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6 days ago

My WWE Mount Rushmore


Before I get into the guys who are in my Mount Rushmore, I need to breakdown why certain legends are not represented.

I grew up watching WWE in the 1980’s, starting with WrestleMania 1. Somewhere during the greatest era in wrestling history, my priorities changed and I stopped watching. I had a vague idea of what was going on but I had zero emotion invested in the product. Thanks to the WWE Network, I know exactly what I missed. Without question, I recognize Shawn Michaels as the greatest performer in WWE history. Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock are biggest stars this company has ever seen. The Nature Boy Rick Flair is a 16-time champion and the only two-time WWE Hall of Famer. For pretty obvious reasons (not watching their careers play out live), these Hall of Famers do not have a place on my WWE Mount Rushmore.

Hulk Hogan

The first here to read more , , ,

6 days ago

Ladies and Gentleman My Name is Paul Heyman WWE DVD Review


Ladies and Gentleman My Name is Paul Heyman may be one of the most inspiring documentaries produced by the WWE. The documentary chronicling the life of Heyman should be required viewing in business schools and marketing classes across America.

Heyman is one of the most under-appreciated success stories of our wrestling generation. As I pointed out in a previous piece, Heyman may be the greatest manager in pro wrestling history. Heyman has drawn money through four different decades and is better than ever. Only entertainment icons can boast that kind of pedigree. Heyman is indeed an icon.

Heyman’s journey is inspiring whether you are an aspiring enterprenaur, business student, marketing executive or pro wrestler. It isn’t so much Heyman’s rise in pro wrestling that is impressive. It was his tenacity, desire, courage, and dare I say hustle that you have to admire in or out of pro wrestling.

Heyman broke into the business here to read more ,

6 days ago

WCW Nitro Episode 2 Review: The War Begins


Editorial note: I realized upon further review Arn Anderson was not wearing a windbreaker in the first episode. We here at The Camel Clutch Blog apologize for the fashion error.

From the Knight Center in Miami, Florida

First off, I have to give props to WCW as the Nitro set is pretty cool for its time. Nice amount of pyro and lighting, really a step-up from what they had been presenting on Saturday Night. The all-metallic motif would set the standard for pro wrestling sets for years to come. Two interesting notes, the commentators desk isn’t set-up by the entrance like it will be until 1999 and the ringside skirt is actually see-through in certain areas with colored lights behind them. Neat.

Mongo starts off with a “Where’s the Beef” reference, which was relevant around the same time that that the Bears last won a championship. Seriously, how could a team with that here to read more ,

1 week ago

WWE Ratings Are Down And They Should Not Be Surprised


For seemingly as long as I can recall, another report surfaced recently that the WWE is in a panic over the latest ratings.

My first response to this is “really?” Are they really surprised ratings are going down considering the product is widely criticized and even weird idiots like Matt Hardy are making valid points by talking about how ass-backwards the product is?

The second thing I consider is a quote I’ve heard various times, mostly from Vince Russo (huge grain of salt needed here). Paraphrasing here, but it basically goes that Russo, Vince and the rest of creative would constantly challenge themselves to better the show that they had put on the last week. I don’t know if it’s true because Russo is one of the biggest liars in wrestling, but you would certainly hope it was.

Having said that, it’s clear here that lack of effort isn’t the culprit, despite what here to read more

1 week ago

Raven and Pro Wrestling’s Oddest Wrestlers


It’s hard to believe, but Scott Levy, the wrestler who grew into the character “Raven” in the wrestling, got his start in of all places Memphis. In Jerry Lawler’s Memphis Professional Wrestling outfit, the scrawny kid chased Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt around, hoping to win a date with the blond beauty.

Personally, how could you blame him? As Levy grew into his body and learned the nuances of the business, his persona grew as well. From Scotty Flamingo to the riddle speaking gothic, grunge and cult hero – Raven.

During his career he has held multiple championships across the world. He is a former two-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion and former one-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, which he held whilst in TNA Wrestling. He also held the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship once, WCW United States Championship once, and is the record holder for most reigns as WWE Hardcore Champion with 27 here to read more

1 week ago

When Is It Time to Hang Up The Pro Wrestling Boots?



The last few months have seen the return of some of the Legends of WWE. It has caused me to pause for a moment or two to think about the Legends of Wrestling and to ask this general question…

When is it time to hang up the boots for good?

I’m not talking about hanging up the boots in regards to in-ring appearances; but when it is time to hang up the boots altogether; including the public appearances?

