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Tom Brady’s Cuss-Fest Draws FCC Complaints

December 18, 2014 By: Category: NFL | NCAA Football, Sports

This blog is about the sideline rant that won’t go away. I should say, this sideline rant is the one that the sports media won’t let disappear. Yes, that cuss-fest on the sidelines of the November 30th Green Bay Packers vs New England Patriots game has reared its ugly head once again. I wish that this bit of news was a joke, but it’s not. I still can’t believe I am going to write about it.

To refresh everyone’s memories, at the aforementioned Packers vs Patriots game, at about the 2:00 warning in the 4th quarter, when it was evident that the Patriots offense was not going to get the ball back, Patriots QB Tom Brady, in total frustration, screamed the “F” word three times. CBS showed it several times. Even though Brady is not the first NFL player in NFL history to curse on the sidelines, and won’t be the last, the sports media went crazy. Brady, in his defense, said to blame the Networks. Well, three people have done just that.

Per a report found on,  three complaints about Brady’s cuss-fest being shown on TV were reported to the FCC. I am serious. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that. I had a few choice words for those people complaining, and yes, the “F” word was involved.  I have to write professionally for this blog, however. Anyway, I thought this was a travesty. ( )

First of all, looking at the complaints, not that I am endorsing bad language, but this is football, not a garden party. Why were these people surprised at Brady’s cursing? Why should anyone be surprised at ANY ATHLETE cursing on Network TV? The Coaches on the sidelines are just as bad, if not worse than the players. Coaches such as Bill Levy (formerly of the Buffalo Bills ) , Brian Billick ( formerly of the Baltimore Ravens ) , and most notably, Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan. Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, and plenty of other athletes have cussed on the sidelines. I just don’t get why Brady is being targeted.

One of the complaints comes from Indianapolis,In. This woman claims that her six year old child can read lips, and was able to read what Brady said without the sound on. Well, let’s see. The complaint originates from Indianapolis. I’m not a tin foil hat person. However, I have been a fan for a very long time. I have noticed Peyton Manning, when he was in Indy, having hissy fits, and having cuss-fests when things go wrong. I am a decent lip reader also. I’m way older than 6. Andrew Luck gets ticked also. Why are there no complaints to the FCC ? I am just asking.

The second complaint comes from a woman in Pennsylvania. She said her grandson said “He (Brady)should not be saying that.”) Now, again, I am just curious. This person is from the State of Pennsylvania. The fact that both NFL teams (Eagles and Steelers ) are deadly enemies of the Patriots, this is all one should need to know. I mean, Steelers fans think that the Patriots “robbed” them of 2 Super Bowl opportunities. Eagle fans are upset that the Patriots beat them in SB39.

The third complaint comes from this lady from Iowa. She’s calling the Network, “Very unprofessional.” She is saying that the CBS announcers replayed Brady’s reaction, as if they got away with something. She goes on to complain that CBS knew what was said. This lady sounds like a mind reader, and all three of these people have too much time on their hands.


I also think that complaining to the FCC about something so minor is so lame. This country is already weakened by the Political Correctness brigade, and now the Family Values Thought Police is starting up again with this nonsensical trio of complaints to the FCC about some NFL player cursing on television ?

We are allowed to watch all these ads for Viagra, Cialis, Vagisil, and various other women’s products. However, three people got all upset over an NFL player using a bad word? We are exposed to so much violence from the news, talk radio, etc. Now, all of a sudden, people discover that a man, who participates in a VIOLENT, EMOTIONAL sport, said a cuss word, and they complain about it to the FCC??

Imagine what would happen if these people took their kids to an actual NFL GAME? The language that they and their kids would be exposed to would be out of this world . As a horse racing fan, I would not take a kid to the racetrack, if you have hypersensitive ears. I think our tax dollars could be used for something more worthwhile like a balanced budget, than being the word police.

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NFL Week 15 Recap and Week 16 Predictions

December 17, 2014 By: Category: NFL | NCAA Football, Sports

Alright, alright, ALRIGHT. I don’t want to hear it, don’t waste your time. I was able to see the same game you all saw this past week and was disgusted at the heinous portrayal that was there for all to see……..watching Johnny Manziel in his first game was more of a punishment than enjoyment (unless you have some general knowledge about Manziel and hate him already).

Let me put this in terms that Manziel may understand better – “Bro, you can’t put Cleveland and the NFL on blast and then have your spot blown up like that”. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think his career is over, or that the Browns made a mistake in drafting / starting him. He’s a Rookie. Manziel even self-admitted this week that “he hasn’t prepared as hard as he should have”. Despite that gigantic red flag, he gets a second chance in my book. Manziel now knows that his natural athletic talents aren’t good enough to scrape by in the NFL.

I have said before that I agree with the decision to go Manziel over Hoyer but when you think about it, Manziel’s first start was as close to a playoff game as it could be. Cleveland needed a win, turned to him and he didn’t come out with one. Manziel looked OK in the preseason because he was basically playing entire defenses made up players that can’t hack it in the league.

Coach Mike Pettine made the right call going to Manziel because despite how bad he was on Sunday, Hoyer is worse. In time, Manziel alone will be worth more wins more than Hoyer will be. On the other side of this it really is a shame that this circus caused by media and other personnel has really overshadowed how good this season has been for the Browns. Regardless of how Cleveland finishes their last 2 games, they will have their most wins since 2007 (when they won 10).

I didn’t take Mike Pettine and his staff seriously as the coaching carousel (and QB carousel) has been an absolute joke and very “Cleveland Brown-ish” but this team is one of the reasons why the AFC North will be even more competitive next season. The defense (although not very good this past Sunday) is a solid defense. I’m not the biggest fan of their rookie running back committee but they at least tried to sure that position up but failed with Ben Tate. I’m not going to pick Cleveland for the playoffs next year…..just yet.

Week 15 Picks:

Bold Prediction from Week 15: Bills over the Packers. –RIGHT - BOOM! Last week I wrote that I liked the sneaky good Bills defense to upset the Pack at home this week and low and behold, unlike Cincinnati who lets me down every week, the Bills pulled it out and keep their ever so slim playoff hopes alive.

Guaranteed Lock for Week 15: 49ers over the Seahawks. –WRONG – Give me a second here…let me redo what I wrote last week…..Does Colin Kaepernick’s apparent regression scare me? No Yes. Does the fact that Jim Harbaugh is guaranteed to not be in San Francisco next year scare me? No Yes. The game is in Seattle? Whatever Oh Crap. I still don’t believe in the 49ers to will make any some noise down the stretch and they will not go out quietly. There we go…that reads better now.

