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Looking back at my 2012 MLB Predictions – Inside The Wheelhouse

October 04, 2012 By: Category: Major League Baseball, Sports

The 2012 Major League Baseball season is in the books and Postseason Baseball is upon us. 10 teams remain for the opportunity to be crowned World Series Champion. Let’s take a look back at my predictions on every division and see how I fared in what actually occurred this season. It will be alright to laugh and point at some of picks because you know I’ll be doing the same as well.

With that said here were my predictions for the 2012 MLB season from the start of the season for the Camel Clutch Blog:

National League:

Predicted NL East:

1. Philadelphia Phillies (Actual finish: 3rd in NL East)

2. Miami Marlins (Actual finish: 5th in NL East)

3. Washington Nationals (Actual finish: 1st in NL East)

4. Atlanta Braves (Actual finish: 2nd in NL East)

5. New York Mets (Actual finish: 4th in NL East)

I don’t think I could’ve predicted a division any worse then I did with the National League East this season. Honestly who saw the Nationals being this good, this early on in their franchise? I certainly didn’t just yet but it’s been one of the best stories in Baseball this season. As for the Philadelphia Phillies decline this year I didn’t see that coming either, obviously.

Philadelphia will be a team poised to return to prominence in the NL East next season, no shock there when you have the rotation and lineup they have. When it comes to the Atlanta Braves I actually thought they would’ve suffered what the Boston Red Sox suffered this season and that was still having a bad taste in their mouths from the “final day of the season collapse” in 2011. New York lived up to their expectations while the Miami Marlins did not from their busy offseason heading into this year, I’ll be shocked if Ozzie Guillen is still the manager come 2013.

Congrats to the Nationals and Braves on making the playoffs this season and glad we could all come together to enjoy a good laugh due in part to my horrible NL East predictions this season!

Predicted NL Central:

1. Cincinnati Reds (Actual finish: 1st in NL Central)

2. Milwaukee Brewers (Actual finish: 3rd in NL Central)

3. St. Louis Cardinals (Actual finish: 2nd in NL Central)

4. Chicago Cubs (Actual finish: 5th in NL Central)

5. Pittsburgh Pirates (Actual finish: 4th in NL Central)

6. Houston Astros (Actual finish: 6th in NL Central)

Well at least I got the division winner right in the NL Central and for the most part I didn’t do a bad job predicting this one. Each team is close to the position I had them finishing in with the most important being the Cincinnati Reds returning to the top of this division after seeing Milwaukee and St. Louis own it in 2011. I had Cincinnati as my NL Champions for this season and still like them as a World Series contender heading into Postseason Baseball.

Cincy has the blueprint of the last two World Series Champions in the San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals, both whom are also part of the National League. The Reds have a strong pitching rotation, an even stronger bullpen and a very solid lineup; all things that helped those two teams win the last two World Series Championships. They have the makings of bringing a World Championship back to Cincinnati in 2012 if the stars continue to align themselves in the Reds favor.

As for the rest of the division the Pirates were a disappointment in the fact that they trailed off at the end of the season yet again and they always seem to be getting closer but can never kick the door down. St. Louis bounced back nicely from Pujols leaving for the Angels and LaRussa retiring as they look to reclaim their World Series crown yet again in this year’s Postseason. As for the rest of the division Milwaukee needs to give Ryan Braun help if they ever want to play in Postseason Baseball during his tenure, the Cubs didn’t capitalize on Theo Epstein being there…yet and the Astros are well, the Astros.

Predicted NL West:

1. San Francisco Giants (Actual finish: 1st in NL West)

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (Actual finish: 2nd in NL West)

3. Arizona Diamondbacks (Actual finish: 3rd in NL West)

4. Colorado Rockies (Actual finish: 5th in NL West)

5. San Diego Padres (Actual finish: 4th in NL West)

I should’ve saved this division for last because this was the best of any MLB division that I predicted. I really liked the San Francisco Giants to return back to the top of the NL West this season and for the Los Angeles Dodgers to improve upon their final stretch of 2011. Arizona had decline written all over them and the Rockies/Padres didn’t have a bright future heading into 2012 at all.

San Francisco is poised to be potential World Series Champions again and their matchup in the NLDS could’ve been a NLCS matchup in my opinion as well. The Giants don’t have the starting pitching that they did in 2010 when they won the World Series but their bullpen seems to be very similar to that Championship team and their lineup is wiser & older as Buster Posey really showed up as a NL MVP candidate in 2012. Like the Reds, they are a very dangerous team to deal with in the Postseason.

Los Angeles was a disappointment for me this season because even before the Han-Ram, A-Gon/Beckett/Crawford deals I had them going to the NLCS. Matt Kemp could’ve been the NL MVP if he stayed healthy but because of such it slightly derailed this team for this season, they will be a strong contender in 2013 though. Arizona is like what Baltimore, Oakland and Washington are this season as they were a young team playing with “house money” heading into the Postseason, for them to keep that trend going would’ve been hard to do. Finally I didn’t expect much out of San Diego at all and Colorado needs to be “blown up” in the offseason if they want to thrive ever again, don’t be surprised if Tulo and/or C-Gon get traded at some point.

Predicted National League Division winners: Philadelphia Phillies, Cincinnati Reds and San Francisco Giants

Actual National League Division winners: Washington Nations, Cincinnati Reds and San Francisco Giants

I believe it was Meat Loaf who once said: “two out of three ain’t bad.” I’ll take the Cincinnati Reds and San Francisco Giants picks but will admit I was very surprised the Phillies decline happened this season. Like I said before, I expected the Washington Nationals to be good, at some point, just not in the 2012 MLB season.

Predicted National League Wild Card Teams: Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers

Actual National League Wild Card Teams: Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals

Well I got these picks completely wrong now didn’t I? I didn’t believe the Braves would be able to bounce back from the Wild Card collapse last season (instead it was Boston who couldn’t) and I thought it would be very tough for this Cards team to return to the Postseason without Albert Pujols & with a rookie manager, I was extremely wrong on both. At least this time both teams will go head-to-head with the Wild Card on the line and not have it be decided like it was last season.

Predicted AL East:

1. New York Yankees (Actual finish: 1st in AL East)

2. Tampa Bay Rays (Actual finish: 3rd in AL East)

3. Boston Red Sox (Actual finish: 5th in AL East)

4. Toronto Blue Jays (Actual finish: 4th in AL East)

5. Baltimore Orioles (Actual finish: 2nd in AL East)

The American League East is often looked upon as one of the most competitive divisions in Baseball and for a good part of 2012 it most certainly was. At one point in the season all five AL East teams had records above, at, or close to .500 heading into the All-Star break. That’s pretty impressive for an entire division to accomplish.

I was correct in picking the New York Yankees as the AL East Champions but the rest of the division was an unpredictable mess from my picks. The Baltimore Orioles, who finished 2nd in the division and made it into the Postseason I had predicted would be in LAST PLACE. Simply because I loved this team the season prior to be contending for a Wild Card position and they didn’t, so next season I need not to hold grudges when I predict divisions.

For the rest of the AL East I knew Tampa Bay would be competitive but didn’t think they’d miss the playoffs and they did as a 90 win team for 2012. I knew Toronto would be “pesky” but still didn’t have what it takes to be competitors in the AL East just yet; I like them to be like the 2012 Orioles in 2013 though. As for the Boston Red Sox I did not see this coming at all, never would I be able to predict the collapse they had, only having 69 wins while having 93 losses, trading away some of their top stars (Gonzalez, Beckett and Crawford) and having this Bobby V hatred that the fans did. I don’t think ANYONE could’ve predicted that happening and not for a Baseball town like Boston.

 Predicted AL Central:

1. Detroit Tigers (Actual finish: 1st in AL Central)

2. Kansas City Royals (Actual finish: 3rd in AL Central)

3. Cleveland Indians (Actual finish: 4th in AL Central)

4. Minnesota Twins (Actual finish: 5th in AL Central)

5. Chicago White Sox (Actual finish: 2nd in AL Central)

I guess for at least the American League I decided I’d go with predicting the Division winner right but not being too close with the other teams. Detroit wasn’t a hard prediction to make simply because the division isn’t too strong but I was quite surprised with how long it took them to clinch the division and with so little wins in the process. Detroit should’ve been a 97-100 win team in 2012 in my opinion.

The White Sox finished 2nd in the division and I had them in last place. Predicting the White Sox for last place in the Central wasn’t something shocking because they blew up their team in the offseason and hired a new manager in the process. But instead of rolling over the White Sox went out there, shocked the baseball world to 85 wins and all the while contending for most of the season in the AL Central.

As for the rest of the division the Royals were very disappointing in that they didn’t contend in the year everyone figured they would, which sets them up to be a nice story for 2013 just like the Orioles, Nationals or Athletics. Cleveland is Cleveland and Minnesota is Minnesota. Both of those teams, Cleveland and Minnesota, need some freshening up for their franchises to ever be successful again.

Predicted AL West:

1. Los Angeles Angels (Actual finish: 3rd in AL West)

2. Texas Rangers (Actual finish: 2nd in AL West)

3. Oakland Athletics (Actual finish: 1st in AL West)

4. Seattle Mariners (Actual finish: 4th in AL West)

If you had the Oakland Athletics winning the AL West this season I’d like you to pick my lottery numbers for the rest of my life. While it’s an amazing story lets face it, NO ONE SAW THIS COMING! The Athletics were lost in a division with the Texas Rangers AND the Los Angeles Angels, two teams that had great teams to begin with but got BETTER in the offseason while the Athletics traded away some of their top players (Gio Gonzalez, Trevor Cahill and Andrew Bailey)!

