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WWE 2K16 Terminator Parody Video Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger

July 28, 2015 By: Category: Entertainment, Video Games, Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

One WWE Hall of Famer may be out of WWE 2K16, but a recent Hall of Famer is coming in. A new video showcases a new member of the roster making his WWE video game debut.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be making his WWE video game debut as the Terminator. Yes, the Terminator will be a WWE pre-order special character for 2K16. If they decide to go with a WCW classic mode, maybe you’ll have the opportunity to book a Terminator vs. RoboCop battle for the cruiserweight title?

I haven’t played WWE video games in well over a decade, but this one looks pretty cool. Best of all may be this promotional video WWE 2K posted on their YouTube channel, recreating a scene from the Terminator with WWE superstars. Of course, all sense of logic is lost when you see Daniel Bryan sitting at the bar.

WWE 2K16 hits the shelves October 27 in North America.

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WWE 2K15 Xbox One Review

May 05, 2015 By: Category: Video Games, WWE | Pro Wrestling

I’ll just be honest here.

I’m not the greatest video gamer in the world.

Sure, back in the 90’s, I loved to beat some of the best video games around, like Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda, Street Fighter II, Madden, and Sonic. And the wrestling games? I pretty much mastered those. My favorites were WWF Royal Rumble on the SNES, WCW vs NWO World Tour on Nintendo 64, WrestleFest on the Arcade, and WWF No Mercy on the 64.

But that was then, this is now. When your 12 year old niece can school you at video games, you know that it’s time to step away.

There’s only a few games that I still buy on a yearly basis, and that’s NHL, Madden and WWE games.

You can’t imagine my delight when I went into my local GamStop and purchased WWE 2K15 for the XBOX One. It was like Christmas Day for me. I had little John Cena’s dancing around in my head, and thought of laying the SmackDown on Rusev or Sheamus in a Hell in a Cell match.

The game itself is the typical price of what you might expect of a Next Gen console. I paid around $60 for the game, plus I plugged down another $25 for the Season Pass, which gives you extra wrestlers and bonus storylines like Path of the Warrior, where you battle Ultimate Warrior’s biggest rivals from the 80’s and 90’s, a One More Match mode between Christian and Randy Orton, a Mark Henry storyline, and other cool stuff. When I left the store, I paid around $90 for the game and downloadable content.

I must have really wanted this game.

When I brought the game home, I was very excited to play it. I immediately downloaded all the extra content, and started playing a few exhibition matches. The graphics looked great. The ropes and turnbuckles and arenas looked more life-like than that of past WWE games. And the wrestlers also looked really cool. There was just one problem.

The grapple system sucks.

For the life of me, I just can’t grasp the new grapple system. It’s very hard to get an advantage when you lock up with your opponent. I like the old button mashing method of getting a leg up on your fellow wrestler. The XBOX 360 version was perfect when it came to this method. But I also get that they wanted to freshen things up, and try something new. Problem is, it just doesn’t feel right.

Also, the AI seems wonky. It’s very easy for your opponent to reverse your holds, and very hard for you to reverse, well anything. I’m a man who typically keeps his cool and doesn’t get mad, but many times I found myself wanting to throw down my controller during the match. You can tell the developers at 2K and Yukes are still in the developing stages of making this game right.

The storyline modes are good, but not as eye popping as past versions. I really like Path of the Warrior. You kind of go back to an era when you were a kid, and you watched WrestleMania 6, and felt like Hulk Hogan got robbed of the WWE Championship. Or Wrestlemania 7, when Randy Savage retired when he fell to the power of the Ultimate Warrior. This, in my opinion, is the best storyline mode in the game. If you love old school 80’s and 90’s WWE, you’ll love this story.

I also discovered that the game has no create-an-arena nor a create-a-championship section. To me, those added a lot to the last few games on XBOX 360 and PS3. I could spend a lot of time developing a ring, including making the ropes and turnbuckles and creating an arena to my specifications. I loved making old AWA rings, or developing an atmosphere that was reminiscent of ECW circa 1995. Also the belt mode was fantastic in WWE 2K14. I loved making my own NWA Tag Belts or classic 80’s WWF World Belts. But in this game, those modes are not here, and that’s a damn shame.

When I went to download all of the content I paid for, I discovered that not all DLC is covered for the Season Pass! So basically, if you want WCW wrestlers, or some NXT talent, you got to pay more? When it comes to downloadable content for games nowadays, they really nickel and dime you to death. But since I am a dork, and am gullible, I bought the WCW pack and NXT wrestlers. When I calculated it, I had paid $104 for this game, with all its bells and whistles.