Week 16 Picks:

Bold Prediction for Week 16: Texans over the Ravens. The Ravens, Steelers and Bengals are all mirror images of one another. Although Cincinnati is clearly not as “big game” ready as the Steelers or Ravens, all 3 teams lose crucial games or lost to opponents they have no business losing too. This Sunday the Ravens are playing either rookie QB Tom Savage or Case Keenum. They should win this game….but they won’t.

Guaranteed Lock for Week 16: Colts over the Cowboys. I don’t buy Demarco Murray playing for one second (wrist surgery). If he does play, he is going to be useless in my opinion. I wrote a few weeks ago that this team’s final stretch is going to hinge on them running Murray into the ground. Dallas is dangerously close to finishing with 10 or 11 wins and missing the playoffs. I like Andrew Luck to run wild on the Cowboys Sunday.

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Fantasy Football Championship Week Dos and Don’ts

December 17, 2014 By: Category: Fantasy Football, NFL | NCAA Football, Sports

It is finally here for some of you, your fantasy football championship week. Many months and endless hours of draft preparation have brought you to this point. Unfortunately with big games comes big pressure, and the wrong decision can result in an early exit and an offseason of depression.

Don’t over-analyze - There is a reason you have gotten this far in the fantasy football playoffs. Stick with what got you here. The most common mistake for first-time championship players is to over-think your game. For example, you own Marshawn Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks are playing the Arizona Cardinals top rush defense this week. You start Foster no matter what. Especially this season as no defense has been consistent for fifteen games.

The worst words you want to hear before you play your running back are Baltimore Ravens. Yes, the Ravens have shutdown the run for most of the season and are first against the run in fantasy football. Yes the Ravem have given up only 5 rushing TDs all season.  However, are you really going to shut down an Arian Foster in your championship week for someone off the waiver wire? Are you going to sit down Peyton Manning just because he is playing the Cincinnati Bengals? Now if you are sitting there with comparable backups on your bench you may and I stress may want to consider it. However, the moral here is not to panic. Stick with the money guys who brought you to the dance, especially if you don’t have any suitable backups on your bench. Strange things can happen, just ask anyone who played against Cam Newton two weeks ago.

Skip the waiver wire - There is no reason you should even think of playing the waiver wire game.  Yes Joseph Randall is tempting, but can you really trust a guy off the wire who will be splitting time at this point? I look at it this way when it comes to playing guys in fantasy football at this point in the season. It comes down to, who do you trust? If there is a gem flying around your waiver wire, I’d grab him only to keep him away from your opponent. But I’d have a hard time resting my championship hopes on someone that has been hanging around for most of the year on the wire.

Go with a running back in your flex position - I have always had a rule which has cost me on some weeks, but has won me more games in the long haul. My rule of thumb is always start a running back in the flex position over a wide receiver. I don’t care if you have three great receivers. One of them has to sit for the running back. Remember what time of year we are in. It is the winter time, and this is the time of the year where most teams will be running over passing in outdoor weather.

Of course this is subject to change if you have no true starting running back to start in the flex while you have a great receiver sitting on your bench. At the same time, you know a running back is going to get his carries. Whether he scores or not, he is going to get double digit carries depending upon the offense. The wide receiver you want to play could be easily shut out. I’d rather take 7 points from a bad running back than 0 from a wide receiver.

Beware of fuzzy fantasy football statistics - This is something that could get you into big trouble if you don’t do your homework. There are a lot of writers and websites that give you fantasy stats such as average points a team gives up to tight ends, quarterbacks, etc. Read the stats closely.

Most of these websites are giving you seasonal stats. My rule of thumb is to look at a team’s last four-five games. For example, the Carolina Panthers and the Giants are ranked as two of the best bets for running backs by most fantasy sites. Those same “experts” will yell and scream to play your running backs against the Panthers and Giants. What they don’t tell you is that over the last four games, neither the Giants nor Panthers have given up one touchdowns to opposing running backs. Furthermore, the Giants have not given up more than 65 yards to running backs in their last three games while the Panthers have only allowed one team to rush for over 100 in their last four. A lot of those fantasy football sites use seasonal stats and while the Panthers  may have been shredded a few times, they aren’t the “give me” that most fantasy experts would lead you to believe they are. The same can be said for the Rams, who have greatly improved their defense over the last few weeks. The opposite could be said about the Buffalo Bills who while ranked 8th against RBs have given up four TDs in their last two games. These fantasy websites can be a great guide, but do your own homework. Remember this is the championship game and chances are your opponent is up to his neck in stats. Be prepared and you’ll be fine.

Go with your gut - This goes for the playoffs and regular season. I have been there. Your gut is telling you one thing but all of the “experts” or bloggers are telling you another. At the end of the day this is purely a guessing game for all of us. Nothing is ever a sure thing. Strange things happen in December whether it is weather, injuries, or coaches on the hot seat, or just flukes. Your gut is what got you to the championship game in the first place. It is okay to accumulate as much information as possible and use that towards making your decision. I just wouldn’t make a decision purely based off of something you hear or read that completely goes against your instincts. The only one who has accountability this week is you. Remember that.

So there they are, a few dos and don’ts for fantasy football championship players. Hopefully you followed some of my advice this season and had some luck in your league (and better luck than I had in some of my others). Good luck in your championship, and welcome to the big dance.

Fantasy Life: The Outrageous, Uplifting, and Heartbreaking World of Fantasy Sports from the Guy Who’s Lived It

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NFL 2014-15 Season Week 14 Recap and Week 15 Picks

December 11, 2014 By: Category: NFL | NCAA Football, Sports

  • All the years that Jeff Fisher was with the Tennessee Titans I never recalled him twisting the knife the way he did this past Sunday against the Redskins. 2 years ago the Redskins mortgaged their present and future to trade up and take Robert Griffin III with the 2nd overall pick. These trades very rarely, if ever, work out. I can remember when Mike Ditka traded 8 or 9 picks for Ricky Williams when he was coming out of Texas in the late 90’s. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk…..and people still think 1 man is greater than 6? I can almost guarantee if someone was crazy enough to call Bill Belichick and offer him 7 draft picks for Tom Brady, that he would assuredly take that offer. If I had the number one pick, 10/10 times if someone wanted to trade with me to get it and they were as insane as the Raiders, Mike Ditka or Dan Snyder and offered a gold mine, I would never turn it down.