The Texas Rangers are a disappointment because they lead the AL West from April 9th till Game #161 when they let the Athletics win the AL West in Game #162. That is a pretty epic collapse in my opinion, and the only way they can salvage it is by advancing far in the Postseason. As for the Los Angeles Angles they are an even bigger disappointment because they didn’t contend for the Postseason at all this year! They signed both Albert Pujols & CJ Wilson in the offseason, two of the biggest free agents available, called up rookie phenomenon Mike Trout to the bigs and traded for Zach Greinke forming one of the most impressive rotations on paper, all the while still failing to make the Postseason!

As for the Seattle Mariners, what can you say about them? The future appears to be bright there as they start over a new leaf without the likes of Ichiro Suzuki but there is still a lot to improve upon. At least with the Houston Astros coming over to the AL West next season they know that they won’t finish last anymore.

Predicted American League Division Winners: New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Angels

Actual American League Division Winners: New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers and Oakland Athletics

Once again a wise man named Meat Loaf once said: “two out of three ain’t bad.” The only problem is the Los Angeles Angels, who I had winning the AL West, I also had winning the World Series! At least I have the chance to be half-right if Cincinnati makes it to the World Series!

Predicted American League Wild Card Teams: Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers

Actual American League Wild Card Teams: Baltimore Orioles and Texas Rangers

I’m proud of myself on this one because I had the Texas Rangers advancing to the AL Wild Card play-in game this season and while I did predict a AL East team would be the other Wild Card team I didn’t think it would be the Baltimore Orioles. At the start of the season had you known this would be the one-game Wild Card playoff game you’d be guessing it to be the Texas Rangers all day. I don’t know if that’s the case anymore as Texas looks to repeat for the third straight year as defending American League Champions. Baltimore is playing with “house money” and is very, very dangerous.

To wrap everything up it was fun to look back at my 2012 MLB predictions and see how good I did, while how bad I did as well. I’ve always had the great fun & pleasure of covering the MLB Postseason here on for the last three years and I look forward to doing that once again here in 2012. Check out my Wild Card play-in game predictions blog coming out on Friday and my ALDS/NLDS predictions blog set for Saturday!

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Philadelphia Phillies Fans vs. The GM: Who Is Really Pushing The Panic Button?

July 03, 2012 By: Category: Major League Baseball, Sports

Reuben AmaroLet’s all go back to early April shall we? Some early season losses were met by that subtle phrase “it’s early yet”. Sure April is very early, and it is always hard to judge a team’s future based on the first few games of a season, but if you are a real Phillies fan, you had to know this had a sour flavor. Fast-forward to early July, to find your team 11 games out of first place, 9 games under .500, becoming a trade deadline seller instead of a buyer, and having the makings of the worst season of baseball in quite a few years. Hate to say I told you so!

So where do we begin, and where have we gone so wrong? Well it is very easy for any “arm-chair GM” to analyze. A large dose of injuries to key players like Ryan Howard and Chase Utley to start off the season, only to be joined by other names such as Roy Halladay, Jose Contreras, Lance Nix, Freddy Galvis and well the list goes on and on. Plus guys like Carlos Ruiz, Placido Polanco and Brian Schneider dealing with on and off nagging injuries. However in knowing you would start the season without a Howard or an Utley, the only free agent move to cure this was Jim Thome? An aged veteran who proved he was best served as a DH during inter-league play. Oh and yes they brought in Nix, a career .250 hitter who lacks speed and good defensive ability. Meanwhile they had little going on in the bullpen and tried to remedy that with Chad Qualls.

In looking deeper into this off-season the Phillies brought back Jimmy Rollins at over 11 million dollars a year, threw a ton of money at Jonathon Papelbon to be the closer, prepared to pay Cliff Lee over 21 million dollars (and not even a win this season), worked an arbitration deal with Hunter Pence for over 10 million, but paid little to no money to assure solid, quality role players, outside of Ty Wigginton.

Alright, I know by now I have irked many of the Philly faithful so I won’t go on about what the Phillies did or didn’t do, because they did have the sense to bring in Juan Pierre, a solid leadoff hitter who can place the bat on the ball, run well, and drop down a bunt if needed. They also had guys like Dontrelle Willis and Scott Podsednik in camp, solid veterans who at least have a shot at making a contribution. Since then, Willis has retired and Podsednik moved. I am not about to say the Phillies tanked it this off-season, but when as fans you get used to seeing a new big name every year, it seemed to be a big letdown.

So as we reach the half-way point of the season, some 81 games in, we see a Phillies team that we have not seen in years. A ball club that puts together losing streaks and runs out a no-name lineup that makes fans scratch their heads. A team who was supposedly surviving with pitching, but since has lost Halladay to injury, watched Cliff Lee struggle terribly, have no contract news on Cole Hamels, had to shut down Vance Worley for a few games earlier on, and are paying Joe Blanton over 10 million dollars to be Joe Blanton. The Phillies are a team that is relying on Carlos Ruiz to be the clean up guy after years of being an 8-hole hitter with little expectations. Luckily, Ruiz has managed to have an excellent year. The bullpen is full of “who is that” guys like Diekman, Schwimer, Valdes, Rosenberg, and Horst.

So what would I have done different? The funniest and most dangerous question to ask, as it will have people raging with anger over the answers, but let’s see:

1. Not signed Papelbon: What sense does it really make to shell out such a huge amount of cash for a closer if you know that you will struggle early on to win games without your major talent? For me a guy of much cheaper value, like a Grant Balfour, or you go from inside the clubhouse and give a try to a guy like Antonio Bastardo. Hey, he may flop, but they had the guts to give a try to Ryan Madson, and at one time even tried Brett Myers. You don’t know if you have a closer unless you try. There, in my opinion is Cole Hamels money, gone.

2. Not even bother with Jim Thome: I know his appearance made Phillies fans happy, and I am aware it was a neat selling point to watch him go nuts in inter-league play, but all it turned into was fans now complaining on how they cannot believe we traded him away. Yep, we traded an over 40 bat who did very little to help on defense, and was getting blown away by most hardcore closers. Heck for that they could have gotten an Austin Kearns or a Ryan Theriot and actually knew they would have a chance to fully perform.

3. Hunter Pence, maybe not the best choice: Now without throwing things at me, Pence may have been a move of haste last season instead a move of pure sense. At the same time Houston was looking hard to move him they were having a total fire sale that also included Michael Bourn. Go ahead and laugh! Bourn has been a consistent .280-.300 average guy the last few years, has tremendous speed, plays a better outfield, and is a guy that knows how to put a ball in play. The Phillies have been using the reputation of a power team, and for that the ability to play small ball has vanished. Consider Bourn and Pierre at the top of your lineup with Rollins third, then a Ruiz, Victorino, Wigginton etc. Pence loves to hack at pitches and makes the easiest play on right sometimes look like a pure disaster. Bourn would have cost less as far as who to deal too.

4. Cole Hamels, contract in hand: It is easy to say what to do with others money, but Hamels in so many words is the modern Carlton. He is a solid lefty, hard-working and no nonsense. He has been a staple of this pitching staff since he entered the league and has been a World Series winner, a mark you can’t put on Halladay or Lee. Contract moves are at times dicey. They could have thrown money at Ryan Howard back when he showed he was something special, and maybe saved a few million per year, instead of waiting until the very last second and have to give him a huge deal, with tons of money per season. For Hamels to have no contract is a serious issue, and it has been a big buzz all season.

No,no I am not trying to be a typical “told you so” type of guy. My moves may seem insane to many. Not much of my bullet points would make us that much better, or maybe it would. Hey, it is only July and they may have a run left in them. Chase Utley is back, Roy Halladay should be back soon and Ryan Howard is working towards his comeback. The lineup certainly looks better with those names in it. If they do not improve with all the players returning, then the panic can set in, and we know what that means. Teams like the Phillies who have had the glory days, suddenly find themselves getting older, and come trade deadline time, could be looking to rid themselves of dollars.

Cole Hamels is rumored to be on the trade block, or at least thats what you read all over the internet and on local sports talk shows. Yes, he has even been linked to the Los Angeles Dodgers, and no potential prospect can cure the pain of losing Hamels this season or maybe next. Shane Victorino is making 9.5 million dollars this season, and has not been the huge numbers guy of the past. Could he be on the move too? And who’s to say the Phillies won’t try and dump Lee, Halladay or Hunter Pence? If a team is struggling enough, moves have to be made, right? They already parted with Thome, and moved Qualls, so you know full well deals can get done.

The beauty of being a fan is that we all have the luxury to either root or quit. We all have the luxury to complain or cheer. I for one never give up on a local team. I root for them win or lose, that’s what makes someone a true fan. Sure it is hard to watch right now, and no, I am not thrilled with seeing the Nationals and the Mets fight for the division lead, but you have to think about this: How excited were Atlanta Braves fans when the Phillies took over as the big dogs of the NL East? Losing always stings, and losing players stings too. The comfort zone can be found in that there is always a next season.

Look, GM Reuben Amaro gets paid no matter how much some may dislike his current position. The players make the money and will go where traded to, or stay if asked. You can boil over with anger, you can scream at your TV and call in to a radio station and say what you like. However, as I said there is always a next year, maybe Amaro is a step ahead, and is making his cap space for a Josh Hamilton? I know, I know, pipe dreams. Pipe dreams, isn’t that what being a sports fan is kind of all about?