Being a wrestling fan, and of WWE games in general, I truly believe the game will be better next year. I found that some of the same flaws that were in this game were similar to those in the NHL game on the XBOX One. They left a lot of stuff out, but I’m sure they will address those issues this year.

If you are a passionate fan of the games, and have a Next Gen console like I do, then you might enjoy WWE 2K15. But if you don’t care, own a XBOX 360, and don’t want to spend a small fortune like I just did (boy am I a sucker), then stick to WWE 12, WWE 13, or WWE 2K15. They are great games, and are still a lot of fun.

Just stay away from the Triple A game on XBOX 360. Boy was that awful.

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WWE: Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe

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EA UFC Video Game: How to Fix Career Mode

July 09, 2014 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts, Video Games

If you noticed in my EA UFC review, I sort of took a battle axe to career and kept hitting it in the head until there was nothing but blood, bits of skull and mush left. I was a bit harsh on the career mode overall, but to be honest, EA had it coming. When you put the team behind the Fight Night games in charge, you expect a damn good career mode.

The career mode here, well it’s not. It’s actually quite bad and most of all it’s repetitive with little to no variety. You also have to remember, by not adding another other modes of gameplay like I mentioned in my review, career mode would have to carry the game. Since it doesn’t do that, it deserves the criticism that has been leveled at it thus far. I’m not the only person who’s noticed this; many video game websites have rallied against the career mode.  

The general consensus is that career mode is bare bones and boring. With that being said, I’m going to go over some of my issues and then offer what I believe could make the career mode in the next game much better. Or at least not this career mode. Here are some of my main problems that I divulged upon in my review and some I didn’t talk about that. After that, my recommendations to fix career mode.

Mike Dolce and The UFC Gym

When Madden first starting doing Superstar Mode Terrell Davis was your mentor and it made sense. Your player was drafted in the lower rounds and Davis was the 196th pick in the NFL draft. So, it made sense that you had a guy who rose from low round pick to superstar as your mentor. Mike Dolce as your mentor makes no sense. I’m sure Mike Dolce is a swell dude and his Dolce Diet seems to help a lot of fighters in the sport today. Yet, this is the guy that they pick to be your mentor? No offense to Dolce, but he’s not the first guy that I would think of to be the mentor in career mode.

You’d think that a guy like Greg Jackson or Duane Ludwig would be the guy to play mentor in the game. Since they hyped up having to go through the Ultimate Fighter to get in, why pick a guy who lost in the first round of the TUF tournament? I’m not making fun of the guy at all, but he just doesn’t scream mentor to me. If you wanted a TUF alumnus, why not go with Forrest Griffin? He’s pretty funny, won the first season, coached a season and was the first guy to win a title from the show. Compared to Dolce, who is seemingly reading off of a script while watching television or something, Griffin would make training interesting. You train in the UFC Gym for your entire career and I mean your entire career. Wanna go train at Jacksons? Sorry, you gotta play Undisputed 3 in order to do that. While that may not seem bad at all, the problem is that once again there is no variety towards training at The UFC Gym. Every now and then, a fighter will visit the gym and you get to spar with them. So far, Dan Henderson and BJ Penn have dropped by in my career mode.

While this seems like something that could be really cool, you just do the same drills that you usually do. You don’t learn any cool moves from them or unlock anything special; it’s just sparring with a guy who isn’t the generic training partner. If you were invited to train with the guy after the sparring sessions, it would be interesting. Especially when these guys have gyms of their own so it would make sense. In the end, you’re stuck at the UFC Gym until your career is over, so that means no training elsewhere to learn new moves. They made that irrelevant by giving you the option to buy new moves, which isn’t bad at all but have the fun of career mode was traveling to different gyms and learning this move or that move. Since moves are cheap, all you have to do is save up a nice amount of evolution points and buy up. It takes the fun out of traveling to all these different gyms and eventually committing to one.

Train, Fight, Wash, Rinse, Repeat and Lack of Options for Opponents

We all know what this section is about; it’s what most reviewers have hit the game on. You train; fight, train, fight and you do this for forty fights. Yep, there is no option to retire your fighter you keep doing it until you hit that magic number. So, if you’re fighter ends up a brain damaged shell of himself and a threat to others, you still have to play through to the end. The only other way you could end it would be to delete your career and never start one again. What was interesting to me was that the training rarely reflected the fighter I was going against. I was set to face a high level wrestler and none of my training options reflected anything about grappling or takedown defense. Luckily my opponent did nothing but throw the same overhand right and I picked him apart, but then came the big one, which plays into point number two.