When the Rams took the field for the coin toss this past weekend and Fisher sent out all 6 draft picks the Rams made thanks to the RG3 trade to be captains for the game. I don’t know what provoked this action out of Fisher but man, ever hear about not kicking a man when he is down? The Redskins are one of the worst disasters in recent memory. When the Lions went 0-16 years ago, THEY had a brighter future than what the Skins do now. Regardless of your feelings about what Fisher did, it sure did fire up his team and they posted their second straight shutout. Although the playoffs seem like stretch for the 6-7 Rams they continue to impress.

  • Do you hear that? Listen closely….It is the sound of Johnny Manziel rallying the Cleveland Browns and sending them into the playoffs. Don’t confuse my optimism with thinking Manziel can be a future great or a Hall of Famer. I’m not worried about his size or “ability to take an NFL hit.” The Browns have been abysmal on offense for the last few games and it was amazing that they won any of them and didn’t lose them all. Manziel will guaranteed give them a spark they need and even if they don’t win, they sure will be more entertaining than they have been. The Browns should have made this move last week and not stuck with Hoyer. They wasted one of their season’s best defensive efforts and were poised to beat the Colts but Hoyer messed it up with his terrible inaccuracy and turnovers. I laugh when I think that just a few weeks ago the stories were rampant that Hoyer was going to sign a “big money” contract and rumors of what the Browns will get for Manziel in a trade were wild throughout the NFL. Regardless of how Manziel and the Browns finish the season, Hoyer is done and gone from Cleveland. Manziel is the future for this team (for at least next season).

Recap of picks from Week 14:

Bold Prediction from Week 14: Buccaneers over the Lions. –WRONG – C’mon Tampa! Geez, I didn’t ask you to upset the Patriots or Packers this week.

Guaranteed Lock from Week 14: Bengals over the Steelers. –WRONG- I continue to talk myself into picking the Bengals for these big games and they repeatedly let down EVERYBODY. They are just not a “big time” team. They have no problems beating the lowly bottom feeders but with a real chance to put the division lead out there, they dropped the ball big time.

Week 15 picks:

Bold Prediction for Week 15: Bills over the Packers. I’m painted into a corner this week as either all the games are scrubs against scrubs or elite vs elite. To be honest I would not be stunned if the Bills can pull this off. It’s in Buffalo and Green Bay has proven that any other stadium is their kryptonite. Everybody stumbles and they almost did Monday Night against the Falcons. Let’s do it Buffalo!

Guaranteed Lock for Week 15: 49ers over the Seahawks. Does Colin Kaepernick’s apparent regression scare me? No. Does the fact that Jim Harbaugh is guaranteed to not be in San Francisco next year scare me? No. The game is in Seattle? Whatever. I still believe in the 49ers to make some noise down the stretch and they will not go out quietly.

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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pick-Ups Week 14

December 03, 2014 By: Category: Fantasy Football, NFL | NCAA Football, Sports

Twas the day before playoffs as I eye my roster

Can I win the first week against Arian Foster?

My line-up set with the finishing touch

I’m pumped about Forsett, but Mason not so much

My kicker from the Eagles knows how to score

And I pray for Cutler to give me one more

As for Bryant and Graham I don’t have to worry

And Gordon and Sanders rack up points in a fury

I hope the Ram’s defense can just hold their ground

If it works like I planned it, I’m podium bound!


Johnny Manziel, Cleveland Browns- It looks like the Johnny Football era is on hold but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the fact that the Browns didn’t hesitate to put Manziel in the game. His first series wasn’t anything to write home about but he did complete a long pass to Josh Gordon and ran for a TD. If this is a sign of things to come Hoyer will be working on a short leash. If he doesn’t get it done this week look for Manziel to get the nod. Don’t start him now but keep an eye on this kid. He has a chip on his shoulder and wants to prove to the world that he is as good as he thinks he is.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Houston Texans- This guy has been pretty good all season. He briefly lost his starting job, but gained it back due to injuries. It’s hard to get a second chance in the NFL let alone a third one. This is Fitzpatrick’s chance to show that he is worth the money. Houston is going to need him to play mistake free if they are going to make the playoffs as it is still a tight race in the AFC. He isn’t going to throw 6 touchdowns every week, but he is a good bet to get at least 2. Foster is still the center piece to this offense so as long as they keep it simple this is a pretty safe start.

Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens- I should start giving out awards for guys who have been on this list the most this season. Flacco always seems to be forgotten year after year. Maybe they should rank these guys by their contracts, and then Flacco would be a top 5 QB. Look, Flacco has been ok all season long and most of us don’t need him since bye weeks are over. However the Ravens are still in the hunt for a playoff spot which means Flacco isn’t going to be taking a break anytime soon. Those of you starting Rodgers, Brady, Manning, or any other quarterbacks on 1st place teams may start wanting to look for guys we know are going to play. Ravens are a looking pretty good now that the running back situation is finalized. Flacco is a safe stash for the end of the season.

Running Back:

Doug Martin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers- It was nice to see Martin get 19 carries, the most he has seen this season. He also finally found the endzone. I am not preaching the second coming of this once rookie phenom but like I have said from week #1. “You can’t score unless you have the ball.” Tampa is a mess and they are going against one of the toughest run defenses in the league. However there was a time when Martin was a feared back, maybe there is a little left in the tank. As always this is a pretty shallow category so whoever you start is going to be a big “what if.” What if it’s Martin?

Chris Johnson, New York Jets- Raise your hand if you have been burned by Johnson before. This guys has made a career out of disappointing real coaches and fantasy coaches a like. Lighting speed that can’t seem to actually get going. Last week was the first time he looked like a running back in quite a while totally more than 100 yards for the 1st time this season. He did it on 17 carries which comes out to 6 yards per carry. The Vikings have been giving up running yards like they are going out of style so we are going to find out real quick if Johnson is back to fantasy consideration. If you are in serious need of a back you might want to go with name you know.

Daniel Herron, Indianapolis Colts- In all honesty this is the guy that should be on the top of this list since he is the only viable starting option available. Herron averaged 10 more yards per carry than his counterpart, starter Trent Richardson. Amazingly he still over 50% available as teams are not quite sold on him. However, we all know by now that Richardson is not the answer so it’s time to get on Herron’s band wagon because its leaving. How do you skip over any offensive starter when the QB is Andrew Luck?