When it comes down to it, Amaro has claimed that he has not waved the white flag, and has not given up on this team. Some say a run is yet to come, and that the teams in front of them still have to worry about what the Phillies have. It seems good to have that reputation. However when you listen, there is a lot of negative outlooks on the street. People are getting discouraged, and angry in what they see. You all want moves and you want them now, don’t you? The stadium that was always more like a huge frat party is looking more like a library. I wear a Phillies shirt on the street and people say “Really? They stink!” How quickly many forget.

So, I ask you, who is pushing the panic button here?

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at

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The Sports Betting Edge For May 4, 2012

May 04, 2012 By: Category: Major League Baseball, NBA, NHL, Sports

stephen strasburgHello everyone and welcome back to the 2nd edition of The Betting Edge. Today’s picks are for tonight obviously. Below are the results and at the end of the column will be the year to date records with a total figure for each sport.

5/3/12 Results:
MLB: Miami Marlins – San Francisco Giants UNDER 7 (WIN – FINAL SCORE: MARLINS 3 GIANTS 2) +50
NHL: Philadelphia Flyers +102 (LOSS – FINAL SCORE: DEVILS 4 FLYERS 3) – 100
NBA: Miami Heat – 5 (WIN – FINAL SCORE: HEAT 87 KNICKS 70) +100

We’re starting where we started at yesterday with the NBA Playoffs. Being local to the Philadelphia area it’s been quite an interesting ride with the 76ers this year. I’ve watched a lot of people jump on their bandwagon when they got off to their hot start early in the year when they were playing high school basketball teams. When they hit the meat of their schedule it was obvious right away they were a tier (or two) below the top echelon of NBA teams. Nothing’s been more obvious then that as the way they played towards the end of the season.

Now with Derrick Rose out many people are assuming the Bulls will lay down and die. Nothing could be farther from the truth as the team excelled with and without Rose. Obviously the shock of losing him and playing a day later didn’t really have the team gelling as well as they had shown they had the ability to do this year.

The 76ers leading scorer sadly is still Lou Williams; the same Lou Williams would be maybe a 6th man on a decent team (exactly his current role on the 76ers.) Now the Bulls are 2 point underdogs going into Philly where the Wells Fargo Center has not been kind to the 76ers. The 76ers are 0-5 ATS in their last 5 as a home favorite…and 0-5 in general in their last 5 home games. The Bulls are 4-1 in their last 5 ATS and 3-1-1 following an ATS loss. Take the Bulls +2 laying $55 to win $50.

I have to go back to being a homer through after going against a Philadelphia team. In baseball the Phillies are facing the Nationals and Stephen Strasburg. Here’s a weird concept…betting on the Phillies and against Strasburg…even with Kyle Kendrick pitching. The Phillies are 5-2 in their last 7 road games against a right-handed starter.

The Phillies have looked better as of late (not counting the Roy Halladay/bullpen meltdown) and the great news is Papelbon is on 2 days rest so he’ll be well rested if it comes down to the Phillies in the 9th inning with a lead. The Nationals are 1-4 in their last 5 games as a favorite and 1-5 in their last 6 games overall. The Phillies are a big underdog at +194 so I’m laying $100 to win $194.

The only NHL game tonight is Phoenix at Nashville. I really only recommended betting when there is value and I don’t see any value whatsoever in this game. Coyotes are +145 underdog and Nashville is -157 favorite. I don’t see the Coyotes winning and I don’t want to lay $157 in case they’re able to defeat the Predators. Sometimes the best bet you can make is not making a bet at all. Forcing a bet with no value is an easy way to lose money and get you to chase the dragon.

That’s all for now. I’ll have a Saturday & Sunday edition up early Saturday with very early lines. Make sure to hop on that action Saturday morning as the lines are sure to shift by Saturday night/Sunday morning. Included might be some Boxing/MMA picks as well.

MLB: 1-0 (+50)
NHL: 0-1 (-100)
NBA: 1-0 (+100)

Total profit: $50

You can contact me on Twitter and follow me @DerekSabato or e-mail me at Gambling horror stories (sports/poker/anything) are always fun to read and if you have an interesting enough story I would love to post it on here along with some stories I’ll be telling in future columns.
And as always…Good luck!

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The Sports Betting Edge For May 3, 2012

May 03, 2012 By: Category: Major League Baseball, NBA, NHL, Sports

Martin BrodeurHello everyone my name is Derek Sabato and I’ve finally returned to writing this column. Taking a long break from writing (and betting) is something that’s necessary. There’s always a time where you feel you’ve run right into a wall and need to take a step back. My step back time was the Super Bowl but with taking a break and reevaluating how you’re looking at and picking games is something that is good for the brain.

Now onto the picks and the games on May 3rd, 2012. The first pick is from the NBA Playoffs. Miami being a 5 point favorite against the now Amare-less New York Knicks is something I can get behind. I’m not a huge Miami Heat fan (in reality my distaste for LeBron James is legendary) but the Knicks are done and broken. Short of Carmelo Anthony being cloned they can’t keep in a game with the Heat. The Heat are 6-1 ATS as a favorite of 5 points of more in playoff games and 5-1 as a favorite in their last 6. Knicks are 0-4 ATS in their last 4 games as a 5 point underdog. I expect the Heat to win by double digits. Laying $110 to win $100.

For the NHL Playoffs I’m being a homer but I have to be. If I can get the Philadelphia Flyers as an underdog which they are now I’m going to take them all day. As an underdog the Flyers are 4-1 in their last 5 games and in playoff games where they’re the underdog they’re also 4-1. Including the Game 2 victory for the Devils they’re 2-5 in their last 7 vs. the Atlantic Division.

Obviously Martin Broduer looked like a stud when he only had 1 shot to face in the 2nd period and the Flyers fell apart defensively. I don’t see this being a situation where they lose two in a row. Peter Laviolette will not let this team get down 2-1 and the players reactions to the way they played in Game 2 tells me they turn it around. Laying $100 to win $102.

In Major League Baseball the Marlins & Giants are facing off in an afternoon game in San Francisco. Weather is never a good thing in the early part of May in San Francisco and normally the wind is blowing in. Also with Anibal Sanchez (2.73 ERA) and Ryan Vogelsong (4.19 ERA) throwing; the ERA of Vogelsong is high but it’s still going to be under 7 which is what the O/U is as of this writing. The under with the Marlins on the road has hit 7 straight times and Vogelsong’s last 9 home starts vs. a team with a losing record is 8-1 to the under. Last 5 meetings they’ve had in San Francisco the under is 4-1. Laying $55 to win $50.

Any questions or comments can be made to my Twitter account @DerekSabato or e-mail me at’t forget to check out for updates and the CHIKARA YouTube channel for updates on everything going forward.

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2012 MLB Postseason predictions – Inside the Wheelhouse

March 28, 2012 By: Category: Major League Baseball, Sports

Joey VottoThe last couple of days I have previewed & predicted the American League and National League for the 2012 MLB Regular Season. I have given you my predictions for each division and the wild card teams for the 2012 season. So now it’s time to take those predictions and bring it into October Baseball where one World Champion will be crowned!

MLB Postseason:

American League Division Winners: New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Angels

When I look at the top 3 teams in the American League I’d have to say its New York, Detroit and Los Angeles. They are all very evenly balanced and make up some of the elite in the American League. Anyone of these teams could easily be predicted as a World Series Champion coming out of the American League.

American League Wild Card Teams: Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers

The American league is stacked with potential Wild Card teams this season and this selection was pretty hard to do but I believe both of these teams will be narrowly close to their division winner at the end of the Regular season. But when it comes to the first-ever American League Wild Card one game playoff matchup I have the Tampa Bay Rays finally defeating the Texas Rangers after being eliminated by the team from “the lone star state” the last two postseasons. It’ll be a big “monkey off the back” moment for the boys from “the trop.”

ALDS: Los Angeles Angels defeat the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1
New York Yankees defeat the Detroit Tigers 3-1

The Angels are a clear #1 seed in the AL playoffs in my opinion and should easily beat this Rays team in ALDS play. It always seems like that the Rays are good enough to make that last ditch effort to make the playoffs but are too spent from the path they took when it comes time for October Baseball. Things will eventually change for this Rays team but this season is not it as they continue to grow from challenges such as these.

New York avenges their loss in the ALDS to the Tigers from last season and finally defeat Jim Leyland in ALDS play. New York’s rotation is arguably deeper then that of the Tigers rotation and have a more even lineup that Detroit does. The woes of Miguel Cabrera playing third base and Prince Fielder becoming accustomed to a new team could hurt them in their first season playing together.

ALCS: Los Angeles Angels defeat the New York Yankees 4-2

It’s like “old times” yet again as the Los Angeles Angels and the New York Yankees are my picks to meet in the ALCS. The Angels are the much better all-around team and can out match the Yankees on nearly every part of their game. “Pitching wins championships” is a moniker I really base my opinions all about and the 1-2-3 punch of the Angels will be very deadly this postseason.

Like I said in my American League preview blog, I really believe the Angels are and will be the best team in Baseball for 2012. Albert Pujols is going to want to make a statement that the Angels made the right move by signing him to that contract and he will be able to cement that by taking this team to a World Series. This is a very well balanced ballclub with a ton of promise as I have them advancing to the World Series.