After moving up into facing regular opponents, I got a title shot against Cain. It should be noted that my opponents were Travis Browne (Legitimate enough) and Pat Berry (LOL) and now I found myself looking at a title shot. Cain in a 99 and just about kill you with two really good power punches, my guy is a 77 overall. I got Thai Pads, Submission and Heavy Bag for training options, nothing on blocking or using footwork to avoid Cain’s KO power. I did win the fight by controversial split decision and proceeded to defend against: Travis Browne, Cain again, Cain, Junior Dos Santos, Cromier, Junior again and finally Cromier for the second time. You know what would make career interesting? If the champion of the lower division would challenge you to a super fight, something to break up the monotony of facing the same guys. Or even going overseas and defending the belt in PR-

Oh yeah, you guys got rid of that.

In the previous games, you could pick and choose what opponents you fought so you could slowly build your guy over time. If you wanted to take things slowly you could pick and choose while slowly moving up the ladder or you could be aggressive and pick the bigger fights. Now, I would prefer to pick the route of going fight by fighter when my skills weren’t up to par and then gamble when my skills were ready for that. Now, you just get the fights that Joe Silva sends you. I presume this for realism but I also hope that I can complain about pay and get buried by Dana White in the press. Or, if you’re a lower rung fighter, deciding rather eating or paying the electric bill with your fight pay and small sponsor check.

Gotta have that realism.

Snarkiness aside, I’m going to talk about my idea for potentially improving career mode and hopefully somebody from EA reads this. Probably not.

1. Develop a Character

This is where the MMA purists begin to cringe; being able to develop some form of character in career mode would make things interesting. I’m not talking a Chael Sonnen level of being an a-hole, but it wouldn’t be bad to spew some trash talk. You can either go the route of being a GSP like sportsman or go the route of talking trash. Heck, it could have a profound effect on your opponent in the fight, your opponent comes out aggressive going for the kill and you can capitalize on that by hitting some key counter moves. It wouldn’t be much, just something to make career mode interesting which would play into my second recommendation.

2. Develop Rivalries

Like I said, once I won the title in career mode that was basically it, you’d face the big names and then move on to facing randomly generated fighters. I thought that by facing Browne again that I defeated in an eliminator fight and I thought that we’d get a video from Browne or some acknowledgement that I beat him. Nope, just the usual message of you having to face all up and comers. Shouldn’t Browne be my bitter rival since I took away his chance at a title shot? Instead, it’s just treated as a regular old fight; Browne comes out and fights like it is some normal fight. There’s no hype video, no weigh-in stare down or even a threatening video message from Browne or a message from Dana. Overall, develop some rivalries in career mode to add some depth towards the fights.

3. Go the TUF Route or Travel the World

While adding The Ultimate Fighter was a good idea, they really didn’t do much with the concept overall. You didn’t really learn much, the coaches only appeared in messages and you didn’t do any training with them. I’m all for TUF, but they would have to fine tune the basic concept of TUF. I say that your fighter should have the choice of going through TUF and traveling the world, the same way you could in EA MMA. Even better, the game could make usage of the dead promotions that the UFC owns such as the WEC and Strikeforce.

Fight your way from the bottom, maybe go through the dead World Fighting Alliance or throw a bone to King of The Cage for the starter league.  If you’re a lower weight guy you can work your way through the WEC to get a contract and same thing for the upper weights in Strikeforce. If you go the route of fighting outside of the UFC, you arrive in the UFC a well-rounded and polished fighter and find yourself in fights against actual opponents right off the bat. Go the TUF route, win it all and slowly go the route of fighting up from the bottom.

4. Realistic Training Calendar

The one thing I have never gotten about career mode in most MMA games is that you can do a few activities and then fight. So, I say have a realistic training set-up, you dictate that level of training you want to do that day: Hard, medium, and easy. If you train hard you can get more XP but you can wear your fighter out by picking hard too many times. You would have to find a middle road with the level of training you pick each day so that you don’t wear your fighter out, but you have built your fighter up for the upcoming fight. You should also have the ability to pick what exactly you want to have your fighter train in such grappling, striking, cardio and strength. It’s not much, but it’s better than stuck with the same three options.

