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Author Archives: Josh Usher

5 years ago

Screw the Beagle, Michael Vick Makes Me Sick


Michael Vick Ladies and gentlemen, I tried. I fought tooth and nail for someone who I never even met. I had spoken to many friends, and even CCB founder/my brother Eric Gargiulo, and tried to preach some good words. Today, while harmlessly browsing the internet, I come to find a piece on Number 7. Michael Vick was offered a chance to see the animals he hurt and abused, and guess who said no? I, being a dog owner and lover, tried to give this guy a chance. He then goes and does something like this. I feel ashamed, disgusted, and truly slapped in the face. So much for the turn around, eh Mikey?

The Eagles are on the West Coast this weekend, taking on the Oakland Raiders. For Philly fans, this is the last dance before we get into our 3 weeks of playing here to read more , , ,

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