Wide Receiver:

Harry Douglas, Atlanta Falcons- So Mike Smith says that Roddy White is going to play, I guess we will wait and see. At one time he was the Falcons iron man not missing any game for years until injuries have slowed him down as of late. Douglas stepped in last week and looked like a top receiver catching everything that Ryan threw his way. Sure White is going to take away some of his target but that doesn’t mean Douglas isn’t a threat for yards or touch downs. Being Matty Ice’s 3rd target really isn’t a bad spot to be in.

Stedman Bailey, St. Louis Rams- I am not sure what it is with the Ram receivers this year but they all seem to end up on this list at one time or another. Stedman is the new hot pick coming out of St. Louis. He has totaled almost 200 yards and 15 catches over the last 2 weeks heading into a game against Washington. If I needed a receiver this week I would be looking at Bailey.

Kenny Stills, New Orleans Saints- Outside of Graham it has been hard to pinpoint the next man up on the Saints receiving core. Stills has shown over the last couple of weeks that maybe he is the next guy in line to grab that brass ring. The offense is going to have to produce because the defense is not and they are in a dog fight with the Falcons for 1st place in the NFC South. They go against a terrible Panthers team and the Falcons soft defense on the horizon. I am thinking Stills is a pretty safe bet the next couple of weeks.

Tight End:

Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins- Bursting back on the scene Reed showed up in a big way to the tune of 9 catches for 122 yards. With the injury to Desean Jackson, Reed might be called upon again to carry the receiving load. Good tight ends are not only hard to find but they are also hard to cover. Reed is a dangerous threat on a desperate team. I thinking he catches another 8 passes this week.

Heath Miller, Pittsburgh Steelers- Miller continues to pop up on the fantasy radar and I don’t think he is going away this time. I think earlier this season I called him ole reliable because that is what he is. As the Steelers continue to fight for the post season they are going to need all the help they can get and Big Ben is still throwing like a monster. If Reed is taken, Miller is your next option.

Dion Sims, Miami Dolphins- Talk about a guy no one has heard of, Sims jumps into the fantasy spotlight after filling in for the injured Charles Clay. He has 8 catches for 80 yards in 2 games so it’s just matter of time before one of those end up in the end-zone. If you are all the way down here this week looking for points you would be lucky to grab the 4 or 5 that Sims will produce.

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NFL 2014-15 Season Q3 Report and Week 14 Picks

December 03, 2014 By: Category: NFL | NCAA Football, Sports

Bold Prediction from Week 13: Falcons over the Cardinals. – RIGHT – Too easy, too easy. The Cardinals are starting a very slow crumble since Carson Palmer was injured. They are in a much different mental state then they were when the season began. When they were winning to begin the season without Palmer there was always knowledge that he was coming back. “Hey we are this good now, wait until we get our franchise QB back” was the feeling around the locker-room. Now, that knowledge and safety net of Palmer is gone. Missing something that you know is not coming back is much harder than missing something that you know will eventually return.

Guaranteed Lock from Week 13: Eagles over the Cowboys. –RIGHT – The “Sanchize” lives to play another day! Nick Foles’ who?! Big win for the Eagles on Turkey day.

Counting my Week 13 predictions I am 7-4 in my bold and 7-4 in my guaranteed locks for the season. You can send me any financial gains you have made to my PO Box at seasons end.

3rd Quarter Award for Best team: Green Bay Packers (9-3). The potential preview of the Superbowl was a great game and the reason why I put Green Bay as the best team in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers is hands down the best QB right now in football and this team can win in any condition. I might be a little concerned with a neutral site matchup against the Broncos or Patriots but Green Bay already proved it once winning a Superbowl a few years ago in Dallas. (Runner up award: New England Patriots)

3rd Quarter Award for Worst Team: New York Jets (2-10). I have made no secret about how awful this team is from the top of the organization to the bottom. This team will guaranteed go through a complete overhaul in the offseason and will be off the playoff radar for the next 3-4 years. I weighed putting the Tennessee Titans into this slot but the emergence of Zach Mettenberger as a seemingly viable NFL Quarterback places them just behind the Jets in race for the worst team. (Runner up award: Tennessee Titans)

Surprise 3rd Quarter Award for a team: Cleveland Browns (7-5). I have waited long and patiently enough but the Browns have finally earned my recognition for one hell of a season. They are 1 win away from guaranteeing a non-losing season for the first time in years. I know they are in the midst of a mid-season QB controversy but they are very much alive and fighting for the AFC North crown. Ultimately if they do make the playoffs I have little faith in them making anything happen but it would still be a giant step in the right direction for this franchise. Even though the Bengals currently have the lead in the division, anyone of the teams involved could win. (Runner up award: All the teams in the NFC South who are about to win the Division with a sub .500 record)

3rd Quarter NFL MVP: Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay Packers AND Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots– At this point in the season I am looking at the first tie for MVP since Steve McNair and Peyton Manning tied back in 2003/2004 season. Top to bottom, Brady and Rodgers are near identical… include them both wearing #12 (I’m sure by now you have heard Bill Belichick’s GOLDEN comment for that one). The one category that Rodgers has on Brady is the interceptions but even then we are arguing 3 vs 6. Kudos to these guys for knocking DeMarco Murray off my MVP perch (who held the top spot for most of the year). Barring a statistical downfall from one of these two guys, I can easily see the award going to them both.

3rd Quarter Defensive MVP: JJ Watt, DE, Houston Texans – 5th in the League in Sacks (11.5), 2 defensive TD’s this season, 3 forced fumble, 5 fumble recoveries and 8 passes defensed. – Watt is guaranteed the Defensive MVP award even if he is unable to finish the season or the Texans miss the playoffs (hell Watt won it last year on the same 2 win team). I do like Justin Houston from the Chiefs (current league sack leader) but Watt literally makes every play happen for him. Houston is more of a system pass rusher (for a mental visual, compare his talents to Clay Matthews where I would compare Terrell Suggs to JJ Watt) where it doesn’t matter if you put Watt at the DT, Left or Right End or anywhere else, he is so freakishly talented that he can dominate.