5. Train Where You Want to Train or Bring in Partners

Yeah, no more Mike Dolce and the generic UFC Gym, EA. While your fighter would eventually have to commit to a gym (Similar to Undisputed 3), your fighter should have the right to go train anywhere for any upcoming fight, since most fighters will do that from time to time. Say your fighter has an upcoming fight against a high level wrestler; you could branch out and train at a gym that has a high reputation for wrestling training. You could also have the option of inviting a fighter to train for an upcoming fight, something that EA tried but didn’t do much with. Bring this guy in to specifically train in certain aspects for an upcoming fight and if he has a team of his own, you now have a camp that you train with. If the fighter your training with has a certain special move that you don’t have, you should be able to unlock it and add it to your arsenal of moves.

So there you go my suggestions to make career mode for the next EA UFC better than the one we got. The insane thing is that I believe most of my suggestions came from previous UFC games or the EA MMA game. That’s why those games had better career modes and EA UFC’s career mode is the…inster bad movie here of career modes.

I’m gonna go play WrestleFest now.

Robert Goeman has been writing for CamelClutchBlog since 2014 and has written for FiveOuncesofPain and What Culture. Follow him on twitter at After every article, Robert usually does “Talking Points” on twitter, bringin up points that didn’t make the article.

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EA UFC Video Game Review: An Alright Start

July 02, 2014 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts, Video Games, Videos

MMA and video games haven’t exactly meshed well in the past. Sure, the UFC games for the THQ ranged from good (UFC Undisputed 2009), alright (UFC Undisputed 2010) and finally holy crap that’s amazing (UFC Undisputed 3). I even liked the old Pride game on Playstation 2 since it possessed the best create a fighter function until EA MMA. Then, we had EA MMA which was an excellent all-around game with solid gameplay; great create a fighter, and probably the best career mode for an MMA game. It sadly bombed out, killing any potential of a sequel. The early UFC titles that appeared on the PlayStation 1, 2 and Xbox weren’t that great and are generally forgotten for a good reason. When you can tap out Tim Sylvia with a 125 pound girl (Yes, you read that right), you are not doing your job correctly.

So, what can I say about EA UFC is that while it’s a fun game, although it feels unfinished. For one, there is no depth outside of career mode and arcade mode. Remember, UFC Undisputed 3 had a tournament mode, title mode, title defense mode and most of all, the Pride mode. I was still playing the game two years after it came out just for Pride mode so I could run the Grand Prix and the freakshow fights. THQ went the extra mile and reunited Stephen Quadros and Bas Rutten to do commentary to give it a truly unique feel. While arcade mode is fun and you can spends hours just playing random match-ups, this feels like a barebones game.

The barebones notion doesn’t help when it comes to a rather sparse roster of 97 fighters spread out over nine divisions and while the company has promised DLC for those who rose to prominence (UFC Bantanwieght Champion TJ Dillashaw is absent from the game), there is no presence of any sort of legends. It doesn’t help that Dana White has pissed off most of the fighters you could place in legends mode (Randy Couture for example) or that most of them have associated themselves with Bellator like Tito, Rampage or Frank Shamrock. While this does mean that the fighters in the game have their own unique traits (Rousey mean mugs and has a wide variety of armbars, Pettis uses the cage on offense, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva have a wide variety of kicks and elbows), it still feels a bit off. EA tries to make for this by letting certain fighters move up and down in class, which is a way to cover up the issue. A problem in my mind is that fighters that don’t have any special moves are restricted with the same set of moves and animations. I’ve seen the same belly to belly suplex used by a good amount of fighters, which is almost a kill move if you’re stamina isn’t at full level. Do this move once and it can drain your opponent’s stamina by a good amount and you once you learn this takedown with a fighter who has it, you can dominate.

The striking mechanics in EA UFC are top notch, probably the best striking mechanics I’ve seen in any MMA game.  Yes, it does take a while to learn some of the bigger moves, but it’s worth it to see a well pulled move. My biggest complaint though comes from the ground game and that has more to do with the submission system. Personally, I loved the submission system from EA MMA, with well-timed button hits for leg and arm submissions and the hot spot for chokes. It wasn’t the greatest or most innovative submission system, but it was better than the shine that THQ was offering. Here, we have a mini game similar to the hot spot requiring usage of the right and left sticks, it is incredibly infuriating. It somehow managed to top the submission system from Undisputed 3 for the most annoying submission system in the UFC series. Congrats I guess. It makes me yearn for the shine.