National League Division winners: Philadelphia Phillies, Cincinnati Reds and San Francisco Giants

The National League is much deeper and competitive then it has been in recent years in my opinion so picking these three division winners was really tough. I believe Philadelphia is the easiest of the three teams to select but that may all change in the NL East next season unless the Phils’ make some big moves during or after this season. I really like what Cincinnati did with their pitching this season as their lineup is already very balanced and they didn’t have any real big off-season distractions like the Brewers & Cardinals did. As for San Francisco they would’ve been NL West champs last season in my opinion if Buster Posey never went down for the year, this team is just as good as they were when they won the World Series in 2010.

National League Wild Card Teams: Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers

In the first-ever National League Wild Card one game playoff matchup I have the Los Angeles Dodgers defeating the Milwaukee Brewers to make the playoffs for the first time since 2009 when the team was coached by the legendary Joe Torre. Los Angeles is going to be a very surprising team this season in my opinion as guys like Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw become bigger names then they already are. I’m looking for these two to be the catalysts for the Dodgers resurge in Major League Baseball.

NLDS: Los Angeles Dodgers defeat the Philadelphia Phillies 3-1
Cincinnati Reds defeat the San Francisco Giants 3-2

The Los Angeles Dodgers are going to be that team who makes a late season push, wins the Wild Card and does really well when it comes to playoff time. I think that 2012 will be a statement year for Matt Kemp as he pushes his status in Major League Baseball from Dodgers star to the best player in the National League. Like I said before the Phillies are on the downside of this dynasty while the Dodgers are on the rise. This game could eventually mean the end of the tenure of Charlie Manuel in Philadelphia as well.

Cincinnati and San Francisco are two of my favorite teams to watch out for in the National League this season. They have great pitching, great hitting and two great managers. They are very similar teams when you take a look at them but I believe the Reds are slightly more balanced and that Joey Votto will be on a mission this season to take the Reds to the World Series. Votto is new Albert Pujols in the National League in that he can put a team on his back and carry them as far as he wants & I believe this will be his season to do such.

NLCS: Cincinnati Reds defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-3

I am a big fan of these two teams in 2012. I feel like the Reds will become a top elite NL Central team in the wake of the Brewers and Cardinals off-season problems while the Dodgers will be the surprise team who makes the late season push into the playoffs. Both of team’s future is bright but I like the Cincinnati Reds to advance to the 2012 World Series to take on the Los Angeles Angels. Cincy has better top to bottom pitching and a better top to bottom lineup as well, these two historic National League teams should put on a great show in the NLCS.

2012 World Series: Los Angeles Angels defeat the Cincinnati Reds 4-2 to win their first World Series Championship since 2002.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the Los Angeles Angels are the best team in Baseball entering the 2012 regular season in my opinion. They have basically a similar style of team that helped the St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series last season but have a better rotation which helps support my constant theory that “pitching wins championships.” Albert Pujols will make this lineup better around him and help elevate young players like Kendrys Morales & Mark Trumbo to become better players.

As for the Cincinnati Reds I believe they don’t matchup as well to the Los Angeles Angels. For years they have been the “red headed stepchild” to Albert Pujols and it looks like that history will continue to repeat itself in my World Series prediction. Joey Votto will continue to have a monster performance in carrying this team on his back but they will fall short to being crowned World Champions against this very good Angels team.

The Angels rotation has a great 1-2-3 punch that can matchup with any of the top rotations in Baseball and the best part is that all three pitchers (Haren, Weaver and Wilson) are in their primes. This is a perfect time for the Angels to get back atop the Baseball world and look for them to have a similar bounce back season like the Yankees did in 2009 when they won the World Series. The Angels made key off-season additions that made this already good team better and they will be crowned World Champions at the end of 2012.

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2012 National League preview & predictions – Inside the Wheelhouse

March 27, 2012 By: Category: Major League Baseball, Sports

Ryan HowardIt’s that time of the year again where I preview the 2012 Major League Baseball Season, from who will win the Division’s to who will hoist the World Series Championship when it’s all said and done! The Major League Baseball season officially starts this week over in Japan but will start next week for everyone else when it hits the States starting in the new home of the Miami Marlins. Out of thirty teams one will be left standing with the right to be called the “2012 World Series Champion!” With that being said lets talk next about the National League!

National League:

NL East:

1. Philadelphia Phillies

They were a World Series favorite last season and why wouldn’t they be? They had one of the best rotations in Baseball and lineup that would deliver balance on a game-to-game basis. It was all but a foregone conclusion that the Championship parade would be going through Philly.

But after winning 102 games last season and having home-field advantage throughout the playoffs they would end up losing to the eventual World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals in the NLDS. Disappointment wasn’t the only word to describe the early exit for the Philadelphia Phillies as shock took over the Phillies fans as they watched star First Baseman Ryan Howard laying on the ground with a torn ACL as the Cardinals celebrated their victory. This was not the storybook ending many people thought would be happening for the Phillies.

Philadelphia still enters the 2012 season as a World Series contender and a NL East favorite but that window of opportunity is slowing closing itself as players are getting older & not so durable anymore either. The Phillies of a slew of injuries (Ryan Howard & Chase Utley) entering this regular season and don’t have one of their “four aces” (Roy Oswalt) anymore. With teams like the Marlins, Nationals and Braves creeping up in the NL East this may be the last year for them to contend for a World Series with this team on the field.

2. Miami Marlins

The Miami Marlins had a busy off-season and rightfully so. They needed to put “butts in seats” for their new stadium and have done so by adding new manager Ozzie Guillen, shortstop Jose Reyes, closer Heath Bell and starting pitchers Mark Buerhle & Carlos Zambrano. The talent from this off-season has greatly improved a team that has struggled in recent years and has help poise them for a pretty competitive 2012 campaign.

There is a lot of excitement in South Beach right now and it has a lot to do with the off-season I just discussed. They are going to give a lot of teams problems this season if everything goes as planned as I believe it will and should make the NL East a very close division throughout the regular season. The young players will feed off the veteran players that were just added and names like Hanley Ramirez & Josh Johnson need to continue to be the franchise players they have been for the Marlins in the past by continuing to lead this team into a very exciting future.

3. Washington Nationals

Just like the Miami Marlins the Washington Nationals had quite the off-season this year. But unlike the Marlins who were starting from scratch, this was an off-season for the Nationals where they were continuing to build for a promising future. This team has a lot of good qualities that other franchises (i.e. Toronto Blue Jays) have picked up in recent years by building their homegrown talents and adding the right parts to make this team a contender.

Washington may have one of the most underappreciated starting rotations in the big leagues this year. Stephen Strasburg, Jordan Zimmerman and new additions Gio Gonzalez & Edwin Jackson make a pretty good 1-4 young solid rotation. In my opinion they can matchup with all the other great NL pitching rotations (Phillies, Marlins & Braves) and give this team a great opportunity to contend for possibly a Wild Card spot this season. This team, like the Marlins, is on the rise right now.

4. Atlanta Braves

Now this pick probably comes as shock to most people because of how close the Braves were to being a playoff team last season. They are well balanced and are a great team but the one flaw they made this off-season was not bringing anyone in to help them work off of last season’s late collapse. I can understand the Braves front office logic, this is a team that is the same as last season’s “collapse team” and they have a chip (no pun to Chipper Jones) on their shoulder.

While that logic is good, I don’t believe it works for this team. Miami and Washington got better in the off-season while the Braves stayed pretty even. I think if there is something that we can all learn from the NL East is that you can never be content with your roster, you need to always improve and Atlanta should’ve done that. It’s not going to be a horrible year for the Braves but it’ll probably be a very frustrating one, Fredi Gonzalez is one of those names I would put on the “managerial hot seat” this season.

5. New York Mets

There is not a whole lot to cheer about in Queens lately and that will continue this season as well. They shredded their payroll, got rid of star players and are in a “rebuilding year” in the NL East. The four other NL East teams are well beyond this Mets ballclub and it’s going to be a very frustrating year for the New York Metropolitans.

NL Central:

1. Cincinnati Reds

I know a good amount of Baseball people didn’t like what the Reds did long-term for their ballclub with some of the deals they made this off-season but I love what they have done for the short-term. They added Mat Latos from the San Diego Padres, Sean Marshall and signed closer Ryan Madson to a deal. The rotation is the best in the NL Central with Mat Latos, Homer Bailey, Johnny Cueto, Mike Leake and Bronson Arroyo. While they may not all be household names, they are a very solid rotation that will help carry the lead when they hand it over to their very good bullpen.

Joey Votto is going to have a monster year once again. I believe he was very much under the radar all of last season because the Reds weren’t playing well and I think that will change this year in a big way. Votto will carry this lineup and continue help make players like Brandon Phillips, Jay Bruce and Drew Stubbs even better.

Dusty Baker knows that his tenure in Cincinnati can be on the rocks right now and he needs another playoff season to save his job. The players seem to really adapt well to Dusty Baker as a manager and I will step up in saving his job for a couple more seasons. Also, the Reds were one of the top NL Central teams that didn’t have some sort of off-field distraction and that should prove to play well for them as they come into the regular season.

2. Milwaukee Brewers

They are the defending NL Central Division Champions. They dealt with the Ryan Braun failed drug test rumors all throughout the offseason. They then lost Prince Fielder to free agency. To say the Brewers didn’t have a busy off-season is an understatement.

Similar to the Philadelphia Phillies I believe the Brewers had a small window of opportunity to succeed and potentially be World Champions. That window got even tighter when Prince Fielder left and Ryan Braun dealt with controversy all throughout the off-season. This Brewers team comes in battered and bruised & I believe this has put them a step back in the process of being part of the NL elite. Milwaukee is still a good team but they are going to need to give Ryan Braun some much needed help if they want to be where they were last season and I’m not sure if the Brewers can provide that depth. This could be the beginning of a small step back in the Brewers organization for a couple of seasons.