What to expect for the Final Quarter of the season:

  • I mentioned above that one of the biggest storylines I have my eye on is the Cleveland Browns and their Quarterback situation. Early today it was confirmed that Brian Hoyer will get one more chance against Indianapolis on Sunday. I fully expect him to be on a short leash especially since Manziel did come in and was effective, but not effective enough to fully take the job away. Cleveland has to strike now that the iron is hot and literally anyone can win the AFC North. I personally would have went with Manziel as the Browns will go down early verse the Colts and Hoyer just doesn’t have the explosive play capability to surge the Browns back. If Cleveland loses on Sunday you can be assured that Manziel is in the following week.
  • I mentioned in my midseason report that I thought the Cowboys and Seahawks would choke the most coming down the stretch and I will stand by my statement. I know Seattle has turned it on as of late in back to back Division beat downs but I just expect them to falter towards the very end. They have a very tough road to finish the season against the Eagles, 49ers, Cardinals and Rams to round out this year’s campaign. For the Cowboys, the writing is becoming clearer on the wall. They are reforming back to the Cowboys of old and are not completing games from start to finish. They benefit from an easier schedule with 2 of their last 4 against inferior teams (Bears and Redskins) and have tougher games against the Colts and Eagles.

Bold Prediction for Week 14: Buccaneers over the Lions. Similar to my Cowboys and Browns theories, the Lions will always be the Lions until proven different. Just when you expect them to waltz to 9-4, Tampa Bay will have something to say in the upset win.

Guaranteed Lock for Week 14: Bengals over the Steelers. Time to put the 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers to bed. They looked dominant weeks ago and the sexy pick for an underdog Superbowl win but since the gears have fallen off. Now, there are strong rumors that Ben is injured (stop me if you haven’t heard this before) walking into a must win game for them. I like Cincinnati to derail the Steelers and send them to their 3rd straight off season without a playoff birth.


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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups Week 13

November 27, 2014 By: Category: Fantasy Football, NFL | NCAA Football, Sports

For me patients is always the name of the game and for the 7th season in a row it is paying huge dividends.  My starting running backs in a week #1 were Ben Tate and Trent Richardson with Ray Rice as the back-up.  So you can imagine that the season started off on the wrong foot considering where those three are today.  However I enter the final week of our regular season powered by the likes of Justin Forsett and Josh Gordon.

Sitting, waiting, and not panicking has turned my subpar team into playoff juggernaut that will not only give me bragging rights 2 years in a row but also make my pockets a little fatter in the process.  With all that being said I am also kind of sad that this season is coming to an end.  Fantasy Basketball does just enough to get me to summer when I can start planning for next season.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this blog of the last three months, sorry to those who didn’t succeed with my advice and your welcome for those of you who are in a better place because of me.  Without further ado, let’s see what this week has in store.  This blog is coming a little late due to all the early games and my holiday prep, so my apologies ahead of time.


Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins- Not many people had Tannehill on their list for draft day and it appears that even after an amazing fantasy season he is still flying under the radar.  Tannehill is 58% owned as his stock has been slowly rising this season.  Who would have picked Tennehill to finish the season a top 10 QB ahead of names like Stafford, Newton, and Ryan.  You shouldn’t need any stats for this guy, the bottom line is that he is putting fantasy points on the board.  At #8 and healthy he should be starting for your team if your starters are not named Brady, Manning, or Brees.

Kyle Orton, Buffalo Bills- After a down week vs Miami, Orton bounced backed with a dominate performance against the helpless Jets.  With his weapons getting healthy, look to Orton to score more than the 10pts he is projected.  Robert Woods has stepped up to be a legitimate threat and Fred Jackson seems to be back from his injury scoring a TD last week.  The emergence of Dixon as serviceable compliment to Jackson is going to give defenses a lot to think about.  Orton is a slinger and looks like there are a few more gun fights on the schedule.  If you are really hurting for some help at QB, Orton will serve you well.

Zack Mettenberger, Tennessee Titans- At the start of the year a Titan’s QB was picked to have a breakout season but Mettenberger wasn’t his name.  Titan fans finally have something to be excited about as Metterberger (he needs a nickname) has thrown 7 TD’s in 4 games.  This is your wild card for the week but Mettenberger has a number of decent receivers and last week showed some real chemistry with Delenie Walker.  Playoffs or not, Mettenberger is probably not going to be getting an rest to close out the season as the Titans are going to want him to get as much experience as possible.

Running Back:

Daniel Herron, Indianapolis Colts- When Bradshaw went down I expected Richardson to finally show us what he could do but the Colts let us know at the last second how much they trust Richardson.  Herron was announced as the starter informing all of us that Richardson is not the guy in Indy.  It is hard to not get excited about a guy who totaled 96 yards on 17 touches in his first week as a starter.  Starting running backs in high powered offenses are often times a safe bet as they have the best chance to score points.  Herron is a strong #2 starter or flex in all leagues.

Tre Mason, St Louis Rams- Most experts are calling Mason a strong flex option, however I would argue that with the shallow depth at RB he is a must start #2 for most teams.  Averaging over 90 yards that last 3 games and dominating the carries, Mason is probably the most reliable options left on the board.  The Rams are not going to make the playoffs but they will have an opportunity to be a spoiler in the NFC West and Mason probably won’t be resting.

Latavius Murray, Oakland Raiders- Murray literally broke out last week against the Chiefs.  We know nothing about Murray at this point but you have to like what you saw out of his limited work.  He did suffer a concussion so his status for this week is up in the air but if he is ready to go he should be on your team.  Let’s face it, the Raiders have nothing to lose so it’s a good time to let the young guys get some real snaps in to get prepared for next season.  The Raiders are going to give Murray a shot and I am thinking you should too.

Wide Receiver:

Jarvis Landry, Miami Dolphins- Always a difficult positon to predict, Odell Beckham has shown us that if we predict right it could change the face of your team.  Landry is the obvious #2 in Miami playing for the #8 fantasy QB this season.  24 catches for over 200 yards and 4 TD’s in 4 games shows that this isn’t a fluke.  He is a perfect complement to Mike Wallace giving Tannehill a tandem of receivers to torcher defenses with.  With the running game up in the air they are going to be relying on the passing game to keep them near the top of the division and drive them into the playoffs.

Kenny Stills, New Orleans Saints- Everyone knows the Saints are a pass first team and Brees is still an elite QB.  Outside of Jimmy Graham, Brees has yet to show us who is “go to “receiver really is.  It seems like it’s a new guy every week.  Last week Stills caught 9 passes for almost 100 yards and the passes will keep on coming.  Even with a losing record the Saints are still in the hunt for the playoffs which means they are going to need everyone on offense to step up.  I will tell you that I am taking a chance on Stills this week.

Robert Woods, Buffalo Bills- Woods is quietly moving up the fantasy watch board.  Watkins and Jackson get the most credit for making the Buffalo offense go but time and time again Woods has shown that he is worthy of fantasy consideration.  9 catches on 11 targets for 118 and a TD.  What most people don’t know is that he has the potential to do that every week.  Again with defenses firmly focused on Jackson and Watkins, Orton will be looking at Woods.