Now, let’s talk about career mode and my first big problem in what are my many, many problems with it. First, you really don’t have much for customization when it comes to said creation. You can pick from pre-set hair and body, a far cry from the creation system in other combat sport games, including the WWE games. You also have preset stats depending on what style of fighting you decide to go with. You also can’t take any fighters on the main roster (Bruce Lee the exception) and there was a certain fun in taking Dan Severn and transforming him into a Thai fighting machine. Also, I feel a slight bit creepy for beating on Bruce Lee or anytime I land a solid shot to the brain or knock him out with a headshot.

I’ve always thought that having your created fighter enter The Ultimate Fighter and get into the UFC way was a great idea. Unfortunately that’s about it for career when it comes to variety as after you win the whole thing (With unlimited rematches if you lose in TUF, there’s a Batista joke somewhere) and career mode becomes monotonous. You don’t have the option of picking opponents taking out any suspense on whether your guy is truly good when you step up to face a big name, do three training activities and then fight. That’s it; career mode is best played in short bursts every now and then. Just boot up the game, take a few fights and then turn the game off. Do the same thing three days later to keep things going. The worst part is that you can’t branch out to other gyms to learn new moves or techniques and you can’t change weight classes or participate in Pride tournaments. Don’t ask me how my Brock Lesnar cut enough weight to make 205, just marvel at the epic war between him and Jon Jones that headlined Madison Square Garden. Also, for as much hype that the UFC has put behind Rousey, you’d think that you could go as a woman in career mode, but that isn’t included. While it’s not a huge complaint (Large enough for me to point it though), it’s an interesting point since the UFC has put so much hype behind Rousey.

What’s sad about this is that EA Canada developed this game and these were the guys responsible for the last two Fight Night games, some of the best boxing games of all time. Fight Night Champion had a very good Championship Mode that was more like a movie. Sure, it seemed a bit cliché with the plot but it worked and it made for a fun play through. That’s the disheartening part about this since Undisputed 3 and EA MMA had solid career modes and this feels like an afterthought. EA could have done so much more with career mode, heck that’s my next post. With such a highly regarded studio behind the game, it’s tough to say this but career mode is probably the worst career mode I’ve seen in an MMA game in a long time. Take a look at the career mode in the NBA 2K games and take a look at this, this feels like some slapped on at the last minute.

While I haven’t started online play because I don’t like having slurs hurled at me by twelve year olds, a point of interest was that EA killed their Fighter Share program. It drew quite a bit of controversy since the excuse seemed rather lame (Avoid copyright issues) and it was quickly pointed out that THQ had no issues with the WWE and UFC games. When I heard this, I had visions of having to take that perfect Fedor CAF and drag him through career mode and then doing the same thing with any other fighter. Luckily, you can give fighter the stats they deserve without a cap, so smart move EA.

As this point, you’re probably thinking that I hate this game but I don’t. The graphics are fantastic, the presentation is done will with a minimalistic HUD and commentary seems to be on point. The fighters are well animated, the striking feels great and most of all you’ll have a great mixture of pain and frustration. It’s the type of game you can get a whole of friends together have a few solid hours of fun playing with. My main hope is that EA Canada can build off what seems to be a solid foundation while fixing some of the mistakes they’ve made. The biggest problem will be the specter of Undisputed 3 hanging above the EA UFC games, so hopefully EA can top that. If EA Canada can work on the problems and keep the gameplay fresh with new features, I can see the EA UFC series topping the Undisputed games. EA just needs to make the effort on their end.

Robert Goeman has been writing for CamelClutchBlog since 2014 and has written for FiveOuncesofPain and What Culture. Follow him on twitter at After every article, Robert usually does “Talking Points” on twitter, bringin up points that didn’t make the article.

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WWE 2K14 Video Game Review

November 05, 2013 By: Category: Video Games, WWE | Pro Wrestling

Ever since SmackDown Just Bring it in 2000, I have gone to the shop at release and bought the WWE Games, and they have definitely improved over the years, and on 1st November I went to the shopping center again and picked up the new WWE Game,WWE2K14, here are the ups and downs about the game and my take on the game