3. St. Louis Cardinals

They are the defending World Champions that you’ve never heard of. The successes they had throughout September and most notably October are almost an after thought now. They lost their franchise hero and their World Series Champion manager retired. The phrase “chip on the shoulder” is an understatement for this Cardinals team.

St. Louis will enter the season hungry and pissed off no doubt about it. But that will be short-lived as I expect them to struggle just a bit under new manager Mike Matheny. The Cardinals can no longer depend on Albert Pujols lineup as their offensive juggernaut and cannot depend on veterans like Lance Berkman, Matt Holliday and Carlos Beltran to carry that weight either. Times have changed in St. Louis and it’s going to be a tough hole to get out for a couple seasons in St. Louis. In a way it reminds me a lot of what the Cleveland Cavaliers have gone through in the post-Lebron world.

4. Chicago Cubs

Chicago made the right move in hiring Theo Epstein as their head of Baseball Operations and Jed Hoyer as their General Manager. But it will still be a couple of seasons before you notice the moves Epstein & Hoyer were responsible for doing. The foundation is being built as we speak and this Cubs franchise should return to prominence in a couple of years.

5. Pittsburgh Pirates

I loved what this Pirates team did last year by making people believers in Baseball from Pittsburgh. Sure it was short lived and they slipped after the All-Star break but it was fun & exciting to watch as the Pirates were contending. Pittsburgh will have their bright moments this season but will still be a “bottom feeder” in the NL Central. In my opinion they made the best deal of the off-season by extending Andrew McCutchen to a contract that will make him a Pirate for sometime and at a very reasonable price, he has “superstar” written all over him.

6. Houston Astros

They were the worst team in Baseball in 2011 after winning just 56 games and I believe they will be the worst team in Baseball yet again. This is the final season for the Astros in the National League before they jump over to the AL West and it will be anti-climatic at best. Houston still has a ton of work to do in making them a competitive franchise and if you thought their was “doom & gloom” in Queens, New York just look down south in Houston.

NL West:

1. San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants should’ve been a playoff team last season but were not after losing star catcher Buster Posey early on in the regular season. They looked like for a while at least, to be the 2nd best team in the National League behind the Philadelphia Phillies and made moves during the season (trading for Carlos Beltran) to prove that they were right there will the Phils’ as a top National League team. San Francisco couldn’t keep up with the exciting Arizona Diamondbacks team last season as the year closed out and ended up missing the playoffs the year they were the defending World Champions.

San Francisco returns this season at full strength and looking like a team that could be better then the World Series club in my opinion. This is a pretty big year for the Giants as they look to keep Matt Cain and I expect a pretty decent year out of him as they prepare to try & keep this current pitching rotation together for some time. The motivation to keep this current unit of the Giants together I believe will be pretty huge in their successes throughout the year.

Are they a World Title contender? They certainly can have that late season push like they did in 2010 and get hot at the right time. I believe this team is very much under the radar and can be a low 90 win team & win the NL West division this season.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers

I really like how the future is looking for the Dodgers right now. This is a franchise that has dealt with a lot of off-season grief the last two years and is starting to look like they are coming out of the hole that their soon to be former owner left them in. This is one of Baseball’s most historic franchises and they finally look like they can be that top team in the National League once again, this will be a major bounce back season for the Dodgers.

Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw are two players that any franchise in Baseball would love to build their team around & the Dodgers have them in Los Angeles. If you thought their production last season was good wait till this season as these two players will put this franchise on their backs and make a great push towards the playoffs. Don Mattingly is a manager of the year candidate in my opinion. I think like the Reds, the Dodgers will be a surprise team in the National League this season.

3. Arizona Diamondbacks

This pick, like the Atlanta Braves in the NL East, may come as a surprise by many since they were in the playoffs last season. Now don’t get me wrong, I really like this team, I think they are good and will continue to be good for a couple of seasons. But they have “step back year” written all over them.

They are a young team who has already been successful by making the playoffs and winning 94 games last season. But they remind me a lot of the 2009 Tampa Bay Rays who came off of a very successful season only to miss the playoffs completely and finish third in their division. I believe that right now the Giants and Dodgers are better then the D’Backs but that doesn’t mean they won’t be successful. The NL West will be a tight division all season long and I look for the D’Backs to be in the mix but fall short of the Giants & Dodgers.

4. Colorado Rockies

I have picked this team two years in a row now to be a National League Champion contender. I am a huge fan of Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez but you can’t win games just off of those two players. I hate to put them in this fourth spot in the NL West but the other three teams I mentioned are better ball clubs then the Rockies. This team needs to make some more moves soon to keep Tulo and C-Gon content with wanting to place in Colorado.

5. San Diego Padres

If you thought San Diego had a tough season last year wait until this season. The Padres will contend with Astros as the worst team in Major League Baseball and will struggle all season long. The Padres made some good decisions during their off-season but those deals won’t pan out until a couple more season. If the Padres win more then 65 games I will be impressed and shocked.

National League Division winners: Philadelphia Phillies, Cincinnati Reds and San Francisco Giants

National League Wild Card Teams: Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers

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2012 American League preview & predictions – Inside the Wheelhouse

March 26, 2012 By: Category: Major League Baseball, Sports

Prince FielderIt’s that time of the year again where I preview the 2012 Major League Baseball Season, from who will win the Division’s to who will hoist the World Series Championship when it’s all said and done! The Major League Baseball season officially starts this week over in Japan but will start next week for everyone else when it hits the States starting in the new home of the Miami Marlins. Out of thirty teams one will be left standing with the right to be called the “2012 World Series Champion!” With that being said lets start off with the American League!

American League:

The American League has not hosted a World Series Champion since 2009 when the New York Yankees defeated the Philadelphia Phillies and each of the last two years the defending American League Champion has been the Texas Rangers, will that all change this season? The American League also welcomes Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder from the National League over to the American League creating quite possibly the most competitive league of the two in major league baseball. Only one team will have the right to represent the American League in the 2012 World Series and look to end the National League’s dominance the last two seasons. Lets take a look at each of the three American League divisions starting off with the AL East:

AL East:

1. New York Yankees
The defending American League East Champions are poised to repeat this season after improving a pitching rotation that was criticized all last season. The Yankees got through 162 games on the arms of ace CC Sabathia, rookie Ivan Nova, inconsistent A.J. Burnett and two pitchers past their prime Freddy Garcia & Bartolo Colon. With that rotation New York was able to win 97 games and make it into the postseason where their rotation could not matchup with the Detroit Tigers.

So what did General Manager Brian Cashman do in the off-season? He added more pitching depth and may have given New York their best rotation since the dynasty days in the late-90s and early 2000s. Joining CC Sabathia & Ivan Nova this season will be Hiroki Kuroda, young phenom Michael Pineda, the returning Andy Pettitte and bullpen/spot-star relief from either Freddy Garcia or Phil Hughes.

For quite a while (even dating back to 2009 when they won the World Series) the Yankees have been criticized for their lack of bullpen depth and now they have it with at least 6-7 starting pitchers on their roster. New York’s biggest flaw was matching their pitching with the pitching of an elite Baseball team and that’s what kept them from winning their 28th World Championship. New York has that and will be a top favorite to be crowned American League Champions.

2. Tampa Bay Rays
The Tampa Bay Rays for all intensive purposes were not supposed to be competitive last season. For all intensive purposes they were not supposed to make the playoffs either. But in reality the Tampa Bay Rays were competitive last season (despite losing Carl Crawford, Carlos Pena and basically all of their bullpen) and did make the playoffs in miracle fashion in Game #162. Many people thought that this team would be good again but it wouldn’t be till 2012 or 2013 when more of their “homegrown” talent continued to develop and live up to their potential.

Well one year removed off of their projected “down year” the Rays are back and looking a team that may be better then their American League Championship team back in 2008. The starting rotation, if it lives up to it’s potential, may be the best in all of Baseball and their bullpen, despite all the losses they faced heading in 2011, may be the best bullpen in Baseball. This team is very dynamic, very young and very fun to watch.

With all those positives comes the hunger this team will desire for all season long. They will keep the American League East extremely close all season long and challenge for the division crown. I believe the “projected success” for this team is the only thing holding them back from being an American League East division winner prediction.

3. Boston Red Sox
Boston has dealt with their fair share of ups and downs & heartbreaks. But Game #161 for them snapped one of the most popular Red Sox dynasties into pieces leaving “scorched earth” for new manager Bobby Valentine and new manager Ben Cherington to deal with. Times they are “a-changing” in “beantown” and I believe that while they will be competitively dominant they will face a lot of struggles as they try to gel this team back together after the horrible collapse from last season.

The Red Sox locker room is tumultuous and I believe still has remnants of it from last season. Carl Crawford will deal with the pressures of his huge contract from last season and Adrian Gonzalez will continue to prove he is the team leader now. But the biggest issue I believe the Red Sox will face is Bobby Valentine as their new manager. Valentine wasn’t their first choice to be manager and isn’t necessarily the “Red Sox material” of most managers they hire. His first season should be a bumpy one as the Red Sox continue to their pursuit to return to October Baseball.

4. Toronto Blue Jays
This Blue Jays team reminds me of the Tampa Bay Rays from a couple years ago. You think they are going to explode as a team and contend but wouldn’t be shocked if they didn’t. I still think that is the case here.