Tight End:

Tim Wright, New England Patriots- You just never know what you will get with the Patriots so Wright is definitely a gamble.  The good news is that so are all the other TE’s on the waiver wire.  If you are going to gamble, why go all in on a guy who plays for a QB who threw him 2 TD’s lasts week.  If you pick up Wright you are doing it because you believe in Brady and there is nothing wrong with that.

Brent Celek, Philadelphia Eagles- The same logic for Wright can be applied to Celek as well.  For the second time in 3 weeks Celek has caught at least 5 passes which means he isn’t dead.  Like New England the Philly offense doesn’t care who catches passes, just that the passes are caught.  At any given week it can be any given player.  Sticking with the theme of gambling, why not go with a guy who is in an offense of will always try to score.

Jermaine Gresham, Cincinnati Bengals- Another non-reliable TE equals another gamble.  Just like the previous guys on this list, you picking the system and not the player.  Gresham has been in Cincy for quite a while and knows Dalton well.  He has not done much this season but he has had a few moments.  Dalton looks to be back on top of his game with the return of a healthy Green and Bernard which will either limit or increase Gresham involvement in the offense.  It’s hard to put money any TE this week but Gresham should be good for 3-4 pts which, at this point is all you can ask for


NFL Week 12 Recap and Week 13 Predictions

November 27, 2014 By: Category: Fantasy Football, NFL | NCAA Football, Sports

  • I am not one to be a fan of most of the shenignans and “fluff” that happens in the NFL but I was quite amused by Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin’s performance’s the other day. If you haven’t watched the conference it’s worth it. Just search “Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin cut-out” and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Sherman and Baldwin decided it was best to give the NFL what they wanted. You want us to be mandated to talk to the media? Okay we will do just that. Sherman and Baldwin then proceeded to discuss their current endorsement contracts combined with the ever growing and glaring hypocrisy of the league. Part of this was anger from the two men at the ludicrous fine against teammate Marshawn Lynch for not speaking to the media ($100,000).
  • Sherman continually lashed out at the leagues double standards about talking to the media and preaching player safety but yet continuing to have some teams play two times within 5 days. Sherman’s antics were funny with the card board cut out of Baldwin but they increased the glaring double black eyes that the league had this season due to off the field issues involving Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. Sherman poked fun at a league where if you are caught wearing the popular Beats by Dre’ headphones at the stadium, you are fined $10,000 for wearing unauthorized equipment by the league. A league that has set in stone rules about apparel had no set plan in place for criminal or off the field antics similar to Rice or Peterson?
  • Don’t give me that bull that there wasn’t a “precedent” for those actions. It pains me to say this but domestic violence is way, way too prevalent and common place in today’s society and in the NFL. You are telling me this never crossed anyone’s mind about possible punishment? Oh but some suit making 7 figures a year sure as hell notices when a player wears pink outside the month of October and levies a 10K fine for that with 48 business hours. Lynch was fined an astronomical $100,000 for not talking to the media last week and Sherman will most face the same penalty. Why? Because NFL, that’s why. The league needs to stop with antics of enforcing the smaller rules when they can’t even handle the major issues.
  • How about Legarrette Blount everyone? Quits on the Steelers, arguably signs with a better team and better chance, scores 2 touchdowns and has a great re-debut for the Patriots? Yet another shining example of talent will always outweigh any on or off the field issues. I mean he was literally cut and signed within 24 hours of his release. But hey, the NFL has long been about “winning above anything else”. That’s why you see coaches terminated within 2 years of signing huge deals. That’s why you see quarterbacks being pulled quicker and quicker in today’s league. The league is not about setting examples of great employee conduct or morale. It’s all about “what have you done for me lately” and “what can you do for me now?” The immediate signings of Blount (Patriots) and Ben Tate (Vikings) will now, more than ever, show other players that these antics are okay. I expect a full slew of more quitting and diva antics once teams miss the playoffs and or fail in their bid for a Superbowl.

Recap from Week 12:

Bold Prediction from Week 12: Giants over the Cowboys. – WRONG – UGH so close! I predicted that Eli Manning would have a huge bounce back game and he did…sort of. In the end the Cowboys got the in.

Guaranteed Lock from Week 12: Broncos over the Dolphins. – RIGHT – Sheeesh…..could you have made this any closer Denver? Thanks for bailing me out.

Picks for Week 13:

Bold Prediction for Week 13: Falcons over the Cardinals. Look, I know first-hand that the NFC South is the worst division in probably the history of the NFL. But, they all at least know what’s at stake. Every team is still in the hunt for the division title and even with a poor performance against the Browns at home last week, I like them to rebound this week and upset Arizona.

Guaranteed Lock for Week 13: Eagles over the Cowboys. Mark Sanchez will not let the “Butt Fumble” game define his Thursday NFL career. Huge game for the Sanchise and Eagles come out on top. 

I kept it short and sweet for you guys this week so you’d have more room for turkey! Have a safe holiday and travels.  

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NFL 2014-15 Season Q3 Analysis

November 26, 2014 By: Category: NFL | NCAA Football, Sports

I want to start by wishing everyone at, and all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving weekend. I hope that everyone has a wonderful time with their families and friends, including their four legged ones. Be careful traveling, and if you decide to go shopping on Black Friday, please be safe. There are enough nutcases out there, so don’t get into a fight over a TV. It’s not worth it.

In speaking of Thanksgiving, the NFL 2014-15 season has just 5 more weeks to go. In horse racing terms, the 32 teams have hit the top of the stretch. It’s after Thanksgiving, when the proverbial whips start to appear, and we fans see which teams are real playoff contenders or pretenders. As four weeks have passed, some teams have put themselves in a position for a playoff push, while others took steps backwards. Of course, there were teams that were never in contention, and will wind up finishing up the track. Many reasons why include drama and ineptitude.

In this blog, I will be discussing the events of the third quarter of the 2014-15 NFL Season. I will delve into the playoff front runners. I will be looking at teams fighting for wild card spots. I also will be discussing some crazy off field issues as well.

Again, I will be using the “Thumbs Up” and ” Thumbs Down” literary device. I hope my readers will enjoy the blog. Without further ado, here is my analysis of the third quarter of the 2014-15 NFL Season.