  • 30 Years Of WrestleMania Mode
  • a great way to relive the moments from WrestleMania, and if you are new to watching WWE, then it has the video packages to take you through the build of each match and how it lead up to their match up at WrestleMania, There is over 100 Unlockables as well that you unlock within this mode and this is just a truly great mode!
  • The Streak Mode
  • In The Streak Mode, you have the option to defend the streak, or defeat the Undertakers streak, if you choose defend, then it is like a Slobber Knocker match where the match is gauntlet style, and until someone pins you down to the canvas for a 3 count or makes you submit, then you keep defeating the superstars, we will get to the downside of that later on, and if you choose to Defend The Streak, this is no ordinary Undertaker, this is The Undertaker at WrestleMania, he can choke slam you out of nowhere when he is on the mat, or lock you in the hells Gate from the mat and make you submit, and he can even go to the extent of dimming the lights and appearing behind you, like I said, this is Undertaker at WrestleMania, this is no ordinary Undertaker!
  • WWE Universe Mode
  • They have made some fine improvements to WWE Universe Mode, basically in WWE 13 the game did most of the Universe for you, well in WWE2K14, this is your Universe, again they have bought some features back from WWE 13 which was fantastic like creating your own show on any day and customizing the shows, but this time when you create a show,y ou can choose how many matches you want in the show, for Major the minimum is 5 and the maximum is 7 and for minor shows the minimum is 3 matches and the maximum is 7,so that is a cool feature, and my favorite 2 things in WWE Universe mode this year is the rivalry manager which on Raw, SmackDown and any other major show, you can choose a single match between 2 superstars or even a tag team you can make them pit against them in a short rivalry which is 4 weeks, a medium rivalry which is 8 weeks or a long rivalry which is 12 weeks! And the other really good feature in Universe Mode this year is been able to do King Of The Ring on a major or PPV Show! Last year I needed this,but I needed to keep record of it on a piece of paper(and then lost it!) So I am really glad that this is in the game!


  • Online Mode
  • Now it goes onto Online really quickly, but actually finding a match to play or creating your own session can sometimes be very difficult!
  • But this is the only downside to the game!

What is the score?

  • Now the review score that I give this game is a 9.1/10!

Contact Haydn on Twitter at @TNAWWEFan4Life

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10 WWE 2K14 30 Years Of WrestleMania Matches That Must Be Included

September 04, 2013 By: Category: Video Games, WWE | Pro Wrestling

WWE 2K14 will be celebrating 30 years of WrestleMania with an all-new WrestleMania mode in the upcoming game. 45 classic matches will be up for play and here are ten that better be included or this mode will be a bust.

The idea of this mode is to allow gamers to wrestle these 45 matches from past WrestleMania events and obtain specific achievements throughout the matches. This is just a guess but an example may be having to bodyslam Andre the Giant in a Hulk Hogan vs. Andre WrestleMania 3 match.
The roster has been revealed but the matches are still a mystery. Here is the roster for the 30 Years of WrestleMania and a couple of DLC characters that I presume could crossover.

Alberto Del Rio
Andre The Giant
Big John Studd
Big Show
Big Show (Retro)
Bobby “The Brain” Heenan (NPC)
Bret “Hitman” Hart
Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar (Retro)
Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho (Retro)
CM Punk
“Hollywood” Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan
John Cena
John Cena (Retro)
John “Bradshaw” Layfield
Kane (Retro)
King Kong Bundy
Mick Foley
Miss Elizabeth (NPC)
The Miz
Mr. McMahon
Randy Orton
“Macho Man” Randy Savage
Razor Ramon
Ric Flair
Ric Flair (Retro)
Ricardo Rodriguez (NPC)
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
The Rock
The Rock (Retro)
Sgt Slaughter
Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels (Retro)
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin
“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase
Triple H
Triple H (Retro)
The Undertaker
The Undertaker (Retro)

Ultimate Warrior
The Undertaker “American Badass”

Here are ten that I hope make the game based on the roster available. We’ll know soon enough what is in and what is out but in the meantime, let’s have some fun with this wish list.

Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin WrestleMania 13 I-Quit Match

The Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage WrestleMania 7

Ric Flair vs. The Undertaker WrestleMania 18

Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage WrestleMania 8

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker WrestleMania 25

Goldust vs. Roddy Piper Hollywood Backlot Brawl WrestleMania 12

Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage WrestleMania 3

Undertaker vs. CM Punk WrestleMania 29

Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage WrestleMania 5

Evolution vs. Mick Foley and The Rock WrestleManaia 20

The Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels Iron Man Match from WrestleMania 12 has been confirmed for the game. Players will have the option of speeding it up and shaving time off of the 60 minutes. With the announcement, we now have confirmed WrestleMania matches of;

Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant WrestleMania 3
Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock WrestleMania 18
John Cena vs. The Rock WrestleMania 28

WWE 2K14 is set for an October 29 release date.

As you can see a lot of these matches are previewed in the video, although none have yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned for the official list coming soon!

