first time in company history…or maybe not. A closer look at AJ Styles’ life post-TNA reveals a few question marks about whether this free agent really is that free after all.

AJ Styles has been one of the few consistent faces of TNA Wrestling since its existence. Fans have been able to watch AJ grow into arguably the biggest (and maybe only) star the company has ever produced. That is why some were surprised when both parties were unable to come to a deal and Styles left the Impact Zone for free agency. Yet an early look at AJ’s future shows a man that may not have been able to completely break free of Dixie’s clutches.

I was dubious from the start about AJ’s contract status. TNA went out of their way to do everything they could to duplicate the CM Punk-2011 storyline with here to read more

11 months ago

AJ Styles, TNA Wrestling, and Other Wrestling Thoughts


Here I go again, running off at the keyboard.

TNA did the right thing by putting the World Title back on AJ Styles. Not like we did not see this coming with a year’s build up of him playing the disgruntled “lone wolf,” trying to recreate the Sting character from WCW in a failed program. Styles is still the “go to guy” for TNA, whether we like it or not.

The company is loaded with talents like Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Chris Sabin, Kenny King, Magnus and Kurt Angle and still, Styles leads the pack in Sting-like fashion. I don’t like the current Styles-Carter story line, but here are some things to consider.

Some how, some way, I will bet dollars to doughnuts Magnus turns on Sting and the Main Event Mafia. I also see some connection between Dixie Carter and Magnus in the coming year. Yes, a corporate angle again in wrestling here to read more ,

12 months ago

TNA Impact Wrestling Results and September 19 Recap


This week’s Impact Wrestling opens with comments from Magnus regarding his loss last week. He says he’s not happy, but before he can finish, Bobby Roode cuts him off and tells him to blame only himself. Magnus grabs him by the shirt, and that’s when the two members of Bad Influence attack him from behind. Referees and officials eventually split the two sides up.

As the show cuts to the arena, Magnus makes his way out. He says his ribs hurt, his knees hurt and he hasn’t been able to chew food for a week, and it’s all because of how close he came to winning the BFG Series. He wants to say, for the record, AJ Styles, he believes you to be the best in the business and wishes you the best at BFG. However, he has another issue to address. Three individuals decided to involve themselves in that match, here to read more , , ,

12 months ago

Dixie Carter, AJ Styles and the unraveling of a wrestling promotion


When Dixie Carter and AJ Styles got in the ring Thursday night to discuss “business” it may have been the most compelling television for Impact Wrestling since Eric Bischoff took his act off air to help promote the company in other ways.

Styles and Carter may not be Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon, but in this case the move might have been more out of despair than anything else.

In my opinion, TNA is still a sinking ship.

Matt Morgan, Tara, Madison Rayne, and now Mickie James are all part of the purge of talent the company has let go in recent months to save money and reshape the company while adding MMA wrestlers to the roster and providing some awful story lines.

Sometimes the blur between the “reality” of wrestling and veritas (truth) is underscored when your top talent goes on air and does one of the better shoot interviews this side of here to read more , , ,

12 months ago

TNA Impact Wrestling Gets Personal: the good, the bad, and the ugly


I have been a WWF/WWE since Hogan slammed Andre which means I have a pretty strong bias when it comes to my sports entertainment.  Last week I sat down to watch an episode of TNA Impact; a show I had not seen is over a year.  I was pretty underwhelmed to be honest.  Last week I wrote down some of my impressions in the 1st edition of “the good, the bad, and the ugly.”  As I stated before I was not impressed with what I saw.

This week I saw some feedback on a blog claiming the blog was bias and TNA was amazing.  I thought maybe I should try to watch this week without expectation and see what happens.  First of all before I go further TNA shows are not amazing, but I left tonight’s show wanting to see more.  With that let’s get into this weeks impressions:

Good- I felt here to read more , , ,

12 months ago

Not Buying The AJ Styles Contract Story


Are pro wrestling fans about to be duped again? It appears that TNA Wrestling think you may fall for the same trick twice. Count me in as a non-believer when it comes to AJ Styles contract but hey, I’ll be happy to play along.

We saw this story develop in the spring of 2011. Reports slowly started to surface about CM Punk’s contract status with the WWE. Reports started to increase with wrestling journalists telling fans that CM Punk’s contract was expiring and there was a very good chance he wouldn’t re-sign. Reports followed of a short-term contract extension that happened to expire the day after Money in the Bank and what followed was one of the most fun WWE summers in years.

TNA has ironically wound up in a similar situation or at least that is what’s being reported. Popular yet underutilized star AJ Styles’ contract is reportedly set to expire. here to read more

1 year ago

TNA Proves It Still Believes in Wrestling


“Family quarrels are bitter things. They don’t go according to any rules. They’re not like aches or wounds, they’re more like splits in the skin that won’t heal because there’s not enough material.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

How does a company that appears to be sinking and falling apart continue to get it right week after week in the ring, if not in the business side of things?

I continue to ask myself that question when TNA Impact Wrestling gives us matches that continue to scrape at the roots of the business and give us matches like AJ Styles and Austin Aries.

While it was not five stars (a solid four), it was outstanding and maybe the ratings will reflect the fans showing their support for the efforts. I sure support them from a writing standpoint and as a fan.

Back in the day when I was younger (teens, early 20s), you never saw cruiserweights challenge here to read more , , ,

1 year ago

Dusty Rhodes, AJ Styles and Other Wrestling Thoughts


There was something exceptional about Goldust returning to the ring on Monday night when he faced Randy Orton with the contract of younger brother Cody on the line.

The WWE is using the Rhodes storyline as a lengthy part of the new hardline of “Attitude” centered around Triple H and Orton.

While the Cody Rhodes “firing” was a stroke of genius (although it killed the Damien Sandow storyline), and seeing big brother Dustin in the ring again with the flare and style he has shown over the years, the story being told may now go a bit too far.

There are rumors all over the Internet about Rhodes making a comeback to television as part of the storyline. And from the sound of dialogue the McMahon clan has had with both Cody and Dustin, it would appear this will happen very soon.

Please say it ain’t so. I can however, although not that I here to read more ,

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