The Baltimore Ravens:

Watch out for the Baltimore Ravens. The team has been on a roll. They’ve been on a hot winning streak lately. They’re on the outside looking in, as the 7th seed. The team has a pretty favorable schedule, and should they qualify for the playoffs, they won’t be an easy foe. Former North Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith has been lights out. After a shaky start to the NFL season, QB Joe Flacco is starting to adapt to offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak’s system. Needless to say, the Baltimore Ravens have a very good defense, led by Terrell Suggs.

The Green Bay Packers:

What can you say about MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers that hasn’t been said? He has been awesome. Before last Sunday’s game at Lambeau Field against the Vikings, Rodgers and the offense put up 50 plus points a game against the last two opponents. LB Clay Matthews has been terrific playing both inside and outside linebacker. I realize the team has some questions on defense, but so far, Dom Capers, Packers Defensive Coordinator has been doing a great job.

This Sunday’s tilt on November 30th against the AFC East leading juggernaut New England Patriots should be an awesome game. I’m very excited to see how Coach Bill Belichick game plans against Aaron Rodgers and that high powered offense. I wonder if Packers WR Jordy Nelson is going to be covered by Darelle Revis. I can’t wait to see what Packers Coach Mike McCarthy comes up with to try to out coach Belichick. Of course, can the Packers defense stop the Patriots offense led by Tom Brady?

The Arizona Cardinals:

I remember the days when this team was a joke. Well, not anymore. Over the years, they started getting talent and started to improve. The Cardinals, under QB Kurt Warner, made it to SB43 and gave my Steelers a run for their money.

Now, under (ironically) former Steelers Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians, who is now the Cardinals Head Coach (my pick for Coach of the Year) , the Cardinals are 9-2, and leading the NFC West. Now that QB Carson Palmer is out for the season due to his ACL injury, it remains to be seen how far QB Drew Stanton can take them.

Nevertheless, this is a good sign for a franchise that was 5-11 when Arians took over in 2012. They were 10-6 last year and missed the playoffs. Barring a collapse, it looks like the team will make the playoffs this year. How far they will go without Palmer is anyone’s guess. I am very happy for Bruce Arians and his success.


The Denver Broncos

I give Denver a mild “Thumbs Down .” QB Peyton Manning had a string of games (New England, Oakland, Rams) where he had thrown multiple interceptions. In the past few games. The Broncos have been starting games a bit slow, and have been having trouble running the ball due to issues on the offensive line and injuries to their top running backs. Having C.J. Anderson helps that issue.

The Broncos have been 2-2 in their last 4 games. They’ve had some injuries to key players, some of whom should be back in the coming weeks, so that’s why I don’t give them a total thumbs down. Don’t worry. They will be fine.

The Pittsburgh Steelers:

Why are the Steelers here? The Steelers have yet to understand that every game is important. I hope they have learned that while on their bye week. How on earth do you lose to the hapless New York Jets? That team had ONE WIN!!! Never underestimate ANY opponent!

The Steelers nearly blew it again against the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football. However, they managed to win that one. The team has to be prepared for all your opponents, no matter what their record is. No team is going to roll over and lay down just because you are the Pittsburgh Steelers. They get paid also.

The NFC South:

What a mess in the NFC South. Does anyone want to win the division? The Saints blew a chance to have sole possession of first place in their loss to the Ravens. They are tied with the Atlanta Falcons (both at 4-7). The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 2 games back in last place with a 2-9 record. The Carolina Panthers are in striking distance at 3-7-1.

What has happened to this division? The Saints can’t win on the road or even at home. The Saints used to be unbeatable at home. What’s happened to QB Drew Brees? The Falcons are a dumpster fire. The Panthers have no physicality. The Bucs have a great rookie receiver Mike Evans. The idea that a sub 500 team from this division is going to make the playoffs really rubs me the wrong way, as there will be teams will good records that will miss the playoffs.

Coaches on the Hot Seat:

It’s also that time of year when discussions of which coach might or might not be getting fired start warming up. I have a few that I suspect will be gone. I also sense that there will be some General Managers that will be on the outs. Mind you, I am just speculating.

It looks like Rex Ryan, the head coach of the New York Jets, is going to be out of a job by year’s end. I honestly think Coach Ryan’s season has been undermined by the ineptitude of GM John Idzik. Idzik is a cap guy. All he cares about is keeping spending down. I mean, I know that Ryan is a defensive guy. However, he did lead the team to two straight AFC Championship game appearances with Mark Sanchez as quarterback, so Ryan has success as a head coach.

I realize that lately the team’s been mediocre, this season has been a disaster. Hard to put it all on Ryan when he doesn’t have much of a team. The team signed Eric Decker, when Emmanuel Sanders was available. The team left the secondary cubbard bare, and the QB position is nonexistent. Geno Smith has just been named the starter. What a joke. Rex Ryan is a “dead man waking,” so to speak.

The Jets organization wouldn’t let him discuss his visit with his ailing father, the legendary Buddy Ryan. ( ) How petty is that? If/when Ryan goes, I think Idzik needs to go also. The entire Jets organization needs cleaning up from top to bottom. Will owner Woody Johnson do it? I don’t think so. I would dump Idzik over Ryan.

The New York Giants have been a dumpster fire as well. I am thinking that this will be coach Tom Coughlin’s last year with the team. I don’t see the team putting in a lot of effort. The new Offensive Coordinator is not very impressive. The defense can’t get a pass rush. In this past Sunday’s game against the Cowboys, QB Tony Romo had all day to throw.

I also feel that GM Jerry Reese needs to go also. The reasons are bad draft picks, outside of Odell Beckham, Jr. and bad trades. Both Coughlin and Reese have done great things for the Giants, but I think it’s time for them to go. As patient as the Mara family is, I am not sure if they will get rid of Reese.

Mark Trestman, head coach of the Chicago Bears, needs to go. Wow. I am still wondering why the Bears dumped former coach Lovie Smith. Smith got the team to a Super Bowl, and in what would be his last season, a 10-6 record, and he’s gone? What has this Trestman guy done? He’s been a disaster.

The once vaunted Chicago Bears defense is playing like the Bad News Bears. They can’t cover anyone. They gave up over 50 points to the blood rival Green Bay Packers, and to the New England Patriots the prior week. The offense has playmakers, but QB Jay Cutler is so erratic, and I am being kind. I don’t see that team being inspired by him at all, or even wanting to play for him. Trestman need to go.

