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44 mins ago

The NFL Is A Mess


I am a huge NFL fan. I love the wonderful, graceful, and talented NFL players that lay their bodies on the line for my entertainment.  I love seeing these people show off their talents. I like to discuss what happened in the games with other people.  Sports, such as the NFL are supposed to be a fun way to escape from the world’s problems.  We fans are supposed to be able to hang out in front of our TVs, or go to a bar, and watch our favorite teams play.

In the past few weeks, though, the NFL has been taking body blows from the media, political figures, fans, special interest groups, and sponsors due to illegal off the field activities by various players. Lately, the NFL coverage by ESPN and other outlets has turned into CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News. Instead of discussion of the games, there’s discussion of off the field issues here to read more

1 day ago

Fantasy Football Week 3 Sleepers


We are back for Week 3 and players are already starting to panic. One of the strangest weeks I can ever remember is finally put to rest and it is time to look ahead at this week’s sleepers and there are a few that should be on your radar.

Once again I try to go for the not-so obvious players here. I like to find the sleepers that have great matchups, a proven history, and are real bargains you can either find off of the waiver wire, your bench, or in the bargain bin of weekly fantasy games. So with that said here are a few guys that you won’t see at the top of anyone’s Start/Sit list and that is a good thing if you are looking for some sneaky plays.

For consistency purposes I will once again use the here to read more , , , , , , ,

3 days ago

NFL Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Questions


Major talking points from Week 2

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers defense is still frustrating to watch. By the end of the first half in Week 1 the Steelers were manhandling the Browns. Social media was running wild of a surprise 13-3 season and numerous theories on how much improved the offense and defense looked (finally). All was looking well……and then the second half happened. Although I am a proponent of “a win is a win”, that doesn’t fix the glaring issues this team had and still has this season. After holding on for a last second field goal victory in Week 1, it was a quick turnaround to play the Ravens on the road in Week 2. The opening drive ended prematurely with a turnover and the Ravens seemed to take over the game from there. The last six games the Steelers have played, four of them have produced opponent totals of here to read more
4 days ago

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 3


This week’s waiver list has the potential to be pretty long. So I am going to limit the list to players who are less than 60% owned on average. My goal is to give you a list each week of players who are most likely still available. No reason to tell you about Terrance West because at 90% owned it isn’t going to help you.

No animals were harmed while writing this blog


If you are going into week #3 in desperate need of a starting QB, these guys will help get you through. The top five available QB are all from the same statistical tier. You could blindly throw a dart at the list and you would end up with the same amount of fantasy points no matter where it lands.

Geno Smith, New York Jets – Smith is at the top of this list because he can run. His 200 yards here to read more , , , , , , ,

4 days ago

Knile Davis Or Donald Brown On The Fantasy Football Waiver Wire


The plum of a weekly fantasy football waiver wire list is a starting running back. Starting RBs are hard to come by, yet unfortunate circumstances this season have already resulted in some nice opportunities. The big question now is with one pick or a limited budget, which RB do you grab?

This is one of the most opportunistic weeks I have seen on the wire in a while. Jason DuClos will be breaking down all of the hot pickups in a separate blog. I wanted to focus on one position and more specifically the two hot names in that spot, Knile Davis and Donald Brown.

Getting a starting running back on the waiver wire can make or break your season. If you passed up on RB depth for WRs, TEs, or QBs, chances are you need some help. It doesn’t matter if you own Jamaal Charles or Ryan Matthews, most of us here to read more , ,

7 days ago

NFL Week 2 Discussion and Questions


Coming off a very exciting NFL Week 1 for the 2014 season we saw some surprises, some disappointments and some things that were right on par to what many experts and barroom football guru’s thought what would happen.

To recap the major talking points coming out of Week 1:

  • Seattle looked better than advertised. At some points while watching their Week 1 drubbing of the Green Bay Packers I felt that I was watching them play directly following their Superbowl win. They looked dominant on offense and defense (stop me if you haven’t heard that one before) and Russell Wilson looked amazing. Marshawn Lynch continues to be a headache to bring down and the defense looked unstoppable even with arguably their best defense player never once having a ball thrown his way. So in a backwards way…..Richard Sherman did have a dominant game defensively?
1 week ago

Fantasy Football Week 2 Sleepers


I could easily offer you a Start and Sit Em’ with the same usual suspects you can find across the Internet. You already have that information. What you need are the unusual suspects or as we like to call them the Week 2 sleepers.