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Hulk Hogan Included In Upcoming WWE 2K14 Video Game

August 13, 2013 By: Category: Video Games, WWE | Pro Wrestling

If you thought the Ultimate Warrior appearing in the next WWE video game was a shocker wait until you hear this one. WWE 2K14 will feature a 30 Years of WrestleMania mode highlighted by TNA Wrestling booker and star Hulk Hogan.

It’s interesting because on a recent podcast I started throwing out names of guys that could be surprise video game characters (ala Warrior) for the next game and Hogan was on the top of my list. Little did I know that the Hulkster would be dropping the big leg in this yea’s WWE’s newest game.

The WWE sent out a press release earlier this week with the announcement and went out of their way to promote Hogan’s involvement in the game.

2K announced the all-new “30 Years of WrestleMania” mode in “WWE 2K14,” the upcoming video game in the award-winning franchise. Details about the exciting new single-player campaign were revealed during a conference call with WWE COO Triple H and 2K Creative Director Cory Ledesma.

Inspired by the landmark WrestleMania XXX, which will emanate from New Orleans on Sunday, April 6, 2014, “30 Years of WrestleMania” will be a nostalgic journey through three decades of WWE history. Utilizing the greatest video game roster ever assembled, “30 Years” will allow players the chance to relive and experience 45 classic WrestleMania matches, including Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III, Hogan vs. The Rock at WrestleMania X8 and The Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania XXVIII.

The inclusion of Hulk Hogan in the game is a particularly exciting announcement, and one the WWE Universe has eagerly anticipated.

It should be noted that the deal for the video game is strictly between Hogan and 2K. This is not necessarily a WWE deal although it has been said in the past that Vince McMahon must sign off on all additional characters in the game. Vince signing off on Hogan as well as Hogan in the game while he is not only the booker but top star in TNA Wrestling is fascinating on a lot of levels.

To me this goes down as another one of the many embarrassments in TNA Wrestling history. I have no doubt that TNA are paying Hogan a lot of money to be running and appearing in the company. I could see them not being able to afford merchandising rights but to sign Hogan without any kind of clause that prevents him from appearing in WWE-related products is almost inconceivable. Some will probably say it isn’t a big deal. I think it’s a big mistake and another case where they become a laughing stock at the WWE’s expense (Ric Flair on the Hall of Fame show while under TNA contract).

It’s a big win for fans as it is almost impossible to include any kind of mode like this in a WWE game without Hogan. Like him or not he was the face of Mania for so many years and is a huge part of the history. His matches with Andre the Giant and The Rock are true classics and it would seem almost pointless to promote a WrestleMania history mode in the game without him.

Hogan’s contract generally expires with TNA in the fall. It would certainly be an easy transition back into the WWE if Hogan and TNA were to part ways allowing the Hulkster to play a major part in 2K14 promotion.

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Ultimate Warrior Talks Breaking Into WWE and Vince McMahon

July 22, 2013 By: Category: Video Games, Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

There are two things I thought I’d never see in 2013 in the WWE. I never thought I’d see Bruno Sammartino in the Hall of Fame and I certainly never thought I’d see the Ultimate Warrior on praising Vince McMahon. I was wrong.

The Ultimate Warrior is back and while he is only signed as part of the WWE 2K14 promotion at the moment it would appear that he is moving back towards the WWE family. has posted a new interview with the Warrior which is surprising for two reasons. One, he praises Vince McMahon and two he is actually pretty coherent in doing so.

The interview is actually a really good interview, somewhat of a mini shoot interview in a way with the former WWE champion. Warrior talks about how he got into the WWE and what it was like to make the transition. Warrior talks about working on the road for awhile before he was on television. It’s funny because I remember talking to my old friend the late Doug Gentry when we were teenagers after he attended a WWE house show in Wildwood, NJ. Doug talked about Warrior being on the undercard and while we both knew of him from magazines, UWF, and WCCW, we didn’t even know he was in the WWF at the time. The two of us were surprised that he was working house shows with no television yet that was the plan and according to the Warrior it worked.

Warrior has some nice words to see about Vince McMahon. Warrior says he has a lot of respect for Vince which is just odd when you read and listen to all of the things Warrior has said about his former boss over the last decade or so. Vince recently welcomed back the Warrior on Twitter so it would appear that both sides are extending olive branches which will probably wind up with Warrior going into the Hall of Fame.

Regardless it’s a cool interview and fascinating on so many levels to see Warrior on or the WWE YouTube channel. Check it out.