Miscellaneous (DC issues, player safety inconsistency, clock management):

I realize that this is getting long, so I will wrap this up with a few items that deserve a huge “Thumbs Down.’ I will start with the issue of player safety involving Detroit Lions Center Dominic Raiola and New England Patriots rookie LB Zach Moore. After last Sunday’s game, Raiola admitted that he dove at Moore’s knees in retaliation for the Patriots going in for a score instead of taking three knees. ( ) Raiola was not punished by the NFL. The NFL may not have seen a need to fine him, but I do wonder why the same NFL is so quick to fine players 10 grand for uniform violations, 100 grand for not having the right headphones, but won’t fine a guy who ADMITS he tried to take another player’s knees out. This is coming from a league that emphasizes player safety? Right.

Mr. Raiola, your Lions had 60 minutes to stop the Patriots from scoring. The Lions were the #1 defense right? You boasted in the article that you were “playing football” when you purposely dove at Moore’s knees. Well, what were the Patriots playing, solitaire? You and your team got beat. No need for the cheap shot. Your defense had chances to stop the Patriots and didn’t do it. Just be glad that the NFL looked the other way.

Looks like the Nation’s Capitol is going to have gridlock on its NFL team. What a mess. I mean, Coach Jay Gruden announces to the world that RGIII is basically a project. I was stunned. Look, I was tired of hearing RGIII throwing his teammates under the bus, but Gruden really pulled the trump card.

Now that RGIII has been benched for Colt McCoy, it will remain to be seen what the future brings for RGIII. Will owner Dan Snyder trade him? Will RGIII ever regain the promising talent he had? Stay tuned. This is far from over.

I have to say something about that clock management mess in Atlanta. Coach Mike Smith, another coach who I think is gone, had one of the most idiotic explanations after the game. I mean, he was afraid that Cleveland would use a time out, so that’s why he called timeout? I just shook my head.

That is exactly what you want the other team to do. You want them to start burning their timeouts. I could not believe that Mike Smith handed that game to the Browns like that. Owner Arthur Blank should have come down to the field and fired Smith on the spot.

I hope my readers enjoyed the blog. I’m looking forward to the post – Thanksgiving push to the playoffs. I think the last few games will be very interesting. Each game gets a little bit bigger. Enjoy the holidays and the games. Feedback is welcome. See you next time.

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NFL Week 11 Recap and Week 12 Picks

November 19, 2014 By: Category: NFL | NCAA Football, Sports

I’m fairly certain that the one thing I find absolutely infuriating in sports is when athletes quit. This past weekend we had 3 examples of football players quitting within 2 days of each other. 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks started the theme on Sunday when he took himself out of the 49ers game due to what he felt was inadequate playing time.

The 49ers have had an emerging star in Chris Borland at Linebacker and he has been given his fair share of opportunities this season. A lot of his chances come because of Aldon Smith’s suspension and Navorro Bowman’s recovery from knee surgery. Bowman has found his plays down this season and reacted on Sunday by sitting on the bench, pouting. A multi-millionaire baby…..sat there….on the bench….in front of thousands in attendance and millions watching around at home…..and he pouted.

He pouted like a 2 year old when they spill their milk. And then, in a bizarre game of “whatever you can do, I can do better,” Legarrette Blount and Ben Tate quit on their respective teams Sunday and Monday. During the 2nd half of their Monday Night Football game, Steelers Running Back Le’Veon Bell was stomping the Titans into oblivion. Back-up Running Back Legarette Blount decided that the 4th quarter was the opportune time to go check his fantasy lineup score and proceeded to leave the bench, shower and get ready to leave the game….with it still going on! Blount was unhappy with his usage (no pun intended) and proceeded to get on the Brooks cry train and left the field.

Thankfully the Steelers cut Blount promptly the next morning and now the man who once punched another player in the face at the end of the game and was lucky enough to even have a job in the first place, finds himself looking for his 5th team in as many years. How about Ben Tate, formerly of the Browns and now of the Vikings? Tate had some solid years as a back-up to Arian Foster in Houston and that led to him being one of the hottest Free Agents this past off season. Tate had a few personal injuries and the emergence of a trio of great rookie Running Backs led to the “pout train” taking a trip through Cleveland before its trip down to Nashville. The Browns would cut Tate on Monday morning.

I have no sympathy for these guys who put themselves over their team. The 49ers, Steelers and Browns are all winning currently and look like they can cause some major noise in their respective conferences. You don’t want to be here? Fine, pack your bags and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. What happened to the days when players would do whatever it took in the name of winning a game? The Steeler game was close at the end. What if Bell would have suffered an injury in the middle of the 4th quarter?

“Hey ah…anyone see Legarrette?”…..”Hold on coach, he’s in the middle of this crucial mission of Call of Duty and it couldn’t wait”.

“Hey ah…anyone see Legarrette?”….”Hold on coach, he thought he left his stove on back in Pittsburgh, he went to go check on it”

It’s ridiculous! I saw reports that one vocal Steeler player didn’t even want Blount on the bus on the ride back to the hotel / airport after the game. I wouldn’t either, I’d toss him 50 bucks and a Mega-Bus schedule. The 49ers should have reacted in this same way that the Browns and Steelers did. I am tired of these multi-million dollar athletes who put themselves above other guys over a silly thing as their plays being reduced or things just not going their way. Kudos to the Steelers and Browns. Hopefully this sends a message to the other players in the league thinking about taking a seat for their own better good.

Week 11 Recap

Bold Prediction from Week 11: Texans over the Browns. – RIGHT – Pretty simple result here. I don’t believe in the Browns. I am happy that one of the worst teams in the history of the NFL seems to be on the rise but until they get into the playoffs and have some major wins, I more or less will always favor the opponent.

Guaranteed Lock from Week 11: Raiders over the Chargers. – WRONG - 0-16 here we come Raider Nation! Their remaining schedule has them facing the Chiefs, Rams, 49ers, Chiefs, Bills and Broncos. The ONLY game I think they have a remote chance of winning would be the final against Denver (due to Denver resting starters for playoffs). However, I’m fairly certain Peyton Manning will have something to say about potentially losing to a 0-15 team.

Week 12 Predictions:

Bold Prediction for Week 12: Giants over the Cowboys. – This is what Eli Manning does. He brings all us suckers in close with poor play, lulls us to sleep like little babies and then boom, he throws for 300, 3 TD’s, no picks and the team wins. I like it to happen against the Cowboys Sunday night.

Guaranteed Lock for Week 11: Broncos over the Dolphins. – Denver has been fairly mediocre the last 3 weeks. It would not be surprising that the red hot Dolphins could pull the win off but I believe Manning ends any questions to his play on Sunday with an absolute beat down of the Dolphins.

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