Toronto has made phenomenal strides in recent years to improve this team and they continue to do so on a regular basis. Being the AL East hurts them and the competitive level is just so high amongst all five teams. Toronto is almost there but it’s just not this season.

5. Baltimore Orioles:
This Orioles team frustrates me a lot. I predicted they would be competitive last season and they weren’t. I predicted them to be competitive two years ago and they weren’t then either. So I’m just going to predict them for last place in the AL East this season as that potential “window of success” is starting to close on them and I predict that Buck Showalter won’t be the manager in Baltimore come the end of the season.

AL Central:

1. Detroit Tigers
The Tigers did what they could to improve their rotation last season and they did with the addition of Doug Fister who played a key role in their late October run to the ALCS. But when it came to meet up with the Texas Rangers last season’s ALCS there was one thing miss, offensive depth. Well they answered that question doing the off-season by adding Prince Fielder.

A line-up with Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder in it is almost every manager’s dream, especially in that ballpark. Both of these players will compliment each other so well and make each other better on a game-to-game basis. Compare that to their already good rotation and bullpen & you have a very good well-rounded team.

It also helps that the Tigers sit in the AL Central, quite possibly the worst division in all of Baseball. I really see Detroit winning close to 100 games this season and possibly pulling away in the AL Central come late-August/early September. This team has a chip on their shoulder and they want to win a World Series for the motor city.

2. Kansas City Royals

For years most scouts kept telling baseball fans that come 2012 this Royals team is going to be just as good as the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays team were. You remember that 2008 Rays team right? Well they went straight to the World Series in a season that shocked the Baseball world.

Well while the Royals will be good this season they won’t be that good. They still have a season or two to fine tool this team and help bring Baseball back to Kansas City but will prove to be a top competitive team in the AL Central this season. Kansas City still has a couple of holes to fill on this team and need to continue to develop the future stars they have before they come knocking on the door of the Detroit Tigers.

3. Cleveland Indians
This franchise shocked Baseball last season as for the good part of the year they were leading the AL Central until after the All-Star break where they started to fall apart. Cleveland has made some competitive moves the last year or so by getting guys like Ubaldo Jimenez and Derek Lowe but they won’t repeat what they did last season. For me, until this team makes some more key additions they may have reached their plateau; it actually wouldn’t surprise me if they fall below the Twins in the AL Central standings this season.

4. Minnesota Twins
It seemed like I couldn’t bet against the Minnesota Twins at all. Every season they looked like they would finally collapse and they would then make the playoffs by winning the division. Well if you guessed that I had the Twins being competitive in the AL Central last season you were right.

It’s starting to surprisingly look like the Twins may have gotten all they can out of the Morneau & Mauer in Minnesota and may be focusing more on developing younger talent for the future of this franchise. I don’t see Minnesota really being that competitive this season and may be at best a 75 win team. They just need to reboot their logic and starting planning for the future to bring this franchise back to its dominance.

5. Chicago White Sox
Don’t expect much from the White Sox this season. This is admittedly a “rebuilding season” for the 2005 World Series Champions. The “Ozzie Guillen era” is over in Chicago and now they look towards the future in former player now manager Robin Ventura. It’ll be a hard year for this White Sox team and its fans as they rebuild.

AL West:

1. Los Angeles Angels
The Los Angeles Angels had the biggest off-season of any team in all of Major League Baseball. For the last couple of seasons the Angels have been playing “second fiddle” to the Texas Rangers in the AL Western Division, a division that the Angels dominated for most of the 2000’s. Being the “red-headed stepchild” to the Rangers dominance the last couple of seasons led them to landing two of the biggest stars from the 2011 World Series as they shockingly signed Albert Pujols away from the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals and ironically enough, C.J. Wilson from the rival Texas Rangers.

I truly believe the Los Angeles Angels will be the best team in Baseball this season. The signings remind me a lot of what the Yankees did in the 2009 off-season when they signed CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeria and AJ Burnett. The Yankees retaliated missing the playoffs in 2008 with these signings and ended up winning the World Championship in 2009. Los Angeles have missed the playoffs since being eliminated by the Yankees in 2009 and retaliated by making the biggest off-season splashes in all of Baseball.

The addition of Albert Pujols does a lot for a team whose offense has gotten older in recent years and now changes the complexity of this team as an offensive unit. As for the pitching CJ Wilson is merely an addition to an already great pitching rotation that turns this former Rangers to a potential #3 starter behind Dan Haren and Jered Weaver. The Angels have a lot of good things going so far and look to be the team to beat in the West.

2. Texas Rangers
They have won the American League Champions two years in a row. That statistic alone is one to be proud of but it also shows that the last two seasons they have been the losers in the World Series. In 2011 they were literally one out away from becoming World Champions and blew it all in Game 6 of the World Series & eventually losing to the St. Louis Cardinals. Texas looks to once again capture the American League Champion and this time win the World Championship.

In those two straight years of dominance the Rangers have really pulled away from the rest of the pack in the West cruising to playoff action and wining the American League Championship. I believe that will be a different story this year for the Rangers. For the 2nd year in a row they have lost their pitching ace (2010 – Cliff Lee, 2011 – CJ Wilson) and really don’t have anyone leading the rotation heading into this season.

Derek Holland has proven to be a potential ace in the future but not right now. Neftali Feliz is trying to become a starter this season but most of the time those experiments never pan out well. Not to mention the Rangers enter this season with some off-season controversy after Josh Hamilton relapsed again. Texas is going to have a good season but the little dynasty of American League dominance is going to end this season.

3. Oakland Athletics
Oakland had a really crazy off-season this year as they traded away Trevor Cahill & Gio Gonzalez, arguably the aces of this young A’s staff and also sent young closer Andrew Bailey to Boston. The Athletics then responded to those trades by signing Manny Ramirez and Cuban phenom Yoenis Cespedes & adding some much needed offensive depth to their team. The moves left many people scratching their heads as it looked like your normal “rebuilding year” and instead the A’s showed that they wanted to be at least a contender in the West. Obviously the A’s have a while to get back to their early 2000 AL West dominance but at least they have given fans a reason to go visit the ballpark with Manny Ramirez and Yoenis Cespedes in the lineup.

4. Seattle Mariners
Things have been rough in Seattle the last couple of seasons. The big Chone Figgins and Cliff Lee trades never really worked out & the glory days of Lou Pinella coaching have been long gone. That trend will probably continue this season as well but at least there is hope after they traded away pitcher Michael Pineda for the Yankees prized prospect Jesus Montero. It’s all part of a rebuilding process in Seattle and one that will continue for some time as I predict them to be the “bottom feeders” of the AL West this season.

American League Division Winners: New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Angels

American League Wild Card Teams: Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers

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Jorge Posada Belongs In The Baseball Hal Of Fame

January 26, 2012 By: Category: Major League Baseball, Sports

Jorge Posada Hall of FameI’ll preface this post with a full disclosure that I am about as diehard a Yankee fan as there is. I live and die by this team, so yes, I may be a bit biased over the course of this entry. Sue me. I’ll show up to court with my Yankee tie on.

On January 24th, a storied career finally came to a close. Jorge Posada is finally stepping away from the game he loves after 17 seasons at the ripe old age of 39. For Yankee fans, he joins a list of catchers rich in history. Names such as Yogi Berra, Bill Dickey, Thurman Munson, and Elston Howard come to the forefront of any baseball historian’s mind when it comes to great Yankee catchers. You can easily rank Jorge Posada among them.

While Jorge may not sport the number of All Star Appearances that Yogi Berra or Bill Dickey did, and he certainly didn’t win Yogi’s 3 MVP awards, and definitely didn’t have Dickeys lifetime .313 BA, Jorge brought one of those famed “intangibles” that Yankee fans love to use when defending a player. It’s hard to argue for an intangible, as there is no real clear cut way to explain what your eyes see and your brain appreciates. You just watch him take a field and you knew there was no one on that field more proud to wear the pinstripes with the interlocking NY. Now, I know that’s certainly good enough to get a bronze statue in monument park, and your number retired by your team, but it just isn’t good enough to get you into the Hall of Fame.

So let’s talk numbers. Jorge had a lifetime batting average of .273, with an OBP 100 points higher at .374. In comparison, Yogi Berra batted .285 lifetime, with an OBP of .348. Jorge was also a much more patient hitter, which sometimes came to haunt him, as he had a significant number of strikeouts, but he notched 230 more walks than Yogi did. And 260 more than Bill Dickey. He also had 73 more homeruns than Bill Dickey. In fact, short of the difference in batting average, Jorge has very similar numbers to Bill Dickey in 8 offensive categories. He also walked away as a slightly better fielder than Yogi, with a higher fielding percentage, less errors, and more putouts.

Sabermatricians rejoice, as I know you’re pulling out your hair at the mention of these categories. I’ll throw a bone your way too. Jorge’s Range Factor per 9 is much higher than Yogi’s (compare Jorge’s 7.49 to Yogi’s 5.56). While the numbers are much higher overall at the catcher’s position in the present day, it’s hard to argue that a stat is meaningless while at the same time comparing a player to Hall of Famers who played in different eras. You can’t have it both way, gents.

Getting away from actual stats, as those can get boring very quickly, I present another argument. Jorge Posada should have been an MVP winner in 2003, if not for Alex Rodriguez and his season of steroids. Okay, maybe Carlos Delgado would have won, but Jorge was not far behind Delgado in the voting, and both men shared the same number of first place votes. I contend that if A-Rod wasn’t cheating to be the MVP, Posada would have won that MVP in 2003, and we would have a significantly different argument about the guy. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and this is the closest Jorge ever came to the MVP trophy. However, this is as close as Bill Dickey ever came, as he never won the trophy either. Yogi won three, but it’s hard not to win the MVP at least once when your team is winning 10 World Series rings, and you go to the All Star Game every year you played as a starter.