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The Ultimate Warrior Announced As WWE 2k14 Pre-Order Game Bonus DLC

July 15, 2013 By: Category: Video Games, Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

The Ultimate Warrior is coming back to the WWE…videogames that is. The former WWE champion is back in the WWE Universe as part of the WWE 2k14 videogame. Trailers are already hitting YouTube and the Warrior is as incoherent as ever.

The big announcement was made Monday as part of the hype surrounding the WWE 2K14 video game release. Warrior will be a special pre-order bonus for those of you that order the game early. This is certainly not Warrior’s first time in a recent game as the man from Parts Unknown was just in WWE All-Stars only a few years ago.

The difference according to reports is that Warrior will be involved in promotion for the game, similar to Randy “Macho Man” Savage a couple of years back before he passed away. Warrior, like Savage’s deal, isn’t with the WWE necessarily but it is with the game company. This is certainly not any reason to think that the Warrior is all of the sudden back in the WWE.

Many speculate that this does open up communication between the Warrior and the WWE. There have been rumors the last few years about the WWE wanting to induct the Ultimate Warrior into the Hall of Fame. Warrior claims he has turned down the deal several times. The relationship between both parties has been hot and cold for years, including many lawsuits between both parties. It would appear that at least tensions have settled down for the time being.

I do like how the WWE tries to bring back an old character with every video game release. I just wonder who is next as it seems like they have exhausted most of their possibilities. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Hulk Hogan in a game next year or the year after. Bill Goldberg is another guy that comes to mind as does Sting, not that Sting has ever been in a WWE game.

The Ultimate Warrior and Bruno Sammartino back on WWE television in the same year and we are only halfway through. There is still plenty of time for Stone Cold Steve Austin to drive a beer truck back home!

Check out the trailer below. It’s actually pretty good and while I am not a big fan of WWE video games it certainly does a great job in hyping up the release.

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Madden 25 Franchise Mode Early Details

May 21, 2013 By: Category: NFL | NCAA Football, Sports, Video Games

Never has a Madden game produced as much controversy as last Madden 13. The backlash was immediate when the game arrived without the coveted franchise mode. EA did the best they could to fix it after the game was released but the big question now is what the franchise mode will look like in Madden 25.

I can tell you that I was one of those angry old-school Madden players that looked on with confusion as I tried to find the franchise mode last year. Yes I saw Connected Careers but that couldn’t be the franchise mode right? Nope it was and it missed some of my favorite elements about the game. It would appear after looking at some early reports regarding this year’s game is that the mode is back with some returning elements.

One of the biggest points of contention for me was the inability to import NCAA draft classes into my franchise mode. The reason the franchise mode appealed to me was that I could play with realistic players well past the end of that current season. Last year’s game took away that option and I quickly found myself bored with the mode after the second season. That won’t happen in Madden 25.

EA will bring back the NCAA draft class import to Madden 25. This is great news and a real bright spot early on as the hype begins for Maddenoliday 25. It also creates a little incentive to go out and get the NCAA game first. I passed on NCAA last year after import classes were abandoned.

Franchise careers as it is called has also brought back one of my other favorite features to the game. Players will now have the ability to control all 32 teams during a season. That was a big omission last year and another reason I grew tired quickly of the connected careers mode. I always enjoyed jumping into a big whether my true franchise team was involved or not. Removing that option made no sense to me and I am glad it’s back.

EA is off to a great start but there are still plenty of questions that need to be answered about the updated franchise careers mode. Is the fantasy draft back? Last year EA added the draft but only to online careers mode play. Quite frankly I didn’t care whether it was on or offline but plenty of players did, I was just happy it was back. I haven’t seen anything confirmed one way or the other on this mode.

Another big problem I had with last year’s game was the use of legends. The only way to play one of the legends like Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, Lawrence Taylor, or Michael Irvin was to play them in superstar mode. Superstar mode is probably one of the most ridiculous features I have ever seen in a Madden game. Why can’t I have access to these legends in the franchise mode? I understand that the addition of legends would really blow up the mode, so why not offer it as an option when setting up your league?

The owners mode appears to have a ton of activity and options for players that desire to have a hands on approach to running their entire franchise. Again this is a mode that I never had time for. I really don’t care how much I charge for hot dogs or parking. I am playing Madden to win games! However, you are in luck if you are into that kind of activity.

Quite honestly I am still on the fence about whether I am going to buy Madden. I grew tired of last year’s game faster than any other Madden game and I have been playing since year one. The playbooks rarely change year to year and the game play has grown stale to me. The returning elements to the franchise mode certainly has me interested, but they still have some work to do before I place my annual pre-order.

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