Identifying sleepers is one of the most ambiguous topics you will read in fantasy football blogs. Some writers will identify a “sleeper” who isn’t really sleeping on anyone’s radar. I like to find the sleepers that have great matchups, a proven history, and are real bargains you can either find off of the waiver wire, your bench, or in the bargain bin of weekly fantasy games. So with that said here are a few guys that you won’t see at the top of anyone’s Start/Sit list and that is a good thing if you are looking for some sneaky plays.


Ryan Fitzpatrick, Houston Texans – I love this here to read more

2 weeks ago

Fantasy Football Week 2 Waiver Wire Pickups


So it’s the first Tuesday of the season and if you drafted like me you are considering 2 options. The first one being a complete overhaul of your team via the waiver wire and the second is to quit fantasy football all together and learn how to crochet because you have no business near a fantasy roster this season.

The first week of the season is always the hardest to deal with. You spend weeks planning your draft strategy only to lose in the first week to a guy who have never watched a football game in his life. So you freak out and you grab Kevin Ogletree because he scored two TDs and then you start him over Dez Bryant because after the first week Bryant is not ”the guy” everyone said he was. Now you are a loser two weeks in a row and you burned the best waiver here to read more

2 weeks ago

NFL 2014-15 Season Predictions and Analysis


To my readers and NFL fans, I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. I hope all of you stayed safe during the final weekend without real NFL games that both count and matter. I know that I am ready for Thursday evening, September 4, 2014, when the 2013 defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks begin the defense of their title against the 2010 Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers in Seattle on NBC. I don’t cheer for either team, but I will be grateful for the game to return, especially considering the off season that the sport has just experienced.

To give an overview of what to expect from the upcoming season and a little commentary on the off-season, I think that it is going to be a very exciting year. As an observer (and a fan, as we writers enjoy the NFL) of the sport, I am going here to read more

3 weeks ago

10 Things to Take Into Your NFL Fantasy Football Draft


Note: This is a re-post of a blog that originally appeared on the CCB on August 23, 2011. The names may be a different but the information remains the same.

It’s that time of year again, friends. Have there been spikes around the office or classroom in the usage of terms like sleepers, upside, and injury risk? Armchair quarterbacks everywhere are gearing up for their league’s fantasy draft, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of being sucked into the frenzy, you’re a combination of foreign, old, or female.

But a lot’s changed since the last time we were feverishly rooting for Peyton Hillis in a game between two teams with a combined eight wins. There was a lockout, thousands of transactions happened over a couple of weeks, and Randy Moss retired. And maybe David Akers, but more on that later.

Still though, some things have remained the same, and that includes various here to read more , , , , ,

4 weeks ago

Fantasy Football Laws To Abide By


With the first regular season kick off just a little over a week away there are still millions of fantasy drafts waiting to happen.  All over the world average Joe’s are preparing to play both scout and general manager as they try to build a team worthy of a championship.

Everyone’s strategy or road to success might be a little different.  When it comes to fantasy football there is more than one way to skin a cat.  Over the last seven or eight years I have developed a few fantasy laws or guidelines that I abide by.  Sure there are times when I may find it necessary to break a law or two, but for the most part I stick with my “formula.”  So with time being of the essence, here is a few things to consider as you enter the 2014 fantasy football season.  I will try to keep it here to read more

1 month ago

Top 5 Fantasy Football Running Backs To Target


When I first started playing fantasy football over a decade ago my draft strategy was to take the two best RB I could with my first two picks. Even though the NFL has evolved, my draft strategy has not. I believe to win in fantasy football you have to have a consistent stable of running backs.

The problem with that is I feel there are only five consistent fantasy running backs in the NFL this year. Without a top five running back, your team could be in trouble. Teams today are going to less of running attack and more of a passing vertical game. The days of the I-formation are like dust in the wind. The spread offense is taking over. Therefore, unless you are happy with 10-15 points combined from your running backs, you should target these five RB’s with your first pick.

Adrian Peterson: I know it is a no here to read more , , , ,

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