Jorge has an award that neither Bill Dickey nor Yogi Berra ever won, and that is the Silver Slugger. Granted, the Silver Slugger only started to be awarded in 1980, you can’t fault someone for being a victim of when they were born. An award is an award, and Jorge won five of them. The only two players to win more in the American League were Ivan Rodriguez and Lance Parish. Also, Jorge has something that of the Yankee catcher Hall of Famers, only Yogi has under his belt: A victory in a perfect game. Not many other players have the honor to call a perfect game, and even fewer have actually been elected to the Hall of Fame after catching one. Currently, only 2 catchers have been elected. A few others are still active. Of them, only Ivan Rodriguez is the only surefire Hall of Famer.

An interesting stat I heard from the MLB network relates to that power of Jorge’s. During his time as an active catcher, from 1998 to 2010, no player hit more than 240 homeruns. This is 11 more than Mike Piazza’s 229 and 24 more than Ivan Rodriguez’s 216. I think this stat alone supports my theory that Jorge deserves his mantle on the wall in Cooperstown, as those are two of the best power hitting catchers of all time.

Sadly, this is where I digress, as I know what will happen with Jorge’s ballot. It will become a replica of Elston Howard, who happens to have many similar numbers to Jorge Posada in both offense and defensive categories. Howard, the first African-American to play for the Yankees is a two time Gold Glove winner, and a recipient of the MVP award. He took over for Yogi after his retirement, and won himself four World Series rings. He never made it to the Hall of Fame. He was an above average fielder, just like Jorge, but his numbers weren’t quite there. It looks a lot like Jorge’s line, to be honest, with the exception of a few stats. Jorge had over 110 more homeruns, 200 more hits, 100 more doubles, 300 more RBIs, and his OBP was 50 points higher than Elston’s. One could use these stats as an argument had Elston been elected, but he never was.

Had it been a list of the best Yankee catchers of all time, of course Jorge would be ranked above Elston Howard. As much as it pains me to do it, I’d probably rank him above Thurman Munson too, but that is only because Jorge played longer, and had a couple of more World Series rings than Thurman did. However, Jorge played the same game, with the same intensity. Jorge lived and died by the pinstripes the same way I, as a fan, do so from April-late October every year. It’s hard as a fan to not like that. It’s almost the same reason why Yankee fans don’t like A-Rod. He just doesn’t bring that intensity that a guy like Jorge does. I want my players to be angry after a game. I want them to feel like they let down the entire city of New York, because the next time they take the field, they’re going to tear the cover off of the ball. Jorge, for 17 seasons, was that guy.

I’ll never forget when the Yankees were suffering a tremendous loss to the Tampa Bay Rays in early 2009, and Girardi didn’t want to waste a pitcher, so he put Nick Swisher on the mound. Swisher recorded a strike out, laughed on the mound, and rolled the ball to the dugout for his trophy case. The team found humor in the embarrassing situation, as Swisher could then retire with a 0.00 ERA. Everyone except Jorge Posada. When asked after the game about it, Posada wasn’t so amused. “Nobody was laughing,” Posada said. “I think today was embarrassing, and it’s just one of those days that everything went for them and nothing went for us. We didn’t pitch, we didn’t do the things we were supposed to do.”

In a nut shell, that was Jorge Posada, in the middle of a World Series winning season. There was no humor about the game. He brought 100% of himself to every game he played. While some people may harp on when he “quit the team,” against the Red Sox in the middle of the 2011 season, I took a step back after my initial angry outburst. I thought about it, and remembered that this is the same player for the 16 previous seasons who brought a fire to the field every time he crouched behind the plate. I can’t honestly sit back and get angry at him for being insulted the way he was for being put in the 9th spot. Maybe it was what Jorge needed, as seemingly, it turned his final season around.

Oddly enough, it was Jorge who clinched the Yankees AL East title in 2011. It was a season of accomplishments, from Jeter’s 3000th hit, to Mariano Rivera’s 602nd save. It was very appropriate that Jorge Posada got an achievement of his own. One that stood for everything he stood for. He launched the team into the playoffs. Pinch hitting for a hot-hitting Jesus Montero, Jorge drove a single into right field, scoring two runs, and sending the Yankees to the playoffs.

I realize that this is supposed to be about the career of the man, and why he should be in the Hall of Fame, but I firmly believe that clinching game is a microcosm of Jorge the player. He didn’t have to hit a home run with the bases loaded and two outs in the 8th. He just had to make contact, and score a run to take the lead. He gave the Yankees two. He was always giving a bit more than they asked, but never hogged the spotlight or the glory. If the team was winning, he was winning. The epitome of a team player is Jorge Posada.

While I personally gave Posada a lot of grief for not being a clutch player, he was also the man who caught Jeter’s famous “Flip Play” in Oakland in the 2001 ALDS. He sent Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS into extra innings with his double in the bottom of the 9th. While the Yankees have found a suitable replacement behind the plate in the form of Russel Martin, I just feel as though the Yankees are missing that extra bit of intensity that Jorge brought to the table. Not to knock Martin, as he had a fantastic first year for the Yankees, but there is no player quite like Posada.

We watched him grow up and mature as a player, and become a leader of the Yankees. He became a general on the field and did everything a fan could ever wish for in their player. Posada deserves to have his name added to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York when his balloting begins in five years. While I am fairly sure the Baseball Writers do not agree with me, and won’t vote Jorge in, I hold out hope that they will let go of this gate keeper mentality, where some vote “No” on the first ballot, just because. Jorge’s numbers are right there with other Hall of Fame catchers.

It’s time for him to get his fair shake, and his own individual accomplishment that every player dreams about. In five years, I hope to be in Cooperstown with other Yankee fans on the grass chanting “Hip-Hip-Jorge” one final time. I just wish the Writers would see it my way for once. But this would mean Mattingly and Munson would be in too. But that’s an argument for another day.

Erik Espenberg is a native New Yorker who is an avid fan of the Yankees, Rangers, and Jets. When not writing for Camel Clutch, he can be found killing his brain cells playing assorted video games. He can be contacted at

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Things To Be Thankful For In Sports

November 23, 2011 By: Category: Major League Baseball, NFL | NCAA Football, Sports, WWE | Pro Wrestling

A Rod YankeesWell, we are upon the Thanksgiving holiday when we get together with family, and friends to celebrate being together, and commemorating the Pilgrims and the Indians sharing traditions after the harvest. Many people thank their God for blessing them with what they have while remembering those who do not have as much. Those who are fortunate will go serve in homeless shelters, and such places, and deliver turkeys, and meals to the poor, so those less fortunate can also have Thanksgiving. It is a wonderful holiday, and a great American tradition.

As for me personally, and I am not going to go totally Tim Tebow on my readers, but I am thankful to God that I have family, friends, and my Episcopal Church family who love and care about me. I am thankful for my 14 year old beagle, Ace Frehley. I am thankful for my overall good health, and a roof over my head, and I am very thankful that I get to write these blogs for this great site, and share my views with the readers.

This blog is about one other thing I am very thankful for: SPORTS, and SPORTS RELATED items (pro wrestling). Sports have been a big part of my life. Music, and movies have also, but sports are a lot more fun in the sense that you can really have a great debate over them. I love how they are a distraction from every day life also.

Anyway, I am going to be discussing the sports related items that I have been thankful for this year, and I hope you enjoy them, and even debate them.

The NFL 2011 Season happening: For much of the year, all we heard was “Lockout,” “deal is close,” “deadline league,” “canceling games,” etc. There were optimists about the CBA (John Clayton, Adam Schefter), but there were WAY more pessimists (Collinsworth, King). However, I never thought they would miss any games, at least any GAMES THAT COUNTED. Ok, they missed the Hall of Fame Game. Wow. One preseason game. I am just thankful that Bob Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots jumped in there despite his wife’s dying of cancer along with other cooler heads (Jeff Saturday, and John Mara of the Giants) and got the CBA done. I’m thankful to see my favorite NFL teams in action once again.

The New York Yankees not only winning the AL East, but making the playoffs: It is amazing how powerful the alphabet network from Bristol, CT is. Just about all their “experts” said the NY Yankees wouldn’t win the East, and they wouldn’t make the playoffs based on the mighty Boston Red Sox getting all these players in the off season. Wow. I guess the boys in Bristol didn’t count on the Red Sox (who did have a game and a half lead going into September) chowing down on Pizza, chicken, and beer in their locker rooms, and tuning out Francona, and just choking that entire month. Yeah, yeah, the Yankees got eliminated in the first round. They made the playoffs when the “experts” said they wouldn’t. It’s ok. They got 27 rings to look at.

