Brian Stann Talks UFC and Workout Tips in New Muscle & Fitness Issue

September 03, 2013 By: Category: Sports, UFC | Mixed Martial Arts

Muscle and Fitness has a fascinating profile of UFC star and Silver Star recipient Brian Stann. The former marine goes in depth with his fitness routine and offers a lot of workout tips from his days in the military. Stann also opens up about Hire Heroes and helping military men and women get jobs after their military careers are over.

UFC fans will find Stann’s transition into MMA interesting. “When I found the [Marine Corps Martial Arts] program, I saw that some of these techniques I was learning were very practical in combat,” he says. “For my gray-belt training, I was learning arm bars and other moves. I saw some UFC films, and was a junkie from that point on. I was training every morning at 5:30—then I won my first fight, and I was hooked.

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