Don’t get me wrong; I love seeing Bret Hart out there when he makes his appearances on WWE TV; same with the others several years ago; seeing all those guys & gals I grew up with still giving it in the ring; and thankful that they are still with us. But as the years go by I no longer see The Hitman; The Nature Boy; Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts; DDP; Scott Hall; The Late Ultimate here to read more

1 week ago

The Big Deal About Ric Flair: An Open Reply



Thank you for your column on What Is the Big Deal about Ric Flair Anywooo? As a fan and someone who has covered the business off and on for over 15 years, I understand where you are coming from in terms of the matches you described and your opinion of history. However, there are a few things you left out in the education of understanding one of the greatest performers to ever walk into a squared circle.

With that in mind, I challenge you to dig a little deeper into the wrestling vault. Those matches you tal about with the exception of Steamboat (go back to the late 1970s) are fraudulent because the WWE and NWA/WCW had differing opinions on what a performance was. Vince McMahon for the most part wanted quicker matches with here to read more

1 week ago

WWE SmackDown Results & September 5 Recap


John Cena opens this weeks show (at the University of Nebraska) and panders to the crowd, since his new merchandise shares its colors with the Cornhuskers. In 3 weeks, at NoC, he will face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World title. No more talk of whether or not he’s changed or if it’s best for business; at NoC, he will face Lesnar for the title. The match is made, so enough.

Stop talking about whether it’s right or wrong, whether Cena is ready, etc. He’s been here for 12 years and had thousands of matches. After Summerslam, though, everyone is looking at him like he’s at the end of his road, like he’s a fragile old man. He is John Cena. He’s a WWE superstar, and he fights. He does that because he wants to be champion, because that is the symbol of excellence. The day he doesn’t want to here to read more

2 weeks ago

What Is The Big Deal About Ric Flair Anywooo?


Ever since I’ve been following wrestling the two names that I’ve often heard mentioned as the black and white of wrestling are Hogan’s and Flair’s.

I get Hogan. But I don’t get Flair.

I get Hogan cause people don’t say anything about Hogan’s wrestling. They just talk about him as the man who revolutionized business. I get that.

I don’t get Flair cause people refer to him as the greatest pro-wrestler ever; the god of wrestling. I don’t get that.

Maybe I hadn’t been paying attention. Maybe. So I decided to pay attention. Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, Not 4, but 5 matches will be paid attention to to understand WHAT THE BIG DEAL ABOUT RIC FLAIR ANYWOOO is all about.


It is said that Flair was so good at putting over his opponent that a new star was born; Sting!

Watching this match here to read more ,

2 weeks ago

Win The Crowd


‘Win The Crowd…’

Like the Gladiators of old; wrestlers (and their promotions) need to win the crowd.

Storylines; Gimmicks…those are part of it…but the bigger part is the wrestlers themselves (and the people who run the show).  The gimmick and storyline catches our attention; but it’s the wrestler who makes us love them or hate them…or even have complete indifference to them.

An old saying goes ‘The Clothes make the Man’; when it comes to professional wrestling it’s more like ‘The Wrestler makes the Gimmick’.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a prime example of this; previous to his being ‘The Rock’ and his many catch phrases (to damn many to list here…Do you smell…yadda yadda yadda); he was Rocky Maivia and well…for this writer…I was of the mind of the following:

Please…just go away…


When he became The Rock; The People’s Champion; a corner was turned and before long Rocky Maivia was forgotten.

Anyone remember Skip Sheffield? here to read more

2 weeks ago

Rob Van Dam Talks Latest WWE Run, Paul Heyman, and More


Former WWE and ECW world champion Rob Van Dam is fresh off of his latest WWE tour of duty and is already doing media. The legendary pro wrestling journalist (and my one-time broadcast partner) Bill Apter was the first to catch RVD who talked about his recent run and much more in the Apter Chat.

“Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam talks about his new schedule, offers some perspective on his latest run, why he left, will he come back, his home decor, TweetSecret, traveling, Paul Heyman’s latest WWE run, his new project, and more. Having interviewed Rob myself several times over the last several years I could tell you that he is always a fun interview and is one of the most revealing superstars you’ll get from the WWE (or just fresh off of). Even better, this interview was done over Skype so you can see Rob in all of here to read more

2 weeks ago

New WWE Deal Allows For Lengthy Brock Lesnar Title Reign


The WWE Night of Champions 2014 main-event just got a bit more unpredictable. According to a new report, the WWE and Brock Lesnar have come to terms on an agreement that could keep the WWE world title around Brock’s waist for a very long time.

Dave Meltzer has the scoop in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. When Brock returned to the WWE in 2012 he signed a deal for limited dates. The deal called for 3-4 matches per year and limited television appearances. That arrangement has led many to believe that Brock’s reign of terror could be a short one. The Meltz says not to worry.

“There is the deal in place as far as money goes but the agreement is WWE can book him as champion for Monday’s and PPVs based on when here to read more

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