Harve De Grace is a leading candidate for Horse of the Year: This year, there is no clear favorite for the Eclipse Award for Horse of the Year. However, with the Breeder’s Cup Classic as her only clunker (4th place finish), it is looking like filly Harve De Grace (see my previous blog about meeting her) is a leading candidate. Winner of the Woodward against males, winner of the Beldame, against her own sex, and winner in a couple of other stakes, she definitely should be able to take the award. Friday, is the Clark Handicap where BC Classic runner up, Game On Dude, and 5th place finisher Flat Out are running. If either win, then it will be interesting to see if she still will be the leading candidate. Anyway, I think she should win. Would be great if a third female in a row won HOY (Rachel Alexandra in ’09, Zenyatta in ’10)

WWE possibly catching on that they need to build new stars: With the rise of super star, CM Punk, and seeing Randy Orton lately putting over Wade Barrett, and Cody Rhodes, and Dolph Ziggler, and Zach Ryder getting elevated, it appears that WWE has realized that they need to put over new people if they want to continue into the future. I don’t need to tell long time fans that for YEARS, Vince and the gang have overworked the same warhorses (Taker, HHH, Cena, Orton, Batista, Edge, HBK, Jericho, Kane, etc) in top matches. The top titles would go back and forth between these guys for years, and none of the younger guys would get elevated. NOW, the large majority of them are gone from the company, and NOW the youngsters are being pushed. The company should have had the older top guys put over these youngsters while they were still around. Oh well, at least it appears that WWE is getting the message now. Thankful for Orton to put over young guys. Just waiting on Cena to do so.

Edge leaving the wrestling ring with his health intact (pretty much), and on top: April 11, 2011 is a date that will be in my mind forever. I went through that day as normal. I surfed the net, and nothing of note fancied my interest. I was on twitter reading what people were saying about this and that. I was watching “Tough Enough.” The show took a commercial break right before the part when Stone Cold does the elimination, about 8:50pm EST. Raw did their little preview that they do or whatever, and they flashed a rather sad looking photo of Edge and on the bottom , it said “Edge Retiring?” Cole and Lawler’s voices could be heard speculating. My heart sank. I was stunned. I was like, “Is this an angle?” “This better be an angle.”

I knew Edge back in June of 2010 spoke of retiring in about two years, but then around WM27, he did a couple of interviews, and he said things indicating that he had apparently changed his mind, and would go a couple of more depending on his body. I had noticed in the months going into WM27 that he looked to be in quite a bit of pain. I noticed it in his left arm in particular. He’d either come down shaking it, or if he was hit in the left arm, he’d flex his left hand. I remember from his book, he said when he was having problems with his neck, he had issues with his left arm.

Anyway, when Raw came on, pretty much during the show , Cole and Lawler speculated about this “retirement” thing. People on twitter went nuts. I then remembered on the previous week’s Smackdown, he speared Brodus Clay, and grabbed his neck. Anyway, at about 1015pm, you could see him talking to Cena, and when you saw him walk to the arena, you could tell it was not an angle by looking at his sad face.

Of course, as we all know, he made the tearful announcement, and gave up the title the next night at the Smackdown taping. Edge’s retirement hurt me so much. I was affected by this so much. I cried for a week. For a few months, I hurt so badly over it. I couldn’t understand why God allowed this to happen. It really wasn’t fair. I was upset about how WWE handled him after he returned from the Achilles tendon (he returns from a career threatening injury and they deny him the belt at Mania? the heel/face turning of his character, switching him from SD/Raw/SD, feud with Kane. but that’s a blog for another time).

I was kind of upset that he was made to look like Del Rio’s bitch up to Mania, and was very annoyed that they put an 11 time World Champion the freaking CURTAIN JERKER at WRESTLEMANIA, and had to put up with people saying Del Rio should win. Hello. Del Rio beats Edge’s arm to a pulp and takes his belt too?? Edge lost 3 previous World Title matches, and now some dude who’s been on tv six months who made Edge his bitch on TV should get Edge’s belt too? NO WAY (again another blog). NOW, I had to deal with the horrible news that Edge was forced to retire due to injury to his neck.

However, seven months later, even though I still miss him terribly and always will, I am thankful to God, the spinal stenosis was caught, and Edge got to go out on top, as the World Champion. I am very thankful that Edge, and WWE decided to have the MRI done to make sure he could proceed as a wrestlers. I am sure it was very hard for him to cope with when he heard the news, but I am thankful that his friends and family were there for him to give him support. I constantly pray for him, as I always have. I am also thankful that he got to do Haven.

He said in an interview with Eurosport Superstar Caz that he was glad that he did Haven as he said that at first he wanted to hide in the mountains and grow a huge beard, but after doing Haven, he said that hiding would have been the wrong thing. I am glad that he did Haven, and the show will be renewed so I will get to see him that way. I am thankful that he will spend the rest of his life walking, and such. As he was scheduled to do a ladder match, I would have just (figuratively speaking) died on the spot if I saw another Droz or dare I say it, another Owen Hart incident.

Also, as much as Del Rio’s getting the belt at Mania may have been the “right” business decision, Vince McMahon’s decision to keep the belt on Edge wound up being the right decision. I am very grateful that Edge went out as champion. Not everyone gets to go out on top as champion. Very few do, being it wrestling (Trish Stratus I believe did), or in sports (Jerome Bettis, Michael Strahan), so as sad as his retirement was for me as his fan, I thought it was an honor well deserved.

Well, I hope readers enjoyed this. Happy Thanksgiving

Terri Bey currently blogs for about Wrestling, NFL, and other sports/pop culture related subjects. Her work has appeared in BleacherReport and for Terri can be found here at Facebook- and at Twitter-

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2011 World Series Prediction & Preview – Inside The Wheelhouse

October 19, 2011 By: Category: Major League Baseball, Sports

St. Louis CardinalsThe title of World Champion is now within the reach of two teams that will be playing for it all starting this Wednesday. All it takes to accomplish that goal is to win four of the potentially remaining seven games in the 2011 Major League Baseball season, an easy feat when you say it but one that will test the heart of a true champion.

This is what Baseball fans wait for all season long, the final series of the season, the 2011 World Series. Who will be crowned Champion when it’s all said and done? Will it be the American League Champion Texas Rangers or the National League Champion St. Louis Cardinals?

Texas Rangers vs. St. Louis Cardinals

The 2011 World Series will be a tale of two team’s incredible paths to reach this very point. On one side you have the Texas Rangers, the American League Champions who for a second year are back in the Fall Classic. They are team who was favored by many to get back into the World Series once again and make a run at the World Championship they missed out on last season. Their offense is a spectacle to watch and may have one of the most dangerous lineups in postseason history.

You then have the St. Louis Cardinals who on August 26th, 2011 were 10 1/2 games out of the National League Wild Card. By all accounts there season was done & the discussions of whether or not Albert Pujols would re-sign in the off-season had began. There run to the World Series has been nothing but historical thus far as they cut the Atlanta Braves lead and won the National League Wild Card on the final day of the season. They enter the World Series defeating the two best teams in the National League as they knocked off both the Philadelphia Phillies & Milwaukee Brewers to get to this point.

This is what October Baseball is all about. The paths in which teams take to reach the Fall Classic is what makes us want to tune in and watch the World Series. The paths these two teams have taken up to this point has made them Champions at heart, but the title of Champion is one they must earn in the next week and a half.

These two teams match-up better then you may think. Sure the Texas Rangers have a lineup that has carried them to back-to-back World Series trips but what about the St. Louis Cardinals. The veteran leadership of Pujols, Berkman and Holliday is one that shouldn’t be forgotten about. At one time you could have made a National League version of Mount Rushmore with the best players in the league and these three would be on that very monument.

But they have become older and have slowed down from the years they were in their primes. This is a 2nd World Series trip for the three of them each as Berkman was with Houston in 2005, Pujols won it in 2006 and Holliday was with Colorado in 2007. The experience of playing in the Fall Classic is definitely in that St. Louis clubhouse despite not winning it all. You also can’t forget they are being managed by a World Series Champion manager in Tony LaRussa.

The Texas Rangers are by far the favorite in the 2011 World Series and by all accounts, were the favorite to win the World Championship against San Francisco as well. They are back in the Fall Classic in back-to-back years and are hoping of achieving the goal they were set out for last season. This is there chance to get revenge on what they failed to do last season.

I really don’t think I need to break down the Texas Rangers batting order. It is the best in Baseball and historical up to this point. To reach the categories of fellow “murder’s row” like lineups they need to capture a World Championship. They have given their opponents some distinct trouble and more importantly given their pitchers some much needed run support along the process.

The Texas Rangers pitchers have an ERA over six so far in the postseason, in most cases that would lead to immediate elimination from the postseason but when you have a lineup like that you can give up six runs a game. The pitching for Texas is definitely a weakness but one that hasn’t been taken advantage of this October, for St. Louis to do some damage they need to do what the Tampa Bay Rays and Detroit Tigers couldn’t do & that’s expose this weakness.

I tend to do a lot of Ron Washington bashing in these blogs and have done so the past two years because I truly don’t believe he is a World Series Champion caliber manager. Some of the decision he makes aren’t typically the best and he is a figurehead on a ballclub that is good because of the moves they have made and not the managing from the dugout. I believe that a 10 year old at times could coach the Rangers to victory the way they play but I miss give credit where credit is due and Ron Washington has taken the Rangers to their 2nd straight World Series which is very impressive.

As for the World Series itself I am actually going to go out on a limb here and pick the St. Louis Cardinals to be crowned the 2011 World Champions. The reason I say this is because the Cardinals have had nothing but adversity since August 26th, defeated two better Baseball teams then any of the teams the Rangers beat to get to the World Series and have a ton of momentum doing such. They have fought this long and have the confidence to complete the ultimate goal, so why not win the next four & become World Champions?

Texas is good and confident, but may be too confident in their path to the World Series. They really didn’t have that much competition in the AL West all season long and never really fought to get where they are right now. The Cardinals did and they can carry on until the final pitch of the season. I surprisingly like St. Louis in this one to become the 2011 World Champions.

Prediction: Cardinals win series 4-2

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